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Remove ink pen from LCD monitor

Submitted by French

If you end up with ink pen on your LCD screen try a damp cloth (only slightly moist) and some hand soap. My 4 year old decide to scribble on my laptop monitor and this took it right off, with no effects to it.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Comments By: suz325xi on 2006-11-09
This tip works great!! My 5 yr-old marked all over my new 21" LCD monitor screen with a ballpoint pen-YIKES! Called Gateway and Best Buy- nothing will remove it, they said. So, thank you for an easy fix!!!
Didn't work for me Comments By: Jimmy on 2006-11-28
My kids decided to draw all over the monitor with a ballpoint pen. Tried everything from dishwashing soap to the above mentioned hand soap. What kinda handsoap do you use anyway? Must be some heavy duty stuff. So finally I tried nail-polish remover. Worked like a charm. Dunno if it did any damage to the screen tho... Time will tell.
Thank you Comments By: Steve on 2007-01-31
This has worked for me, yougest daughter scribbled on the screen, the soap worked, but had to be a bit more vigorous than expected, no apparent damage to the screen
Hairspray Comments By: Shannon on 2007-02-06
Soap did not work for me. Tried hairspray (works on clothes). Worked perfect. Put on dry soft, cloth - used medium pressure. Done.
Hairspray Comments By: Samantha on 2007-03-03
Thank God for hairspray. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain to my husband that our budding Picasso created a pen and ink on our new LCD monitor. Sprayed hairspray on an old cloth diaper and rubbed vigoriously (but not TOO vigoriously). Monitor seems fine.
baby almost for sale Comments By: Terry on 2007-03-15
my 2 year old took a ball point to my lcd-It would not come off with SkreenKleen. I used a damp soft cloth with warm water and about a teaspoon of liquid Ajax kitchen sink dish soap. It work great with no sign of marks.
Rubbing Alchohol Comments By: Chris on 2007-03-30
Tried screen cleaner and hairspray on a Dell LCD with no luck...ordinary rubbing alchohol worked like a charm.
Hairspray Comments By: Amy on 2007-05-16
Without a doubt, hairspray rules! It worked great. Just put a little on a diaper and rub off the ink-gently. Once the hairspray dries, you have to keep applying it. My children scribbled all over my flat screen lcd monitor with a ball-point pen, and the computer stores said they didn't have anything that would remove it....Hairspray!!!!
well it worked! Comments By: corri on 2007-08-21
my 2 year old is always looking to color so he got to my monitor (not the first time but before it was a sharpie) it was all over and bugging me i tried the soap and water on a washcloth and with a bit of work I got most of it off. Thanks so much!
Rubbibg Alcohol rules Comments By: Pebaz on 2007-12-15
Applied rubbibg alcohol with q-tip, worked great
Excellent Advice Comments By: Steve on 2008-01-24
My 3 year old 'great-granddaughter' liked the way a pen made it easier to follow one of her games. Again, thank you for such a terrific, economical fix.
Worked as promised Comments By: Hank on 2008-02-19
Thank you for hand soap Comments By: Leilani on 2008-03-11
My 18 month old climbed up the computer chair and opened a ball point pen and scribbled all over my husbands brand new 21' LCD screen. I was freaking I know nothing about computer care. I took a damp towel with hand soap (dial) and it came right off. Thank you so much!
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Janna on 2008-03-12
My 2 year old got to my husband's beloved 19" flatscreen with a ball point pen when I was taking a shower. Oh Fricking No!!!

Tried soap and water with no luck, tried a little bit of clorox spray bleach on a corner area, no luck... Searched the internet and found this thread. Tried the hairspray, worked a little, but not well.

Then, tried the rubbing alcohol. WooHoooo!, it came off with ease. Dear Hubby will be home for lunch in half hour and will never know a thing. I did a quick wipe down with water and a little bit of soap to remove any residue from my efforts. Looks great. (My kid is still on my bad list for the day) lol.

WD-40 Comments By: Kyle on 2008-03-19
Just use a little WD-40.
Hairspray then soapy water Comments By: Daniel Fraser on 2008-03-15
Hair spray worked for me. Then a damp cloth to clean the residue.
Thank you so much - alcohol did the trick. Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-17
The soapy water didn't do a thing - neither did the fancy cleaner from the apple store but the rubbing alcohol worked like a charm. My 11 year old can move outta the garage now (that was a joke).
Great fix! Comments By: Erin on 2008-03-21
The handsoap on a damp cloth worked perfectly for my 2-year-old's mini-escapade with a Bic pen on my LCD monitor. To my surprise it came off in less than a minute of light pressure scrubbing. Thanks for the tip!
70% rubbing alcohol! Comments By: Bonnie on 2008-05-07
Soap was a no go for me on ball point pen. Not even a fade. But my 70% rubbing alcohol, undiluted, worked great Too it right off.
Magic Eraser Comments By: ~~~ on 2008-05-24
I just removed red nail polish moments ago from my laptop screen using the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Worked like a charm!! Try this for pen marks.
Removed the ink, Hurray!!! Comments By: relieved on 2008-06-05
My 3yr old scribbled on my computer lcd monitor with a pen, the suggestion worked for me!!! I had to apply firm pressure on the monitor.
WhooooHoooooo Comments By: Rachelle on 2008-05-27
thanks for the tip...used a damp papertowel and bath and body hand soap on the pretty pen picture my 1 year old did on my laptop monitor. took longer than i thought and required more pressure than i was comfortable but tahhhdahhhh it is gone. thanks for the tip!!!!
Liquid Soap did the trick...many thanks Comments By: John on 2008-06-09
Done. 5 STAR
No Way! Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-28
They say not to use alcohol or hairspray for it can have some long term damage so if you just take a baby wipe and some elbow grease it'll come off in about 3-5 min.!!!
Soap no Go - Alcohol is the way! Comments By: Ann on 2008-06-30
The soapy water did not work, but I used some anti-bacterial hand gel (70% alcohol) and it work like a charm! Thank you for this tip! Try it, it works with no damage!
Rubbing alcohol all the way Comments By: Anon-da on 2008-07-05
Just used some alcohol wipes I happened to have handy after reading this forum... worked beautifully!
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Chris on 2008-07-05
OK, after soap, spot remover, and hair spray the winner in 4.6 secs was Rubbing Alcohol. The others did not work at all on my 21" lcd Thanks for the tip as it proves my point alcohol is good for everyone and now everything.
I think you just saved a life!!! LOL Comments By: Kevin on 2008-07-10
I have 3 yr old twins and one of them decided to take a ball point pen to my brand new 40" lcd samsung 1080p television i was going to hurt one of them! lol, God Bless this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
There is light! Comments By: Lynne on 2008-07-20
Ballpoint pen and nothing worked. Tried handsoap (maybe not the right kind) and it did nothing. No hairspray to be found. Thank goodness for alcohol! It worked like a charm.
Zestfully clean Comments By: Amy on 2008-07-20
3 year old drew on lcd computer screen. Screen cleaner did not work. Zest on damp micro fiber cloth cleaned it all off!!!!!11
WooHoo for alcohol Comments By: Emily on 2008-07-24
blue ball point pen marks on my flat screen monitor, courtesy of my 20-month-old came off in 5 seconds using a q-tip dipped in Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (I used very light pressure and they came off with ease). Now I don't have to make hubby anxious or upset about the monitor being ruined yay!!
nail polish remover Comments By: chris on 2008-08-15
worked like a charm
You are all amazing! Comments By: jilly on 2008-09-15
My 5 year old had just drawn on my brand new lcd screen tv with a ball point pen, again the internet has come to my rescue, I used hairspary (harmony) on the marks just as everyone said and was amazed, I didnt even have to rub just gently wipe, even my very red faced angry smoke blowing husband was amazed (he had just bought the tv today!) Thank you everyone.
Thanks! Comments By: Micah on 2008-09-20
Used rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip as suggested above. No more pen marks! Hooray.
HAIRSPRAY!!! Comments By: wwoodson on 2008-09-22
Tried soap & water, then glass cleaner without success. Hair spray worked perfect!
Rubbing alcohol & a qtip even worked on black Sharpie!! Comments By: Cindy on 2008-09-23
I have a 42" LCD. When we were moving, a black SHARPIE (permanent) marker leaked and splattered all across the screen! As you can imagine, we were all flippin' out! haha! I tried the rubbing alcohol with a qtip and they came right off amazingly easy! Thank you! Thank you!
Hairspray Comments By: liz on 2008-09-28
Hairspary worked great!
handsoap worked Comments By: JJ on 2008-09-29
My two year old got ours. I used the handsoap but I had to let it sit on the monitor for a few minutes before rubbing....this worked well.
It Worked! Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-01
Just removed ball point pen from our NEW TFT monitor with a damp cloth and some washing-up detergent. It took a bit of rubbing, but its all gone. Cheaper than a new screen!
God Bless Em! Comments By: Glenn on 2008-10-03
I had to laugh reading these posts. The joys of parenting. Just brought a brand new 22" monitor and after leaving the room, found my 2 yr had scratch the surface with a screwdriver and then scribbled on it. Learned to live with the scratches but the ink was irritating. Hairspray did the trick. Thanks for the advice.
Magic Eraser Comments By: Jeff on 2008-10-04
Soap and water did not work for me. Imatation Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked great!
Thank you! Comments By: Shauna on 2008-10-13
My 23 month old colored on my screen with crayon, I was freaking out! crying and everything, so thankgoodness I found these answers, I used regular damp cloth and nothing so I used regular bar soap and woola, hopefully it wont do any long term damage. Thank you thankyou!
Thanks! Comments By: Cooper on 2008-10-16
Our 3-yr old Picasso'd all over our LCD monitor. Another poster mentioned baby wipes - which are always within reach in our house. Besides, was too lazy to go upstairs and grab hairspray or alcohol - lol. The baby wipes (Huggies) worked like a charm. Didn't have to use any pressure at all. Thanks for all the suggestions!
Hairspray Comments By: Kristen on 2008-10-20
THANKS on the hairspray tip. My two year old decided to color with a ballpoint pen on my new lcd monitor. I just sprayed a little bit of hairspray into a cloth and wiped the ink right off. EASY. Thanks a million.
soap vs nail polish remover Comments By: Andrew on 2008-10-22
nail polish kicked the soaps azzzzzzz love DAD
amazing Comments By: Storm on 2008-10-25
I accidently put an ink spot on mine & thought it was hopeless. The damp cloth/hand soap worked great!! Thank you!
Rubbing Alcohol does the trick! Comments By: VJH on 2008-10-28
Rubbing Alcohol was a sure proven way to remove pen ink from your LCD Monitor.
What a relief!

Hairspray Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-08
alcohol, hand soap didn't work. Nervous about "elbow grease". Tried a TINY bit of hairspray, removed it like it was nothing more than dust. No damage to screen (yet?!)
Nail Polish Remover. Comments By: Taylor on 2008-11-10
I got ink all over my tv, because my pen broke. Long story. But I left it there for abotu a week because it didn't really bother me. THen I decided to clean it. FIrst I did soap and water, it didn't work at all, then hairspray, no luck. Then I tried nail polish remover and it worked amazingly. TOok it straight off no scrubbing involved.
Liquid Soap worked great! Comments By: Cindy Fisher on 2008-11-16
My 20 monthold just scribbled in black pen all over my HP 21" LCD computer screen. I read all of the suggestions given to remove it from rubbing alcohol to WD-40. I'm just not brave enough to use those harsh chemicals on a $700 monitor, so, I tried the liquid soap suggestion. I used clear antibacterial Softsoap brand liquid soap. I also used a soft bath towl and rubbed in circular motions. ALL OF THE PEN MARKS came off! Thanks for the suggestion!!!!
Alcohol Works Great Comments By: Celina on 2008-11-30
I had a kid scribble all over my flat screen monitor and my mouse pad with a ball point pen. I used acohol swabs and they took it right off. THANK YOU ALCOHOL!!!!
Thank you!! Comments By: April on 2008-12-03
It worked great! I have the same story as the rest, my 3 yr-old decided to draw on the screen. My fault for thinking he was old enough to go on the computer and practice his ABC's by himself. I need to make sure I'm always right there with him! Thanks again!
Hand soap works!! Comments By: Raquel on 2008-12-10
I gently rubbed soap lather over the ink marks on my LCD monitor and I could see the lines disappearing. Next I cleaned the TV screen. I tell you, it saved my evening.
Thank You! Comments By: anon on 2008-12-09
Damp cloth and AJAX dish detergent worked like a charm after my 5 year wrote on the monitor with an ink pen.
Yea for Hand Soap! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-18
It worked! I thought I'd need something special to get the ink off, but this worked like a charm. Thank you!
Ivory Comments By: allyn on 2008-12-20
5.5yo daughter used ball-point pen on the lcd screen. Tried baby wipes and foaming hand soap. Nothing. But Ivory bar soap worked like a charm. Thanks for this thread, not sure I would have thought of using that otherwise.
Thanks ! Fantastic ! Comments By: Jansen on 2008-12-21
Liquid Soap works perfect.
Patience is the key Comments By: Jess Australia on 2008-12-26
my 3yr old scribble has just come off with a little dishwashing liquid on a paper towel & patience. Wipes no good, hand soap no good.

Thanks all now to throw out every pen, crayon, texta etc until she is 16!! :)

thanks Comments By: t on 2009-01-26
i have 47inch lcd it worked

My Monitor only had 3 clean days! Comments By: Mom mom trudy-bootie on 2009-01-28
My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter decided to draw a Picasso on my brand new monitor - I used hand soap on a dampened paper towel and it was great! Oh yeah she would have gotten away with it but her twin brother told on her.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Katie on 2009-01-24
rubbing alcohol worked awesome!!!!!
Yes!! Saved!!! Comments By: Angie on 2009-01-05
My husband was on his way home and my two year old scribbled all over the screen . Used the hairspray and viola!!! worked like a charm. I used it with time to spare and I saved the baby's hiney from a spanking lol.
Hooray Comments By: Denny James on 2009-01-11
After geting mad as my 4 year old scribbled on a PC monitor (LCD) I googled for a solution and found this....yes it worked. Many thanks to the original poster.


Whew........ Comments By: Lily on 2009-01-14
Thank you so much, I was going to try something crazy but instead I check the internet for solutions. My 3 year old wrote all over the TV following some Dora game. I tried the hand soap with water on a terry towel, all came off except one tiny section, I think she actually scrached that section, but it's less than 1 cm long. Hopefully no big deal. Thanks a lot
Unbelievable Comments By: Mike on 2009-01-14
I thought for sure that it wouldn't work because the ink had been on the screen for so long (unknown to me). I had tried specialized screen cleaner to no avail. It took a little elbow grease and warm water, but sure enough it came off.
oh yeah!!!!! Comments By: releived mamma on 2009-02-13
I LOVE THE FREAKIN INTERNET!!!!!! my 3 year old scribbled on my new lcd tv. (my husband thought it was the end of the world.) lol! the tv cleaner didn't work. nor did the hand soap, dish liquid, or baby wipes, and i was afraid to use rubbing alcohol so we tried the magic eraser! the ink came right off!! wooooohoooo!!!
Great Advice Comments By: Amber on 2009-02-15
My daughter wrote on my parent's computer screen. Thanks to your advice I had it cleaned up before any else saw it and now we're all spared having to view our computer through a 5 year olds drawing of a stick man surrounded by hearts!! Thanks!!!
I colored over the pens marks lol... Comments By: rob on 2009-02-18
The tipking had a great idea for sure, all I did was color over the pens marks with a dry-erase marker and wiped it off clean. No marks!
First Hairspray Comments By: Surfing Dad on 2009-02-19
The second time our three year old daughter used a pen on the monitor, I decided to google it and this site was listed at the top. We tried hairspray first and it took off both the new and old scribble. Hurrah for American ingenuity.
Tanqueray did the trick Comments By: Jeremy on 2009-02-23
A little glug onto some kitchen paper got the ballpoint pen off the screen a treat.


Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Nicole on 2009-02-24
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! 2 year old attacked monitor with pen! She writes on EVERYTHING! Rubbing alcohol on a qtip took the ball point ink off our Dell LCD monitor screen. No effects and VERY easy. THANK YOU for the idea!
use a soft eraser Comments By: rob the kiwi on 2009-02-26
just gently rub effected area with a soft pencil eraser -mint.Any ideas how to get a vivid marker off white Imac keyboard
Dish soap Comments By: Johanna on 2009-03-02
One of my girls 2-1/2 or 5 year olds colored with a ball point on my parents LCD monitor. They insist it was their grandfather. Liquid Joy dishsoap, soft cloth and little water. Water rinse... looks brand new.
Hand Sanitizer Comments By: Luke on 2009-03-04
just squirt on above the ink spot wait till it run on the ink use toilet paper if it doesn't disappear completely try it few more time
Alcohol Swab Comments By: Nikki on 2009-03-10
I was watching my recently turned 2 nephew, along with taking care of my own 3 year old and 7 month old. I got up to use the restroom, 5 minutes at max, and my nephew went Van Gogh on my living room. Not only did he scribble multiple color crayons on my wall (which I can easily remove) but he took colored sharpie to it as well, and then with a ball point black pen, scribbled on my brand new monitor. I tried Windex, Dawn antibacterial, baby wipes... nothing worked. I wasn't willing to use hair spray, I ruined a wall that way. So after reading this thread and checking online for the effect of alcohol on screens, I decided to use alcohol swabs I had left over from when my daughter was born. Worked perfectly! Rinsed it with a damp cloth and you can't even tell. Now my husband won't go bananas when he gets home. Thanks so much! Now to tackle the crayon and sharpie!!!
Rubbing alcohol ROCKS! Comments By: Joe Ryan on 2009-03-14
Worked like a charm. Thanks, All!
THANK YOU! Comments By: relieved on 2009-03-19
You spared me from a lifetime of whining! One of my 2 kids thought it would be nice to "improve" daddys new tv... good lookin out!
Husband will never know!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-20
The hand soap worked!!!! His brand new monitor no longer has our 18 month old daughters art work! Best of all he'll never need to know about it.
nailpolish remover Comments By: steve on 2009-03-20
it works good it got pen off my lcd
1 Year Old ATTACKS!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-06
I used hairspray noticed it had to be wet with hairspray to really come clean
My vote for Alcohol! Comments By: Rossi on 2009-04-09
Our 3 year old just scribbled all over the LCD screen with a pen! I was terrified, but quickly googled for solution and landed here. A drop of ethanol on a soft cloth removed everything with ease, no hard rubbing, just gently wiping! Marvellous!
Hairspray Comments By: anon on 2009-04-09
Hairspray worked great for me, 22 inch lcd screen, i thought was ruined. But my wife's hairspray worked like a charm.
Hairspray is the way to go Comments By: Di on 2009-04-18
We tried WD40 on blue biro, worked quite well but took a long time. We tried Silvikrin hairspray and it took it straight off no problem. 2 out of 5 for WD40, but a full 5 out of 5 for the hairspray.
Nail Polish Remover Comments By: Nada on 2009-04-19
accidentally got pen mark on keyboard of my mac laptop ... nail polish remover took it off perfectly!
ALCHOHOL & Q-TIP Comments By: Dan on 2009-04-26
Tried on a cloth but was a no go - was about to give up but then saw "Use a Q-Tip" so I did and it took a while but my screen no longer looks like a scribble board.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Comments By: Jodi on 2009-04-27
Works like a charm. Literally effortless! Just wet, wring out, and wipe across screen.
Soap and Water work!!! Comments By: Tara on 2009-05-02
Thank GOD I found this site. My little challenging 2.5 year old found a pen while I was getting my coffee this morning. He decided to leave his marks all over my brand new flat screen monitor that I just bought yesterday.

The dish soap and water trick worked for me!!! Thank you so much, my husband would have been UPSET if he got up and found that.

THANK-YOU HAIRSPRAY Comments By: Shell on 2009-05-04
My dad just bought me a new computer for my birthday and my two year old wrote all over the screen with a pen. Hairspray did the trick and the screen looks great. THANK-YOU.
... Comments By: Elef8eroskopefths on 2009-05-06
I have done it myself (what an idiot) while following a plot (maths) on my lcd monitor with a pen!!!! It was not touching the screen of course, but I succeeded to mark the monitor terribly
but google-is-your-friend and only after 4 minutes and with some soap, was the screen clear

Phew! Comments By: Simon on 2009-05-09
Regular hand soap worked for me, ta. Why are people afraid of 'husbands' finding out on this thread? Te-he. The two year old and his mother are blissfully asleep while I clean up his mess :-)
THANK YOU HAIRSPRAY!!!!!! Comments By: Jess on 2009-05-17
I didn't think my 2yr old son's art work would ever come off my 21" widescreen monitor i tried the soap, the alcohol, the nail polish remover, glass cleaner, baby wipes and then finally thanks to this site HAIRSPRAY and effortlessly the pen wiped off.
Hurrah for hairspray Comments By: Frances on 2009-05-22
Clean screen at last, thanks for the suggestion!
HAIRSPRAY Comments By: TIMMO on 2009-05-26
hairspray worked great. had the numbers 1,2,3,4 across new screen.spray hair spray on microfibre cloth and presto PEN GONE.. WOOOOHOOOOO
Hairspray Comments By: Ian on 2009-05-25
I had tried water, lcd cleaner, with no effect, then tried Insette hairspray and it worked, but I then wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any hairspray that might remain. BRILLIANT, THANKYOU
sanitizer Comments By: Tammy on 2009-05-26
My 2 year old took a ballpoint pen to my pc screen. Looked on the internet to find a solution and wella hand sanitizer on a Q-Tip removed it all. Thank Gawd before my husband found out!
Hand Sanitizer Comments By: jss_ed on 2009-05-28
My boss was pointing to my screen with a pen, and I ended up having dots everywhere! I didn't have rubbing alcohol or hairspray, but I used hand sanitizer that contained alcohol and it worked great!
thank god for small miracles Comments By: cathy on 2009-05-29
My three year old used a purple sharpie 3 days ago to draw on my husbands laptop screen and today I found bal point pen. thank you the dove hand soap and washcloth worked well. tomorrow all the markers and pens will all be put away. I have learned my lesson.
Rubbing Alcohol worked for me Comments By: Mike on 2009-06-09
91% rubbing alcohol worked great for me.
Magic Eraser triumphs again Comments By: Ethan on 2009-06-09
My 5 year old was watching a DVD on our home computer. He decided it was funny to write on the LCD screen with a blue pen he found on my desk. I was originally going to use rubbing alcohol but I didn't have any available. I scrolled down further and other person mentioned the Magic Eraser. I tried it and thank the lord (for his sake),no more pen marks. Took me less than a minute.
Magic Eraser triumphs again Comments By: Ethan on 2009-06-09
My 5 year old was watching a DVD on our home computer. He decided it was funny to write on the LCD screen with a blue pen he found on my desk. I was originally going to use rubbing alcohol but I didn't have any available. I scrolled down further and other person mentioned the Magic Eraser. I tried it and thank the lord (for his sake),no more pen marks. Took me less than a minute.
Vodka to the rescue!! Comments By: bluekube on 2009-06-16
Absolut, to be precise :). And, as always, it didn't let me down!

Found my sheepish 4 year old and a ball-point pen at the scene of the crime. I tried the soap + damp cloth; didn't work. And wasn't too keen to try the 'vigorous rubbing' bit as the Leneovo laptop was quite new and I surely didn't want any more disasters.

Now, to hide the Absolut bottle away from the kid!!

Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: anon on 2009-06-20
So my girlfriends daughter (2yrs old)decided to take a blue ball point pen to her new Dell LCD monitor. I put straight rubbing alcohol on an old sock unpluged everything and whiped it down a few times and it worked like a charm. no apperant damage as of yet!
saved by Lever 2000 Comments By: Margaret on 2009-06-20
Thank you so much for the excellent tip. I dampened one of those eyeglass cleaning cloths, rubbed it over a bar of Lever 2000, and with very little effort, the ball point pen ink came right off. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
WOW!!!!!!! Comments By: Rich on 2009-06-20
Alcohol did very little good, but hairspray took the sharpie marks that my 2 year old put on my monitor right off! Thanks a lot!
Thank God I found this! Comments By: LIN on 2009-06-25
Cheap Sauve hairspray and an old white t-shirt got the ink off the screen and now I NEVER have to mention it to hubby. Saved my nerves and my 4 yr. old's butt! Whew!
Totally worked Comments By: PJ on 2009-06-29
We are staying at a high end hotel in the bay area in California. I was sick to my stomach when i saw the huge flat screen with blue ball point ink scribbled all over it! I read your link, and my first try with a damp hot water washcloth and soap worked like a charm. I had to add pressure and I worked in circular motions. It ended up with a soap film on it, but i just softly kept wiping it with a warm clean wash cloth and its perfect now!!! THANK YOU!!!
VIVA SOAP!!! Comments By: Lanza on 2009-06-29
I had my 2yr in bed a nice cup of tea, sat down to watch some TV and .... i noticed the screen riddled with pen marks S**T!!! Warm water and soap worked a treat, the tv's only 3 weeks old too.
Hairspray is the BOMB!!!!! Comments By: Jordyn's Dad on 2009-07-04
Absolutely genius! Cleaned off the mess of my 16 month old.
99.9% Germ Free! Comments By: Jaime on 2009-07-07
My (almost) 2 year old decided to color my LCD computer screen with blue ball point pen...A little Purell on a Kleenex and it's gone...No scrubbing required! Now all the pen (and the germs!) are off my new screen! :)
Thank you!!! Comments By: Jenny on 2009-07-07
Oh thank you so much! I was having a meltdown when the screen wipes weren't getting it off. The soap and water on a cloth diaper worked awesome!!!
great..tq Comments By: pingu on 2009-07-08
ive also hav the same prob.n im worried..n i tried to fing the solution..at just 1 click i found this site..tq 4 evryone
Amazing ! Comments By: Greg on 2009-07-11
Dettol antibacterial surface cleaner...a little pressure...some patience...voila ! Perfectly clean tv again !
Alcohol for tree sap Comments By: Lizard on 2009-07-11
Ok, a little off topic, but rubbing alcohol will also remove tree sap from car finishes. Try to get 90% isopropyl. Put it on a soft rag (old t-shirt)and let it sit for several minutes befor gently wiping off.
Hairspray is a life saver Comments By: Kat on 2009-07-21
Was reading the forum cuz my 3 years old decided he was gonna do a maze on my computer and decided that a pen would be easier lol. Went and got a bottle of hairspray. sprayed it right on the monitor and u could see the ink start to run!. Works like a charm ladies!
Baby Wipes All the Way! Comments By: Chenille on 2009-07-22
I was mortified when I saw pen marks on my NEW LCD monitor I bought a month ago. I saw the commments and went to go get soap when I walked by a pack of baby wipes I use for my 2 year old son. It hit me right away. So I used the wipes and it worked under 60 seconds with a good rub.
Thank heavens Comments By: Lottiegwa on 2009-08-05
Glad to see that I am not the only one with a little darling who can sometimes be a real gremlin. Baby wipes did not work. Alcohol (Japanese sake) on a Q-tip helped a little. Hairspray on a diaper followed by a damp cloth wipe over did it. Thank you!!
Worked ok... Nail Polish Remover worked better! Comments By: Jorelle on 2009-08-05
My 2-year-old just wrote all over our flat screen monitor. I tried the water and soap thing and got out most of it with a lot of scrubbing. I tried the nail polish remover on the rest of it and got it off easy!
Nail Polish Remover Comments By: Anurag on 2009-08-10
My 3 yr old tried to draw a picture on my 19" LCD moniter using a ball point pen. I was shocked to see when anything didn't worked for me (moist cloth, glass cleaner).

I happened to use Nail Polish Remover. It worked perfect. Just take a peice cotton, few drops of nail polish remover and everything simply vanished...


Hairspray AWESOME Comments By: Julie on 2009-08-14
Thanks hairspray worked! Once again a 3 year old. At least it wasn't the screwdriver this time! www.loosepants.com
You saved me! Comments By: anon on 2009-08-18
Our daughter wrote in a small area with a sharpie. Used your tip and it worked like a dream. Thank you!!!!
Hand soap Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-18
Damp cloth. A squirt of hand soap. Rub it into the cloth. Then gently rub screen. Rinse screen with wet towel. Wipe screen with dry cloth. Done
Thank you! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-24
My 18 mo old found a pen and marked up our monitor. This tip was fantastic!! Thank you for the advice!!
remove blue ink from lcd screen Comments By: greg y on 2009-08-30
i took this advice and worked great,my 2yr old took a blue ink pen and scribbled on my screen took a damp wet towel w/ hand soap rubbed it around a little took it right off wow cant believe it
Magic Eraser saved the TV!! Comments By: Casey on 2009-09-01
SO I was really unsure about trying anything on the TV it says not to but my 36 month old found a pencil and wanted to color Mickey Mouse...I tried just a rag,the wipes you by for the screen, alcohol and said oh whatever I went for the magic eraser! I wiped it right back down behind it but it worked right away!!!
Hand Sanitizer Comments By: Kevin Roberts on 2009-09-07
I work for the National Health Service and we are supplied with Hand Sanitizer who's active ingredient is alcohol. I used the hand sanitizer in gel form to wipe away biro marks from my lcd. Worked like a charm!
hairsapray Comments By: renaye bell on 2009-09-07
thank god for hair spray and this thread my 18 month old just drew on her daddy tv with both pen and nicko worked a treat THANKYOU
A save the day tip! Comments By: J on 2009-09-15
I tried the hand soap but found that DAWN liquid handwashing/dishwashing soap worked for me. It does take some gentle elbow grease though. I read that alcohol will yellow the screen over time so be careful of the alcohol content.
Hairspray by far Comments By: thank God on 2009-09-18
my 3 year old son thought it would be fun to outline spongebob on my lcd screen I tried soap and water baby wipes and finally Hairspray in an instant the ink was gone just had to clean up the residue with the baby wipe. Thank You!!
Please don't use nail polish remover!! Comments By: TheChief on 2009-09-22

A little liquid soap and water is fine, but may not work in all cases.

Isopropyl Alcohol is safe to use, sparingly.

Many commercial glass cleaners that DO NOT contain ammonia are usually safe (ArmorAll glass cleaner made for car window glass, for instance).



Nail Polish Remover (contains acetone)

Ammonia or ammonia containing cleaners (such as Windex or similar)

Ethyl Alcohol

HAIRSPRAY Comments By: MizConduct1007 on 2009-09-23
My 2yr old decided to use an ink pen all over her 9 yr old sisters Nintendo DS that she had just gotten that day! Thanks goodness for this site!!! I sprayed hairspray on a microfiber towel and it came RIGHT OFF!!!!
Saved my butt! Comments By: Katina on 2009-09-27
My 2 yr old scribbled on my mom's mac. I used Ivory hand soap..the bar kind, and it came right off! Thank you so much, I thought I owed her a new computer
Hairspray worked! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-28
My husband will be home soon and our 22 month old wrote ALL OVER my LCD monitor with ball point pen! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the advice. Used hairspray, an old cloth diaper and a little pressure and it worked!!!
It works! Comments By: Brad on 2009-10-04
All gone. The toughest thing was not losing it on my 2 year old terror of a boy. Now if anyone knows how to stop the monsters!!!!!??? ;-)
rubbing alcohol Comments By: Shelly on 2009-10-12
I tried using baby wipes first to remove ink from our LCD, but it did not work. I then switched to rubbing alcohol. It came right off and did not harm screen.
Hairspray!!! Comments By: Amber on 2009-10-17
Thank you everyone who posted Hairspray! it worked!!!!! My 2 year old scribbled all over my father in laws brand new lcd tv!!!!it came off great!!!
OMG!!! Comments By: Artists Mom on 2009-10-26
Foaming handsoap melted it away thank you! I wish I could give it more stars.
Removing ink from computer monitor Comments By: Dawn on 2009-11-02
This worked awesome for me. If you have a microfiber cloth, I think it would more safe for the monitor.
Rubbing Alcohol Worked Comments By: Angela S. on 2009-11-07
My 3 1/2 year old used ink pen tried soap and water did not work. Then I read here the advice about rubbing alcohol, I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!
Worked Like a Charm Comments By: Mike on 2009-11-07
My 3yr old son colored on my monitor with a pen today. Then tells me he thought I would like it.

So I am going to try soap and water.

I just did the soapy water that everyone here has mentioned, and it worked. It took the pen mark right off. Thank You Friends

Hair spray Comments By: Erik on 2009-11-07
Use hair spray. I grabbed some Garnier Fructis stuff my wife had and sprayed it on a washcloth. A little gentle wiping and the ink was gone from my LCD monitor. Perfect!
terror toddler Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-08
i freaked when my 2 year old drew all over the monitor with a ball point pen. Rubbing alcohol with a soft kleenex did the job. Not a spot left. thank god.
HAIRSPRAY !!! Comments By: Pam on 2009-11-08
My grandson ruined my 14" monitor and finally caved and bought a 21" and guess what...same as all of you he wrote on it with the ink pen and used hair spray...tried soap, alcohol, etc on the 14". The hair spray worked with a soft tissue and then cleaned with the monitor cleaner. Thanks tons for the thread.
Zeiss Lens Cloth Comments By: pb on 2009-11-08
used Zeiss Lens cloth which is for cleaning LCD monitors. It contains Isopropyl alcohol and no amonia.
Handsoap Comments By: Michelle on 2009-11-10
Hand soap worked on my LCD TV. Thanks! I guess I will keep my 2 year old after all.
Ink Off screen Comments By: Ammasmama on 2009-11-19
My 15 month old took a pen to my computer when I walked out to the kitchen. I don't kmow where I saw it, but pencil eraser took it right off.
Workee Comments By: Ed on 2009-11-21
5 yr old + ballpoint pen + Brand new 21 in. Monitor + Alone for 20 min = Bad News. My litte picasso did some damage in a short amount of time. the soap and water fixed it, or should I say saved his life!!! Thanks for the tip.
Thank you!! Comments By: ellie on 2009-11-25
It worked! was so angry at my 3 year old for scribling on my monitor:)
Hairspray Comments By: John on 2009-11-29
I had tried soap and water with no luck. Hairspray on a washcloth did the trick in seconds flat with very little rubbing.
Hair Spray works like a charm Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-02
My two year old son just scribbled on my lcd monitor! I tried a damp soft cloth but that didn't work...I flipped out! Thanks for the hairspray suggestion because it took it right off. Saved me a $180.
Whoo hoo Comments By: Sarah on 2009-12-07
Another child was almost up for sale. Also 2 yrs of age, my daughter took a ball point pen to my flatscreen. A little warm water and lemon Joy did the trick. I will say that I needed to apply more pressure than I thought.
Thanks everyone! Comments By: CAT on 2009-12-09
My 2 yr old scribbled on our LCD flat screen with a pen. Thanks to everyone... I experimented with 2 things. For my first attempt, I used a baby wipe on 1/2 of the stained area. It removed 75%. Then, I tried a drop of liquid soap & a splash of water onto a microfiber cloth. That did the trick!
Hand Soap just made a mess! Comments By: Kenny on 2009-12-15
Waterless hand sanitizer 62% Ethyl Alcohol by content was miraculous. After a little windex it's like new. NOTE these were NOT applied directly to the screen. Lint free cloth is my suggestion.
Saved by the wipey! Comments By: Linds on 2009-12-16
My boyfriend loves his tv its like a second child!!! while he was at work and i was cleaning the other day our two year old decided to draw the sistine chapel on his tv! lol i about died! got a wipe and it worked wonders!!!
2yr old daughter nearly up for sale Comments By: James on 2010-01-01
My 2 year old "expressed" her art skills on my 37" Philips LCD TV - Agghhh. Used one of these antibacterial swabs (70% alcohol)dabbed onto a microfibre cloth and biro came out quickly.
Baby Wipe and kitchen towel Comments By: Chris on 2010-01-05
A non scented baby wipe, a bit of elbow grease, then wipe off the moisture with a dry kitchen towel, keep repeating this and it'll do the trick. Worked for me and no damage either, great stuff!
My 8 year old says: "IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!" Comments By: Relieved Mom on 2010-01-06
Soft cloth with handsoap worked like a charm. My eight year old daughter who "accidentally" drew on the monitor was very relieved!
Worked perfect Comments By: Les on 2010-01-08
Same issue. 3 yr old and ball point pen on 19 in LCD. used sock, hand soad and water. came off with very little effort or pressure. Thanks.
RUBBING ALCOHOL Comments By: Ian on 2010-01-09
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. it takes seconds . Forget the hand soap. It sucks
Hairspray to the rescue!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-18
Thank you so very much to everyone who recommended the hairspray fix. I was VERY skeptical, but it worked fantastic! I am SO relieved that our brand new TV (and my 2 year old) has been saved!
Baby wipes! Comments By: Sara on 2010-01-18
Toddler climbed up on the desk while I was in the bathroom throwing up (pregnant!) Tried the damp cloth, soap, hairspray, it got a little... would have been fine if it were my monitor but it was my husbands and he does not have patience for this kind of thing! Tried the baby wipes and it came off easily and you can't even see it on close inspection. Thank you so much who gave that tip above!!!!! You're a life saver!
gone baby gone with nail polish remover Comments By: mrs.cooper on 2010-01-19
I was frantic to find where the two year old had a drawing fest and of course it was on my lcd computer monitor and my new leather purse.Nail polish remover work great no side effects. Also worked on the leather purse!!!!!!
soapy telly!! Comments By: Gina on 2010-01-22
fantastic, i was so worried when my 20 month old daughter doodled all over our lcd telly! so i ran to the laptop to see if it was removable and found this tip. i ran to the bathroom and grabbed a face cloth and covered it in soap and started to rub the telly down! it's never had such a good clean! and not a speck of pen left! thank you so much!
Trouble times two! Comments By: Kirsten on 2010-01-22
To my huge astonishment I came upon my 19 month twins having a hay day with a ball point pen on my husbands flatscreen computer! I about peed my pants! Googled a fix instantly! Water with soap and washcloth worked wonders! Thanks for the tip!
Alcohol worked on HDTV Comments By: Kathy on 2010-01-24
Alcohol was one of the recommendations here and was also recommended by my mom and brother for ink on my HDTV. It worked great! No rubbing needed.
USE POLISH REMOVER, ALL THE WAY!!!!! Comments By: elka on 2010-01-24
I have an hyperactive 8 years old kid who decided it wanted to experiment our wrath and drew on our brand new 42' flat screen plasma TV screen. I was devastated and called Best Buy and they tried to sell us some 40$ product. But I thought Googling the issue before, and then I came here. Tried polish remover and it worked RIGHT AWAY like a charm. No harm to tv, didn't have to rub or anything. So unless there are actual scratches, you're safe :) Good luck everyone!!
It worked! Comments By: Robby on 2010-01-29
My 4yo used a black pall point pen on my screen and I scolded her good... now I feel guilty because it came right off. Thanx to the person who started this thread because the soap and water worked also there was a lil bit that didn't come off so I used what the other ladies suggested with the 70% alcohol and a q tip and all is well!

ink on lcd screen Comments By: rich on 2010-02-01
this tip work pretty well didn't take it all off but 90%. better than it was, thanks.
Alcohol Works great Comments By: SLewis on 2010-02-02
My 2 year old, wrote on my 22 inch Dell widescreen HD and plain Alcohol on a QTip worked great. The ink came right off as soon as the alcohol touched the screen.
computer written on by pen Comments By: travrosty on 2010-02-04
hand sanitizer takes off pen marks on an lcd screen, dry erase marker takes off "permanent" marker on lcd screen.
hairspray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: sabrina on 2010-02-04
i love you it worked !!!!!!
Rubbing alcohol on a qtip, sure beats babywipe and soapy water hands down! Comments By: Alex on 2010-02-09
My 3-year old son improvised with a black ballpoint pen all over our computer's LCD screen. I then tried an alcohol-free baby wipe, it didn't do a thing. Tried rubbing alcohol on a Qtip, it took it right off. My son would like to express his sincere relief and gratitude to www.tipking.co.uk

TipKing says: Great :-)

A 4yo on a rampage Comments By: Jay on 2010-02-19
Going to try the alcohol.....42 inch LCD TV is scribbled up and I am fuming right now.
BABY WIPES SAVED ME!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-02-22
My 2 yr. old daughter scribled on papa's flat screen tv, baby wipes took it right off, thanks 4 the tip!!
the rubbing alcohol actually works Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-24
Thanks to this site i got the ink off with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, wiped off with dry side. thanks all
hairspray 4 me! Comments By: jim on 2010-03-01
tried soapy water like suggested did not work, applied a squirt of hairspray on a cloth and rubbed gently, did the job! no visible damage to the screeen as of yet and pen removed.
thanks you guys

Mary Kay saved he day. Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-10
Our 2 year old daughter colored on our LCD monitor with a black pen. We used Journey, a Mary Kay perfume on a microfiber cloth and it came right off. Thank you lord.
HAIRSPRAY Comments By: EDD WEBB on 2010-03-14

Baby Wipes in 2 minutes Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-22
Green and red sharpie all over our new flat screen monitor! Yikes!
A few light passes with a baby wipe and it was gone.

Dish soap worked! Comments By: ryan price on 2010-03-20
brand new monitor
Child-Ink-Lcd drawing pad ;) Comments By: meuandthelot on 2010-03-21
No problem.
This was used on a new 32" hdmi lcd screen.
My 60-40% isoprop alcohol/water (Yes, the white bottle most have) gen. computer cleaner took off only half, but I didn't want to rub to hard.

Bring in the Magic eraser, and like it's name..IT WORKS, dampened with only minimal pressure. Zero residue, zero long-term worries..Have children? buy one!

Rubbing Alcohol all the way Comments By: Jill on 2010-03-23
my 2.5 year old wrote all over our new flat screen monitor, complete mess, i tried hair spray which did nothing, then i tried rubbing alcohol, worked like a charm and no smear on the screen, thxs for the advise.
HAIRSPRAY TO THE RESCUE! Comments By: Amazed Mommy on 2010-03-29
So,my fuming husband calls me at work to let me know our little 4yr old artist decided to draw a picture for us all over our new lcd computer screen!First I had to tell him to calm down then as soon as I arrived, as usual internet came to the rescue! Hairspray works like a charm...just lightly rubbed and poof it was gone!Thanks for the suggestions!
Soap Worked! Comments By: Anne on 2010-04-01
Hand soap worked great for me!!!!
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Mad Mommy on 2010-04-05
Just use the Alcohol and a rag to wipe screen totaly clean!!!!!
brand new lcd computer moniter Comments By: Kourtney on 2010-04-08
Germ-x works like a charm.
murphy's oil Comments By: carline from florida on 2010-04-15
murphy's oil vegetable oil does wonders for me,damp a piece of soft cloth, with murph's soap and rub gentle, then dry with paper towel. tadaaaaaaa!
Amazing Comments By: Nikki on 2010-05-01
So my 4 year old son who has already drawn on my lcd computer screen with pencil and taken scisors to it decided he wanted to add to his work today and take a pen to it. I thought great now I am definitely going to have to buy a new one, until I came across this site. I was amazed at how well it came off. I sprayed some hairspray on a dry washcloth and it came right off, then I took a damp washcloth to it to get the sticky residue off. And you can't even tell it was there. Thank God for sites like this.
My 2 year old took a ball point ink pen to my NEW Lap top! Comments By: Christy O. on 2010-05-04
OMG! In just seconds my 2 year old took a pen and drew what looked to be a map on my brand new 17 inch LED screen laptop. Took a damp cloth with water and dish soap and with vigorous strokes removed all ink with no damage..so far anyway. Thanks so much!
She Gets to Stay! Comments By: Abby on 2010-05-04
After our 2 year old colored all over our old screen, we decided to splurg some of our tax return money for a new one. So today when I came in to find that she had colored on this one too I was sure my husband would put her up for adoption ;)

Thanks to Dial liquid hand soap and a care bear wash cloth I have a feeling she will get to be with us for a while longer!

NAIL-POLISH REMOVER-none acitone pad Comments By: Dustin on 2010-05-11
like everyone else ...the 4 Y.O. niece

i guess anything with alcohol works went ahead and used the rest of the pad to clean the hole comp. its very pritty now and i just wanted to say

NAIL-POLISH REMOVER-none acitone pad Comments By: Dustin on 2010-05-11
like everyone else ...the 4 Y.O. niece

i guess anything with alcohol works went ahead and used the rest of the pad to clean the hole comp. its very pritty now and i just wanted to say

Thank goodness for hairspray Comments By: Tracy on 2010-05-21
I can't believe it actually worked. I barely had to touch the screen with the cloth (which I sprayed hairspray on) and you can't tell there was ever a mark there. This tip got my son out of A LOT of trouble.
YAY!!! Comments By: Unfrustrated Mom on 2010-05-29
Thanks to whoever wrote about using rubbing alcohol!! I was sooo annoyed at my 3 year old when he drew on my not paid off yet laptop!! Thanks so much! If there is a next time I probably won't be as angry cause I know its fixable, thanks!!
WHat no Hairpray or alchol Comments By: Dazza on 2010-05-31
4yrs old + pen + 42" lcd full hd = nightmare, thank god for nail polish remover and a water rud to remove excess and stop any risk of damage.
Non-acetone nail polish remover!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-10
my 2 year old wrote all over my samsung monitor with red ink pen. My wife had non-acetone based nail polish remover. It worked great. I used it on baby wipes. Probably safer than acetone nail polish remover.
Hairspray! Comments By: Angie C. on 2010-06-15
Worked like a charm. No damage to monitor.
91% Isopropyl Alcohol on a damp cloth Comments By: Aphie on 2010-06-15
Tried vinegar first, worried alcohol would be too harsh, when that didn't work, I read this thread, and talked to my ex (computer savvy) He said do not use any type of detergent, cus it can leak into the bottom of your monitor, and mess it up for good. (I'm assuming as long as it's only damp, it's ok). But I grabbed my 91% alcohol,and put a tiny bit on the corner of a damp wash cloth. It came off with hardly any pressure at all, and left no residue.
Couldn't believe it!!! Comments By: Laura Herbert on 2010-06-16
When I realized that my 2 yr old had written all over our new flat screen monitor I was sure we were just going to have to replace it, but through the power of Google I found this site and figured that trying the hand soap idea was worth a shot. Low and behold it worked like a dream without too much vigorous scrubbing like some of the suggestions said you would have to do. THANKS SO MUCH for the tip!!!
remove ball pen mark on LED Monitor Comments By: Siubobo on 2010-06-18
I used soap and it didn't work. I used hand sanitizer and it came off with just a soft touch!! That saved our little two and half year old boy who was guilty of the great "crime"!
Simple Green on a microfiber cloth Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-22
Don't have hand soap, just bar soap. So I decided to try the Simple Green. Finally got ride of the pen marks on my computer monitor.
HAIRSPRAY Comments By: anon on 2010-06-24
Bic ball point pen all over my 40" Samsung LCD, dadadada Hairspray to the rescue.. Really works!! apply to a tissue then very gently rub out marks, i then used a mist wet microfibre cloth to wipe off residue. Just like new
Q-tip and hairspray Comments By: Farmgirl on 2010-06-26
WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! Thanks for the tip
Wow Comments By: CH on 2010-06-29
I never thought I would be cleaning ink pen off my MAC monitor from my 4 year old artist, but today was that day! Thank goodness for the ideas because I was afraid to touch it. I have to say the damp cloth and mild soap did work for me with a little scrubbing. Whew! Thanks!
liquid hand soap Comments By: anon on 2010-07-01
I tried a little liquid hand cleanser and a damp cloth. A few seconds of elbow grease and the pen was gone :)
very happy with the tip

magic eraser Comments By: anan on 2010-07-03
works like a treat hurray for this site. came off are tv on props. the only difference was my was a 5 year old which should have known better
Alcohol works Comments By: toughstuff5632 on 2010-07-03
Tried Clorox wipes. No luck. Tried clorox wipes with 70% Rubbing Alcohol, and got most of it off. Just a slight glimpse of the pen, but at least I can see the screen. Thanks!
isopropyl alcohol works!!!! Comments By: bienna on 2010-07-03
ink removed from lcd screen by using isopropyl alcohol and kleenex tissues.no sweat!!!
Hairspray Rocks Comments By: TL on 2010-07-13
Tried the handsoap first. No joy. Grabbed my wife's hairspray .... some odd looks from her but Hey Presto .... One spray, one wipe and it was gone
Alcohol FTW! Comments By: James Lowell on 2010-07-21
Had the ink off in under 2 seconds with an alcohol first aid prep pad. Amazing!
Thanks! Comments By: Gouthaman Karunakaran on 2010-07-28
Hard Soap works, :)
Holy Cow! Comments By: ***mommy*** on 2010-07-31
Mt two year thought she was helping Dora find the beach. Took a ball point pen to my flat monitor screen. Tried the baby wipes, soap, but still had ink. Finally tried the alcohol and it's gone. Thank you for the rubbing alcohol idea.
Alcohol For SHARPIE ink on LCD Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-06
I tried the hairspray but it worked minimally and left residue. The rubbing alcohol removed the permanent in fast and easily. Still shaking from walking into a room where my LCD screen in covered in black sharpie....3 year olds
worked for me Comments By: Joe in Rochester, NY on 2010-08-10
I called Staples where I bought it and the guy said he wasnt aware of a way to get it off..I tried this and it worked...
If you try to wipe off the water however with a dry part, then it started to smear. The damp part works with the soap and let the air dry the damp part! Thx!!!

Gotta love Hairspray Comments By: thepanoogie on 2010-08-10
My 17 month old thought it was funny to draw on the lcd monitor. Hairspray on a dry chux and presto, monitor is as good as new. So quick and easy.
Soap works like a miracle Comments By: Dirk on 2010-08-12
Simple biological handsoap worked great to remove ballpoint spot. Excellent tip !!!
HAIR SPRAY! Comments By: Jeff on 2010-08-12
So i sprayed hair spray on a diaper and wiped the screen with a diaper. It's a soft inside to prevent more scratching. Took the marks right off. Didn't even have to apply pressure.
BABY WIPE!!! Comments By: :) on 2010-08-15
I was kinda nervouse about using alchol or nail polish remover, but the baby wipe worked like a charm!! It took about 5 min but now you would never beable to tell that my screen was covered with the art work of a 16 month old!!! Thanks for the tips!!!
Comet! Comments By: mommy2boys on 2010-08-17
I wiped with medium pressure using a moist paper towel and comet. It came off without a problem. Dish soap didn't do a thing. Use comet...I use it on doors/walls too. It never does any damage to my surfaces.
What a relief!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Muhammad Khan on 2010-08-17
Thhaaank Yoooou!

who doesn't thank the people does not thank God.

i tried a tiny bit of hand wash and hot water with cotton cloth, bit firm wiping and it worked.

alcohol swab worked great for me. Comments By: Billy M on 2010-08-22
I used an alcohol swab it removed the ink then I wiped the excess with a paper towel. It removed the ink without a problem very easily removed.
Pleasantly Surprised :) Comments By: Karl on 2010-08-23
I tried anti-bacterial wipes at first and it left a white patch on my lcd screen.
so instead i filled up a small cup of water with a couple of drops of washing up liquid and used a soft cloth, dipped it in the cup then wringed it out before dabbing my lcd with it then dabbing it dry
Worked Wonders :D

Worked fantastic!!!! Comments By: Erik on 2010-08-23
Rubbing Alcohol and a little bit of water on a q-tip.
Hairspray! Comments By: Paul on 2010-08-25
worked brilliantly sprayed on a soft cloth! Thank you - the pen mark was driving us mad!Never thought it would be such a common problem!!
Worked like a charm Comments By: Dan on 2010-08-29
A Q-ip coated in dish soap (no color or perfume) and about an hour of gentle rubbing got the ink off my monitor. It was hard work but the screen looks as good as new.
Lestoil Comments By: Jim on 2010-08-30
Soap didn't work for us after my 1 1/2 yr old wrote on our LCD. We used Lestoil on a damp rag and it came right off. Then just washed it down with monitor cleaner and there does not appear to be any damage.
hairspray Comments By: margaret on 2010-09-02
thanks everyone for your tip on hairspray to remove pen marks of lcd screen it worked a treat.thanks
It works! Comments By: Lorie on 2010-09-04
My granddaughter drew all over the LCD monitor. Within minutes, her masterpiece was gone. Great tip.
yes to hairspray!!! Comments By: Toni on 2010-09-08
Based on the other comments I skipped the hand soap and tried the hairspray... worked like a charm without needing much pressure at all. THANK YOU!!!!
Got it off Comments By: Relieved on 2010-10-07
I'm just glad it wasn't gouged in. I used rubbing alcohol on a tissue. Came right off.
Whew!!! Comments By: Ann on 2010-10-04
I used the handsoap and it worked great!!
Thanks for the great tip!

DIAL SOAP! Comments By: Kyle on 2010-10-05
Ok i tried the alcohol, did nothing. I went and got a bar of dial soap put it on a rag rubbed for about idk about a minute maybe longer and bam! the pen went away! you sir are a life saver! i thought it was a scratch at first but it was just ink =]
Thanks!! Comments By: Richelle on 2010-10-06
I used water and isopropyl alcohol, and an old t shirt. It completely took the ballpoint pen ink and pencil off my 47" flat screen TV.
NAIL-POLISH REMOVER took off nail paint off Comments By: abby on 2010-10-10
NAIL-POLISH REMOVER was the only thing thst work, I am so happy. I have a LCD tv 46inch. It works
toothpaste Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-11
grand childern with pens and computers do not mix OMG quick fix dab of tooth paste and baby wipe works a treat
Rubbing alcohol Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-11
My one year old drew on our 22" LCD monitor. I started with water and a soft washcloth. It removed about 60%. I then diluted some isopropyl alcohol and it cleaned the rest. Like it never happened.
awesome Comments By: skullminator on 2010-10-18
nice nice since im stupid i thought it would be nice to put a dot mark in the middle of the screen for no scoop in shooter game. when i was trying to get rid of it i was like omg what im i gonna do. and the soap worked for me. thanks!!!!
Dawn Worked For Me! Comments By: Becky on 2010-10-21
I just tried Dawn straight up. If it gets oil off of birds, right? My inadvertant pen mark went away!
Rubbing Alcohol! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-02
My 2-year-old drew all over our laptop screen with a pencil. A damp cloth did nothing, but after reading this thread I tried rubbing alcohol on a cloth. It took the pencil off like magic even with a very light touch.
Nail Polish Remover Comments By: Danile Harris on 2010-11-10
Nail polish remover did the trick for us, it came off with ease, nothing left behind.
finger nail!!!!!!! Comments By: ANTHONY on 2010-11-07
Hairspray and Purell Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-08
My 3 1/2 year old was watching Dora on my computer and decided to follow along with a blue pen.
I tried handsoap but it didn't work. Then, I tried hairspray, which worked pretty well but then I tried Purell and it worked way better than the hairspray.

nail polish remover worked a treat Comments By: sharon on 2010-11-11
nail polish remover worked a treat
Hairspray Comments By: Rogue321 on 2010-11-14
Thank God for the hairspray tip! Got it all of my duel screens. A moment of panic there for a while. No pens by the computer, no pens by the computer, no pens by the computer. Whew!!
easy solution Comments By: Jen Azzam on 2010-11-15
I just got a Samsung notebook N210 so of course my son Adam HAD to scribble on the screen with a blue ball point pen - I immediately used baby wipes even tho the "GEEK GUY" TOLD ME NOT TO EVEN PUT WATER ON THE SCREEN because it will DAMAGE IT...after pulling up this site after TRYING TO ignore the marks for 2 days I tried a q tip with a tiny 91% rubbing alcohol and it DISAPPEARED in a sec ...THANKS SO MUCH! yee haa!
Hand sanitizer Comments By: anon on 2010-11-15
Hand sanitizer! worked great as it is mostly alcohol.
Hairspray does it! Comments By: Cory on 2010-11-16
I tried the cloth and soap didnt really work, then i tried HAIRSPRAY it came off instantly and then i used the cloth to take of the stickyness....wooohooo i barely bought my monitor 2 days prior to my lil princess incident...but not to worry if u got the spray use it!!!!
Thank u Comments By: Pandu on 2010-11-19
ink from lcd moniter removed in seconds with thieves foaming handsoap Comments By: Misty on 2010-11-22
just got on the computer and my 4 year old done some beautiful artwork, freaking out I found this website, didnt have any of the items listed so I used my THIEVES foaming handsoap from young living oils and literally in seconds the ink was gone, I used a soft dish towel and used the foam and rubbed in circular motions and it came out within seconds.. so thankful the have thieves on hand.. I get it wholesale [email protected]
CLOSE CALL Comments By: Mike on 2010-11-22

Work well too.. I tried the LCD Wipes that you get for your TV but they didn't work.. Then I tried clorox wipes and a lil elbow grease and it came right off..

Thank You!! Comments By: Chris A on 2010-11-26
Thank you so much for the helpful hint. My 3 yr old son wrote all over our laptop screen with a pen. Sunlight soap on a damp cloth worked amazingly well and very easily.
THANK YOU Comments By: GinaG on 2010-11-27
The monitor was less than 24 hours old before the child got to it with a gel pen and ball point. Alcohol worked awesome on the ink, but having trouble with the gel. May just count myself lucky. Child currently grounded.
Non Acetone Nail polish remover Comments By: Tobias Kohler on 2010-12-05
Is the only thing that worked. Acetone (standard nail polish remover) is cited often in other posts. However, ethyl acetate (non acetone nail polish remover) is all I had and worked great. It even worked on permanent marker on my laptop metal case (nothing else did). I know, I need to keep better track of my artistic minded kids.
Hairspray-wonder! Comments By: LeahOz on 2010-12-12
My artistic 4 year old took to our new LCD TV with abandon. What a lovely piece of art she created, if only it was on a canvas not our new TV screen. Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have commented on this sight because Mummy and Daddy were not happy people to say the least. Thankfully hairspray and paper towel worked a miracle (lighlty sprayed on the toweling and lightly rubbed on the screen - vanished in 10 secs) and our sanity has been re-instated. Thankyou. Will definately search here again when the next masterpiece is created.
Thanks Comments By: Valencia on 2010-12-13
Works Great!!
nailpolish remover Comments By: lmc on 2010-12-13
tied all of the above, soap/water, hair spray, nothing...nail polish remover worked in an instant, followed with warm damp rag
YAY!!! LIFE SAVER!!!! Comments By: Savannah on 2010-12-14
i ran out of pen thingys for my NDS so i took a pen a part and used it i wasnt paying attention and got ink all over it so i found this tip and with in 10 minutes i was done thank u all lot!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Babywipes Comments By: Danielle on 2010-12-24
Hey so there are 6 kids in my house they decided to wright on my brothers computer screen oh my i would have been in so much trouble!!!!! I used a baby wipe it worked great!!!!!!!!! as clean as the day it was taken out of the box.
it worked! Comments By: anon on 2010-12-23
3 year old inked our flat screen TV. But the hairspray worked like a charm.
Awesome! Comments By: Mary on 2010-12-26
I'm sooo grateful. Hairspray did the trick. My adorable grandchildren scribbled with PERMANENT marker on my computer screen. Now to get it out of white desk top!!
HAIRSPRAY Comments By: T on 2010-12-22
3 Y/O Daughter wrote on sceen with pen tried the hairspray it worked great!
baby wipes Comments By: ss on 2011-01-02
try baby wipes first.
Magic Marker Ink Removal from LCD Screen Comments By: David on 2011-01-03
I tried Dial Hand Sanitizer (62% alcohol)and applied it with a cotton Q-tip. It worked easily. I followed up with a danp cotton ball to clean off any residue and then dried it with a clean cotton ball. The screen is just like new.

Mr clean magic eraser Comments By: Kris on 2011-01-06
Just moved into our new house and was unpackin the computer to find my 3 yr old had beat me to it found this site and the magic eraser worked for me, the only thing i could find at the time. Thanks for all the comments, hopefully won't have a repeat but will know what to do next time
Whiteboard Cleaner Comments By: Amy on 2011-01-08
I tried the soap/water, it helps a little, but there was still the marks just lightened up. I tried the hairspray and didn't see any change. My last action was the EXPO dry erase cleaner and it work quickly. Hopefully there will be no damage to the monitor. At this point all is back to normal!
Hairspray works! Comments By: JB on 2011-01-12
Spray hairspray on a dry cloth and rub over ink on computer screen. I didn't have to rub too hard. Every bit of ink came off. THANKS!
INK PEN ON YOUR LCD MONITOR Comments By: Sandra Springer/[email protected] on 2011-01-18
My 3 yr old got up in the middle of the night and thought it would be funny to write all over our 19" Lcd monitor. I used the suggested method of mild handsoap,and wiped it gently, and it worked like a charm!! I used Soft Soap brand (cherry blossom) but I don't think it would matter which one. So, Rub gently, and wipe clean, then dry, that's it!!! There were no marks afterwords, it looks as it did before she wrote on it. Thank You, Thank You for the tip!!!
Nail Polish Remover!! Comments By: Shannon on 2011-01-22
OMG Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My 2 yr old decided daddy's moniter needed to be HOT PINK!?! I tried everything y'all said the hair spray ALMOST worked so did the baby wipe but wasn't taking it all off. BUT the nail polish remover AWESOME!!!!! Thanks again!
Give it up for Dish Soap Comments By: BL on 2011-01-29
My 2YO wrote with pen all over my LCD monitor. After trying everything else, dish soap and a lot of elbow grease did the trick! No damage, and it all came off!
Awesome! I thouht it wasn't possible! Comments By: Angel on 2011-01-30
It works great! I had this pen mark on my LCD for a long time. It's gone now. I just had to scrub for a minute or two.
Hair spray did it! Comments By: compsci teacher on 2011-02-12
My 8 year old son scribbled on my LCD monitor. The tip for hair spray on a soft dry cloth, then give a good (but not too hard) removed his artwork in no time. A million thanks to you!
Rubbing Alcohol & a Baby Wipe Comments By: Star on 2011-02-14
I tryed the soap and it got most of it off. but then I tryed the rubbing alcohol and it practically disappeared!
Nail polish Comments By: TheDuderido on 2011-02-20
Thank god for nail polish. It saved my daughter's life when I saw she had scribbled all over my screen.
Bless your heart! Comments By: Adriana Ortega on 2011-02-22
My daughter 4years old too, thought it would be fun to express herself on my computer screen. I turned it on this morning and everyone on the screen had a huge scribble on their face. I googled how to take pen marks off, and your tip popped up first. Worked like a charm! God bless your soul, and all blogging moms.
Soap Comments By: Iceni Queen on 2011-02-22
Yeh !!! Hand soap and damp cloth worked a treat. Phew.. Thanks ;)
WHHHHHYYYYY!! Comments By: kiki on 2011-02-23
My two year old got happy with a pen on my 24" samsung monitor wich I bought 3 days ago.Tried hand soap didn't work.Baby wipes were a no go.Hairspray did the trick but I'm nervous about damage so far it seems fine.
Nail polish remover is a charm! Comments By: Megan on 2011-02-27
Thank you so much for this tip! My two-year-old drew with a blue ballpoint pen all over my MacBook keypad and I was frantic. Handsoap on a damp cloth didn't work, but the nail polish remover was amazing! Not only did the ink come off, but a little bit of dirt as well so that the keypad looks like new! Thank you!
I GET TO LIVE!!!!LOL Comments By: thattinkerbellchick83 on 2011-03-03
My 3 almost 4 yr old thought it would be cute to draw a pic on our lcd screen as well, I was NOT amused!!!! But used baby wipe with light pressure and it came right off except one spot looks scratched. Thank God now noone will kill me.
Alchohol worked the best! Comments By: Elizabeth on 2011-03-05
Tried baby oil, windex, hairspray...rubbing alcohol did the trick with very little pressure.....Thanks!
Thanks! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-11
Worked great for me! thanks for the help
Go the Soap Comments By: Joanne on 2011-03-12
My nephew used his Grandma's new computer screen (Dell, lcd) like it was a piece of paper and drew with a blue ball point pen on half of it. The tips on this site were fantastic. We were far too scared to use hairspray or nailpolish remover, so slightly dampened a very soft cloth and put on the smallest amount of liquid hand soap and with very gentle rubbing it all came off and very easily too!! Thank God. Crisis averted.
Johnson's baby Soap Comments By: Jessica on 2011-03-14
Johnson's baby soap and just a little bit of water on a damp rag took pen right off our screen.
can't believe it Comments By: Edward on 2011-03-16
My almost 3 yr old. decided to scribble on both my monitors. I work in IT and I didn't know this trick. Thanks for the tip.
Rubbing Alcohol w/ Q tip worked like a charm! Comments By: Renee on 2011-03-17
While visiting my parents my 3 year old decided to draw on my mother's monitor that was less than 24 hours old. I was about to have a heart attack, then I found this thread and used rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and then wiped with a chamois glasses cleaner cloth. Thank you!
Easy peasy Comments By: JJ on 2011-03-22
The washing up liquid worked like a charm, and hairsp[ray would have been my next move, so thank you!
Oooooh THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Comments By: Megan on 2011-03-25
We JUST hooked up our new all in one last night and this morning my 21 month old daughter scribbled ALL OVER IT with a ballpoint pen! I was unhappy, but I knew my husband was going to go NUTS! Hello, we just paid $600 for it! A little bit of Bath and Body Works Antibacterial hand wash and some water and it came off! You have to scrub just a wee bit but it worked GREAT! SO GLAD I FOUND THIS THREAD!!
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Brandy on 2011-03-25
I used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Worked without any scrubbing.
Phew Comments By: Antoinette on 2011-03-31
Thank you so much for this tip! Thought our 46inch LCD TV was history after my 2 year old daughter thought it was fun to draw on with red ink pen! (yesterday was the leather couch with black felt pen, but that's another story! So thank you so much for posting this tip!
works great! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-09
My 21mo old attached our LCD monitor with a ballpoint pin. Instead of telling me, my wife tried to clean it with a babywipe. Several days later, I noticed the still obvious pin marks. I followed your suggestion and they came right off with a little mild soap and water. Thanks!
THANK U................. Comments By: noufal on 2011-04-10
my little one made good drawings on my LCD using permanent marker.. applied aftershave lotion on a soft cloth and rubbed lightly... it worked very well.
For those with perminant ink stains Comments By: Wayne on 2011-05-20
I have used a product for several years called Awesome...you can buy it here in the south at family dollar and removes ink stains well, especially on interior car headliners and and visors
Rum Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-27
We didn't have vodka. But a baby wipe with a little rum works.
Worked to defeat a two year olds handiwork Comments By: Lee on 2011-04-28
My 2yo DS decided to draw on my LCD when I slipped into the kitchen for a few minutes. First I dried diluted dish soap on a damp towel. I had to add a little more though. I used 1 tiny drop of undiluted on the damp cloth. I still need to do some more work.
Thank you so much Comments By: Ivan Horvat on 2011-05-02
Thank you so much, it works and without traces. Excellent!!
YAY! Clinique Clarifying TONER (ALCOHOL) + QTip Comments By: Dana on 2011-05-09
LOVE THIS THREAD! My daughter, the budding artist, scribbled on my lcd computer monitor with a ball point pen (well, it's my husband's computer which makes it worse)- and I just sat down to work after putting her to bed and saw the scribbles...OH NO! I was dreading the rant from my husband...so I read this thread and ran straight to look for rubbing alcohol..no luck...closest thing I had is Clinique "Clarifying Lotion"= figured it's alcohol based so I tried it on a qtip and it worked in seconds. YAY! Thank goodness I don't have to deal with the "End of the World" when my husband gets home@!
Bacardi White rum Comments By: Chris in Canada on 2011-05-15
Didnt have any soap that was good enough. Didnt have any rubbing alcohol.
Had Bacardi white rum (super clear) and it worked like a charm.

Perfect!!!! Comments By: Michele on 2011-05-16
It took me a total of 20 seconds to remove it! Thanks so much!!
Soap and a bit of scrubbing Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-18
The soap tip rocks. Got a pen marking on my work LCD screen and was at a total loss. Yay for this site and some dishwashing liquid! Got my whole screen back to sparkling =)
How to remove pen marks on computer screen Comments By: Paul on 2011-05-21
i used my after shave and it worked!!!
Fantastic Comments By: Chris Perry on 2011-05-21
A little soap and a damp cloth worked wonders. Thanks!
pen off lcd tv Comments By: ticosti on 2011-05-28
my 2 and a half year old wrote on my lcd tv i removed with hand sanitizer alcohol 58% work really well
GREAT GREAt GREAT!!! LCD RED Screen come out Comments By: Moe Ko on 2011-06-09
Your Idea is the best way for me to repair my monitor
Thanks Great!!!

Alcohol, Whoop Whoop! Comments By: Jan on 2011-07-03
Soap made you rub a lot! The alcohol took it off immediately. Thanks.
Ink on LCD monitor Comments By: Stuart on 2011-07-07
The hairspray worked great. It got all the scribble off quickly with very little rubbing. Thanks.
Nail polish Remover Comments By: paula2710 ireland on 2011-07-08
Nail Polish Remover rocks!!!
My 2yr old decided to get all artistic
over hubby's new 21" lcd screen and as usual typical man acted like world had ended.... No internet to the rescue. Thanks to this link i used some nail polish remover and hey presto the ink vanished so a BIG THANK YOU to all that recommended nail polish remover the world did'nt end xxx

thank you!!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2011-07-21
my 2 year old son drew on our 32" flatscreen tv with blue ballpoint pen hand soap did the job thanks very much!!
Worked Like a Charm Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-23
Tried damp cloth, but it didn't work. However, your advice removed the ink with very little effort.
Hand Soap Comments By: Sara on 2011-09-19
Brilliant! Was sooooo worried my brand new monitor was ruined, but thankfully the hand soap got the ink off no troubles!
.Works great for my laptop LCD screen Comments By: Billy on 2011-10-22
Hand soap and damp cloth completely remove ink with ease after some steady light pressure. Screen looks undamaged. Many thanks.
Eraser Worked For Me! Comments By: Bex on 2011-10-25
I had a mark on my screen at work. I don't know if it was from a pen or what, but the handsoap didn't work. So I wet the screen a little and used a pencil eraser and a little pressure. It came right off!

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