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Thrush in babies mouths. Take it from a mother of 4

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

Go to the nearest health food store and buy "GLYCERIN". Take a ball of cotton and wrap it around the tip of your finger. Put of blob of Glycerin on the cotton ball that's wrapped on the tip of your finger and rub your baby's gums and tongue. It will clean the Thrush off immediately! Do this once a day with 4oz of pure water to drink and your baby will never have thrush again. 

Glycerin is completely eatable and natural. FOR ADULTS: If your tongue is white. Put some on your tooth brush and scrub your tongue. I will come back to its original colour PINK!! So please DO NOT put harsh chemicals in your baby's mouths such as "DISHWASHING LIQUID" that is dangerous cause God know you don't brush YOUR teeth with it!

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glyceryn doesn't work as fast as told Comments By: Christi on 2007-10-01
hello, my baby had gotten a bit of thrush on her tongue and the inside of her lips,I used glycerin,it didn't take it off immediately,but took some of it off.I had to put it on her toothbrush and brush it off her tongue.still there is a bit of thrush I couldn't get off.

thanks for the help.


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