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Mosquito Bites Relief: Tape!

Submitted by Angela

One of my favorite ways to stop that itching caused by a mosquito bite is by taking a piece of clear tape and taping your mosquito bite for the day!

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no help Comments By: Cara on 2006-09-20
My partner gave this a try after he was itching from being stung. He left the tape on overnight, approx 7 hrs, and he said it didn't help him at all.
Stung? Comments By: Alex on 2010-06-18
I think this article is for mosquito bites, not bee stings. For bee stings, because they inject a basic venom, if you put an acidic substance on the sting (vinegar, lemon, even pee) it will neutralize the sting's venom, thus relieving the pain.

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