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I believe I am now immune to Zovirax

I have been getting cold sores for yrs. They are usually very large and take up the whole side of my lip. They seem to come whenever I have a function that is important to attend. They make me feel like an ogre. I get so disappointed, sad and angry when it happens. I have been using the prescription cream Zovirax for about 3 yrs. It's good stuff. It stops the sore in it's tracks. But unfortunately I believe I am now immune to it cause my sores don't heal as fast as they used to. 

So, I have my wedding reception this Friday evening and what do you know?....a huge cold sore...right on time, It came 2 days ago. :( So I was frantic to kill it, dry it and be able to camouflage it with concealer and lipstick for tomorrow night. Well guess what? Aftershave applications, crushed Tylenol paste applications and peroxide DO WORK. My sore is almost completely gone. I work all day but I took time to make sure these applications happened by going to my car for lunch to do it or in the stall in the washroom You have to be loyal to it and it will be gone! Finally some relief for me. Thanks to this site and it was comforting yet sad to know others suffer with this damned plague as well. But hey it could be worse we could be terminally ill. Life is good despite these ugly jerks

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zovirax is poooo Comments By: moliee..* on 2007-12-04
zovirax is absoulute crap it is well over priced and you can get a replicate product with all same ingredients from a poundland . although i preffer dabbin a lil vodka or ne type of sprit on it and a bit of salt and its gone top 2 days.
Zovirax is pants Comments By: a scouse on 2008-12-12
Zovirax stopped working for me years ago. Once they put it on over the counter i'm sure they reduced the strength...and boy is it expensive. I am about to try the acetone nail varnish remover as I have another nose growing... might stink, but whatever works

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