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Time saving recipe - pork

Submitted by Cheryl

Putting a pork roast in the crock pot on low, with the pot filled over the meat with water, I add a large can of saurkraut. I set the crock on low all day. 

After school, when everyone is hungry, I whip up some of my favorite mashed potatoes (from a box of course) and gravy. 

Add a can of vegetables that everyone loves and you have a full course meal in under 20 minutes worth of work!

The pork can be eaten like it is, on a sandwich with gravy, on a bun with lettuce and tomotoes or just anyway you like it.

Visitors comments

Wow does that sound gooood! Comments By: Miss Rachet on 2004-11-26
I do an oven dish with pork chops and sauerkraut, slow baked all afternoon. But yours is much easier and can be left all day unattended.

Don't you love to come home after being out all day and smell a savory dinner all cooked and waiting? I have two crockpots -- different sizes -- and am thinking about one of the newer ones where you can program the cooking time. Like 3 hours on Hi, 4 hours on Lo, then Warm.

Sometimes I use the two I have now at the same time. Potatos/veggies in one, meat in the other so I don't cook the vegetables to death waiting for the meat to be done.

Thanks for the recipe!


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