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Junket tablets for a tummy bug

Submitted by Christie

I recently had suspected salmonella. After taking as many commercial tablets as I was allowed in 24 hours, in 8 hours, I was still "firing from both ends". I took two Junket tablets and within 10 minutes felt that my tummy had settled down. After an hour or so, I could actually eat something.

This is the best home remedy I think I have ever been given.

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Junket Comments By: kathklean on 2006-08-27
What is junket, I'll try it next time if I can get some info on it, Thanks

TipKing says: I had a look on wikipedia and came up with this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junket_(dessert)

junket tablet remedy Comments By: Peter Burgess on 2007-07-02

where can I buy junket tabs please - no one seems to know!

TipKing says: Other than the wiki page I listed in the earlier reply I have never heard of them. Sorry not to have been any more help

vegetarian junket Comments By: kate on 2007-07-18
I'm searching for vegetarian junket.junket tablets contain rennet which is some part of a cow.veggie junket crystals were available but I can't source them currently & yes if you can get hold of some its really soothing for upset stomachs!
Junket tablets Comments By: David D on 2008-03-02
I have heard a cube of jelly is the thing to take.
Junket info Comments By: Kelly on 2008-05-17
While searching for a ice cream recipe, I came across the term "junket" and did a bit of research. Here is a link that explains what it is and how it came to used in todays cooking. http://www.oldandsold.com/articles06/groceries-29.shtml. Search for "Junket". Also here is a site that might address the vegetarian aspect of junket. http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/cheese/rennet/rennet.html Hope this helps
how do you take them? Comments By: Ann on 2008-10-03
sounds good but how do you take them?

do you mix with water or just take them.

junket tablets for slimmimg and tummy bug Comments By: mezza c on 2011-08-19
junket is availiable at most big supermarkets.

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