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Heat - hair dryer to stop the itch of a mosquito bite

Submitted by Pamela L. Grieger

To stop the itch associated with a mosquito bite: Using a handheld hair dryer, apply as much heat as you can tolerate to the mosquito bite for at least 30 seconds. You may feel a sharp stinging in the precise area of the mosquito bite. Just hang in there. 

This method provides the same tried-and-true benefits as applying a hot washcloth (see the tip entitled "Heat" in the Health:Home Remedies:Mosquito Bites category), but using a hair dryer allows precise control of the amount of heat applied and is more convenient than heating a washcloth, especially if you have multiple bites.

Visitors comments

Relief!!! Comments By: Jane T on 2007-09-09
Tried this on my 11 huge bites & at last relief! It does sting but afterwards it's worth it. It has lasted 6 hours & am going to do them again now -unbroken sleep tonight at last
bad 1s Comments By: sophie on 2007-09-17
mine are massive n were i av scratched them dev cut
Hehe Comments By: Ryan on 2009-06-28
Well... duno if the burn hurts more than the itch but I guess it has gone :D

Try it out =P

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Hot tea! Comments By: caroline on 2009-07-21
I press a hot cup of tea against my bites. Have to let the tea cool for a few mins first or it really would burn! Then I press the cup on the bite until it gets hotter and stings a bit until I can bear it no more... then the itch is gone, relief! If the tea is not hot enough it will not produce the burny/stingy sensation that cures the itch. Too hot and it'll just burn and damage your skin. There is an optimum temperature!
heat works Comments By: Nancy H. on 2010-08-27
I discovered this type by accident, having exhausted a dozen other remedies both home and from the drug store While drying my hair the heat hit the bites on the back of my neck and instantly made them feel better. I heat my bites a couple time a day ... but having had 30 bites over the summer it is worth the trouble for relief.

Simple & convenient heat source. Comments By: Mikey on 2010-09-02
Make a cup of tea - dip teaspoon in tea - remove & instantly put back of spoon against bite - (might sting a bit) but blessed relief from itching!
PS to WORKS WORKS WORKS! Comments By: jf on 2010-09-04
In a prior post, I mentioned that I thought the heat broke down the body's histamines, and that's what provided the itch relief, but i read elsewhere that it could be the heat breaks down the mosquito digestive enzyme...would love to know which it is.
at last!!!! Comments By: jojo on 2010-09-10
yeay! got about 40 bites while out fishing with my boyfriend tonite,all over my bum and legs,they got me through my leggings!! Just made myself a cuppa after reading the heat tip on here, armed with my very hot spoon pressed it on my worst,most itchy bites and hey presto, not completely itch free but so much more bearable and I got a nice cuppa tea out of it aswel!!
Oh my god! Thank you!!! Comments By: Liz from Warrington on 2010-09-23
This is the best cure for itching know to man! I cannot believe I have suffered for years with itchy, swollen bites(like tennis balls) and this has just cured them in seconds! Please, please, please try this tip(and put up with the bit of pain that comes with heat)because you will not regret it!!! 15 bites later ....no itch!!!!!
amazing Comments By: anon on 2011-04-10
Really does hurt when putting hairdryer over my cluster of 20 bites. But worth it. All the money I have wasted on pills and creams . Thank you hairdryer
Barbra Gordon Comments By: Barbra Gordon on 2011-08-30
I have crazy thick hair that tends to run on the fuzzy side. I use Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Portectant because you CAN physically see the hair being sealed. My hairdresser is on strict orders to let me know if my hair starts drying out (so I can stop with the iron). She says it's fine. And since she doesn't sell me the thermal protector, I believe her.

Shielo hair leave in protector works great on my hair. You can clearly see the spray protecting your hair from the heat. My hair is really thin and my sisters hair is extremely thick and it works great on both our hair.


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