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3 steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin! #2

Submitted by Naina

If you havenít got time to treat your pimples and acne at home with a facemask well try this effective treatment:

Multani Day Cream- Mix equal parts of Multani powder and a base cream (sorbolene, lanolin, etc.) and just a splash of rose water. Multani Powder is made with natural products. It is recommended for acne and pimple prone skin.

Tulsi Day cream- Mix equal parts of Tulsi Face Pack Powder and a base cream with a splash of rose water. Tulsi is an anti bacterial face pack, which can be used by all skin types. It cleans and reduces excessive oil and provides a natural glow.

Sandal Day cream- Again mix equal parts of Sandal Face pack and a base cream with some rose water. An excellent face pack for normal and dry skin helps curing inflammations. It removes wrinkles and conditions dry and undernourished skin. 

After making each cream store it in an old cream container for convenience. A good tip is to put the creams all in the freezer over night so the ingredients combine well. 

Use the creams everyday like you would with a normal one.

I am the one who brought you the tip called 3 steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin! I am well educated on Skin care so if you have any questions regarding anything to do with your skin, please write to me Ė [email protected]¬†

I will post your question and answer under acne and zit tips as soon as I get it =)

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