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Melted Crayon removed from tumble dryer

Submitted by Keva

Hi. Yesterday I went through a bit of a crisis with 10 pairs of jeans, a permanent crayon, and the dryer. I amazingly found a great solution and wanted to share it with some websites.

So, To remove crayon from clothing that has gone through the dryer with it:

1. Purchase Oxyclean, Zout stain remover (blue bottle) and regular laundry detergent. 

2. Fill up the washer with desired amount of HOT water and mix in a few capfuls of the oxyclean. The bottle of Zout is actually for small stain removal but I put about a 1/4 of the bottle in the wash with it. Also, add the detergent. 

3. Add the clothing and let the washer agitate for as long as possible. Let the clothing soak for about a half an hour. Repeat twice. Let the clothing soak for a few hours. 

4. Finally let the waher finish the cycle. 

5. Fill the washer up once again and let the clothing go through one more regular cycle. (this is not required. I only did it to be sure that all the soap got out of the clothing.)

6. Put clothes in dryer checking for any more crayons!

Ta-da! They almost look brand new! Honestly I wish I had taken before and after photos because it is truly unbelievable! Please share this advice with your site viewers. Also, Remember that the crayon that got melted onto my clothes was a permanent crayon, so regular crayons should definitely come out with this method!

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