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Fast Relief from Period Pain!

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

Lay flat on your back near a wall. Put the a pillow under your bum and lower back. Put your legs straight in the air on the wall. Make sure your bum is pressed up against the wall and your back and head is completely flat. You can do this on the bed or on the floor. 3 seconds that pain is gone. And if you take Motrin with an 8oz glass of water before you do this you will be fine for the whole day.

Visitors comments

yoga move Comments By: la on 2006-10-25
the best yoga move i ever did was lying on your back except with a large wooden block placed under the small of your back (prob about 6 inches hig) the relief i felt from this position was amazing ..... hopwever i dont know anything about yoga or whether this is safe or not... does nayone know? it felt great on period cramps
Period Comments By: Mary on 2008-04-01
I find th best way to cure period pain is with a hot water bottle, and then- as you said- putting your legs up on the wall.
i also curl up and push my legs towards my chest.

period pain Comments By: adrian on 2009-07-21
good help thanks
period pain :(( Comments By: Laura on 2009-08-30
My Period Pain is so bad!! i find having a feminax tablet (which i recommend to girls alot) Then have a warm drink with a hot water bottle..I dont no anyone who gets the same pains as me. I used to be stuck in curled up and not being like everyone else out and about! I Truely recommend this Girls..
excersise Comments By: Esther on 2009-09-14
i get the worstttttt period pains, i feel like in child birth lool, but the best thing to do is excersies get up and hard core dance, this is before the big pain kicks in, you then eat a good snack like a sandwich and take two painkillers with a hot water bottle
scroutching position Comments By: mariah on 2010-07-13
Lay on the ground, back flat ,and legs bent but not all the way up to your stomache. Make sure that your hands stay flat on ground surface, then next try to slowly scroutch your legs as tight as you can towards your stomache, than slowly lay your legs flat on the ground ,and do it over three times. If this type of yoga doesnt help , go in bed and scroutch your legs on a pillow, put a hot water bottle on, and take a nap.
:/ Comments By: jess :) on 2011-01-16
i tried doing as said above but it didnt help i get severe stomach pains and i end up collapsong and being sick from them, i tried feminax but it has aspirin in it and i think i reacted to it as i ended up being rushed to hospital. i find when im close to unconciousness ill lay down in the middle of the floor on my tummy and have a hot water bottle under my tummy and one on my backj and i normally have one lef bent towards my chest like the recovery position.
So didn't work Comments By: Me on 2011-08-15
I tried this - looked stupid and felt worse. Waste of time.

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