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Cold Sore Cure that works!

This process combines a lot of different cures however, used together can eradicate that cold sore before it even gets a chance to see the light of day! Firstly, get some Zovirax (or any other cream containing the drug aciclovir) and spread over the entire effected area. Call you doc and get a prescription for tablets also containing the same drug Aciclovir (just tell the doc u keep getting cold sores and the creams don't work and a prescription will be ready in no time!) 

Next, stop by a chemist and buy some witch hazel on your way to work. Apply this to the area an hour after the Zovirax, and once every hour until your next application of Zovirax 4 hours later. OK, your now in work - go and make yourself some tea but keep the teabag! Go back to your desk and place the warm teabag against the effected area for around 20-30 mins. 

The tannic acid in the bag kills the virus almost instantly while the Zovirax and Witch Hazel prevents development and also stops the virus in its tracks. Use the Zovirax every 4 hours or so, applying the Witch Hazel every hour in between for 2-3 days, while also popping your Aciclovir tablets from the doc as prescribed and I promise your cold sore will never really be visible, will not develop into a painful sore, and will not leave you embarrassed to be seen in public with everyone knowing you have herpes on your lip!

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