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Cold Sores - best Remedy

Submitted by JodiK

I have been getting cold sores for many years - tried all sorts of lotions/potions/prescritions and advice. To my bitter regret, I now have a lot of scarring from some of the remedies tried, pure alcohol for instance. Meths. Bleach - and I have to live with that

Some remedies worked quite well, or seemed to for a time, then, like Zovirax, I just seemed to become immune and was back to having cold sores every few weeks.

A friend recommended a herbal blend to me, called Virasoothe, and this stuff is the best thing ever!

I felt a sore coming up - immediately applied the Virasoothe - and it stopped it dead in it's tracks! Now about 4 weeks later, I felt another, used the Virasoothe, and again, no sore.

Thats a wonderful result, but the really amazing thing, is that I have not had another since Nothing has changed, stress levels the same as they were, diet the same, exercise etc. I can only say that my cold sores are now in remission

I hae had them since I was three, would get them every few weeks, and I am now in my 3rd year without ANY . www.essential-nz.com

Highly recommended

Visitors comments

Try Yoghurt! Comments By: Smooth Skin for life! on 2006-08-06
You mention that your stress levels and diet remained the same, perhaps adding 1 cup of plain Yoghurt a day, to your diet may be the key to keeping C.S. at bay. It helps clear up the internal bacteria, also watch the white foods i.e. Rice, pastries, pastas, etc.
yogurt won't do anything for a c.s Comments By: Beth on 2008-05-06
yogurt helps prevent yeast infections which are caused by bacterial changes, but a cold sore is a virus...totally different thing.
Actually... Comments By: Aimee on 2008-07-09
Yogurt not only helps yeast infections, but helps cold sores as well. Non-gelatin based yogurt contains the amino acid lysine, which inhibits the growth of a cold sore.
Live Yoghurt only Comments By: Bosyboots` on 2008-09-13
Its only Live Yoghurt that has the necessary bacteria to get shot of some, and only some problems. For example, if you have a sore throat, mouth ulcers, just sit and eat a live yoghurt, put a teaspoon in your mouth at a time, and take as long as you can to eat it all, resting each spoonful in your mouth for a good while!

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