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Offensive foot and/or shoe odor

Some really nasty foot odors are caused by bacteria that colonize the shoes & are transferred to the foot. Wash affected shoes in mild bleach solution in washer. Rinse feet in peroxide while standing in shower. It kills the odor causing bacteria. Do it daily until you've cleaned all pairs of malodorous shoes.

If bleach sounds too harsh, you can rinse the inside of the shoes with peroxide & let dry thoroughly before wearing.

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Better use insoles to keep your feet dry. Comments By: Martini on 2009-05-24
Ok, washing is important. But it's more important to keep your feet dry! In most cases moisture (sweat) is the reason for smelly feet. So you better use medical insoles to cure the problem. I prefer Zederna insoles because they are made from antifungal cedarwood which also prevent athlete's foot.

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