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Sugar & Water will cure hic-cups

Submitted by Jono Stier

If you are suffering with hic-cups put half a teaspoon of sugar on your tongue and then swallow, a glass of water. (This is supposed to cure the hic-cups).

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wow! Comments By: amanda on 2006-06-15
I was suffering with those kind of hic-ups where, when you hic-up, your chest hurts like crazy! I thought to myself, "they will go away sometime" so i was playing one of my favorite games on the computer and they would not go away! so i instantly closed the game and went to ask.com and typed in how to cure the hic-ups and wow! i pulled this one up and i was amazed! it worked in two seconds! litteraly. two seconds!
Wow Comments By: Barry on 2006-12-06
I am so grateful. Hic-cuped for four days - worked instantly.
(I only had demerara)


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