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Soap as Toothpaste! Keeps breath fresh

Submitted by Fry

Toothpastes often contain sweeteners the enhance the taste. Although the sweeteners themselves to not cause plaque, they usually stay as a slime on your teeth and feed the bacteria.

Brushing your teeth with Soap can kill the bacteria in your mouth and keep plaque and tartar from forming, as well as keeping your breath subtly fresh. 

I brush my teeth with soap, and now I can go the whole day without worrying about bad breath. While I was using regular toothpaste, my mouth was reeking by the afternoon. I switched toothpastes, mouthwashes, everything until I started brushing with soap.

Simply wet your brush, rub it on a little bit of bar soap (any soap will do) and brush normally. Vary soaps until you find a taste you can enjoy. Your teeth and gums will be healthier (and whiter). 

*Brush once a week with regular toothpaste and then again with soap to retain needed fluoride. 

*Floss before you brush to make space for the foam, and then again after to remove loosened tartar. 
Try it! Please comment.

Visitors comments

liquid soap Comments By: trainz man on 2007-01-13
Would liquid soap work as good as bar soap???
nice tip Comments By: shane on 2007-09-04
from research I have found that if your teeth are sqeakey clean ( if they actually sqeak when you rub your finger on them) then your teeth will uptake the minerals from your saliva and give you strong yet flexable enamel. Most all toothpaste has glycerine in it wich coats the teeth and prevents this uptake from occuring but if you brush with bar soap, this glycerin layer is not their and fluoride is not needed. Flouride makes your teeth harder but less flexable and more brittle. It's not an essential nutrient but it is listed as a corrosive poison. That is why it gets through the glycerin layer with ease.
yea it works quite well Comments By: wiizy on 2009-01-22
the soap bar works really well and not alot of people knows about it because most dentist insist u to continue to use toothpaste because it still help the bacteria from damagin your teeth, give u more bills for check up your teeth.
I read this on another site Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-16
I read this on another site, and I'm going to give it a try later. Can I also brush my tongue with soap?
Toothpaste Soap Comments By: Suzanne on 2009-09-19
I have neen buying Toothpaste Soap on Etsy, it is bar soap but also have baking soda, flavors and coconut oils. It has got rid of all my stains and my teeth feel awesome clean! Anyone have a recipe for it so I can make it myself and not have to buy it? Thanks All!
What a great idea! Comments By: Susi on 2009-12-15
I read this a wee while ago somewhere and gave it a go. I had gum problems for a long time, despite good dental hygiene. Using soap has improved my gums a lot and it really cleans the teeth well. Will keep using it!
This is awesome! Comments By: OatmealSoap on 2010-07-14
After two brushings, my teeth look several shades whiter, and my mouth tastes fresh and clean 24 hours a day. I am using a mild oatmeal bar soap to brush my teeth from now on.
Isn't bar soap poisonous? Comments By: Corbin Barker on 2010-11-03
OK first off i dunno what 2 think.Toothpaste IS of course poisonous IF you overdose LOL. But,bar soap is poisonous and tastes terrible rotflol. But I want honest 2 goodness truth. DOES IT WORK?
Yes it works Comments By: Jasmer on 2010-11-28
I brush with soap from time to time but never knew people actually make soap for brushing your teeth. It's true that it keeps your teeth and mouth feeling cleaner far, far longer. That first brushing feels GREAT once you wash that nasty soap out, too.

I guess you can buy it with baking soda and mint and stuff in it, but I just use it plain.

What I want to know, though, is whether or not it's true that switching from fluoride toothpaste to a non-fluoride tooth paste or soap can harm your teeth. My husband switched from general toothpaste to Tom's all natural and within a few months his teeth were bad. Might be worth researching before you throw out all the fluoride.

Soap me up! Comments By: Warped1 on 2011-01-27
I just read an article on this earlier tonight, and started searching for further information. I came across the following: http://www.quantumbalancing.com/news/saveteeth.htm

It has a lot of great information, and indicates that you have to do a couple of other things to help your teeth after the soap brushing. (And I have already started taking sodium ascorbate myself about a year ago, after reading/researching it's benefits.)

p.s. Just as a test, I tried brushing my teeth with a bit of Ivory bar soap tonight, just to see the taste and if I would be able to handle it? I barely even noticed the taste in my mouth while I was brushing. And only a tiny tiny taste after rinsing. Teeth feel pretty clean! I noticed though that Ivory has glycerine in it...so I have to go out and find some pure soap now. I want to give this a shot for a few months and see how my next appt. at the dentist goes (as I have been having the Periowave treatments the last couple times that I was in).


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