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Olive oil Dry hair repair

Submitted by Sheila

Heat enough oil in a cup over hot water, and then apply it liberally to your hair. Cover with a plastic bath cap, wrap in a hot towel and leave for 30 to 40 minutes. Then shampoo as normal and rinse thoroughly.

Visitors comments

Im not sure the results last Comments By: HairJunKie on 2004-08-31
First of all it made my hair stink something awful! Secondly, while my hair seemed softer and less dry, the results did not last more than three days!
dry hair repair Comments By: Real Hair Junkie on 2006-02-20
Well, you do have to do this regularly to get more than three days worth of shiny, less dry hair. Plus, your hair shouldn't stink if you rinse out the oil properly.
I can vouch for this one Comments By: CR on 2006-05-09
High quality extra virgin olive oil works wonders. I've found it works better than any hair conditioner and NO it does not stink if you have fresh olive oil. Don't use the stuff that's been in your pantry for over a year. Yeah, it will stink and you will lose those hair softening and strengthening beneficial properties.
THIS IS GOOD ADVICE Comments By: Erica on 2006-09-30
This is no joke.
I am african american so my hair needs a little more moister, and my skin too.
I was a product junkie. WAS!!!!
Now I use olive oil on my har nails and skin.
mind you in the past I had 10 product each. 10 for nail 10 for hair and so many more for my skin.
I use olive oil on my hair, I don't even rinse it out.
I put it on my face right after I put fresh squeezed lemon juice on.
I spray it on my body right before I dry off.
I get so many compliments that I just put all the other stuff in the garbage.

I HAD BLEACH BLONDE *RUINED, & DAMAGED HAIR* Comments By: C. Colangelo on 2006-11-11
I had this great, but idiotic idea that I wanted to be blonde! Well needless to say I'm a Brunette, but I had the imagination of NATURAL BLONDE looking!! I BLEACHED IT......3 TIMES!!! Thanks to my olive oil, and Pantene...my hair is no longer fried and damaged!!! I bleached 3 times, died it back 2 times, in a matter of 3 nights!!! Back to my lucious Brunette and healthy hair!!! NO BLEACHING LADIES!!!! I was FRIED!!
Olive Oil Comments By: TEdwards on 2010-03-30
I am a true beliver in Olive Oil for heathly hair treatment. I use to wear extensions in my hair and my hair was broken off and damage. I started using Olive Oil on my hair and scalp, now my hair is past my shoulders and shiny, healthy, and no split ends. I love Olive Oil and I will always use it.

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