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Birth Control Pill helps acne

Submitted by TiaMaria

I starting getting acne at a young age (I would say 12 years old). And I have tried everything, antibiotics, over the counter drugstore products, toothpaste, at-home remedies, I even bought ProActive. Nothing got rid of it. Until I went on the pill Diane. My acne completely cleared up in 2 months. I still get the occasional pimple before my period but not very often. I seriously recomend Diane for acne.

And on the plus side, you get the added bonus of knowing exactly when you'll get your period. :)

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i wouldnt advise this. Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-26
there are alot of side effects, depends on the person. my auntie took birth control tablets and it gave her epilepsy. but when my mum took the same tablet she was fine. i wouldnt take the risk :S

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