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Quick remedy for a sty

Submitted by Marilyn

With a cotton swab, dab a bit of BABY SHAMPOO on the sty and follow with warm compresses. Start as soon as the sty is evident and it should be okay within 2 days.

This is the standard method in our family and was given to my daughter-in-law by her pediatrician.

Visitors comments

No shampoo for me Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-16
Baby shampoo is not supposed to irritate the eyes but still would not try it
BABY SHAMPOO WORKS Comments By: anon on 2008-02-24
worked by opthalmologist who also recommended this
it does Comments By: michelle on 2008-02-27
it does work ok so stop ur crying ok
Woah Comments By: Arnoldi! on 2008-09-05
i do not know if i have a sty, because i poked my eye yesterday and today it swelled up, if it is a sty i will use this method. My bro said it would work
yea it does Comments By: stan on 2008-09-08
this works i tried it it was gone in an hour! =]
Whatever Comments By: Massive max on 2009-02-10
What a load of b*****ks...!
Willing to try anything!! Comments By: Judi B on 2009-07-15
My hubby just emailed me this so I will try it. At this stage anything is better than nothing, which is what my chemist told me! Its killing me and I look like a puffer fish! An old wives tail is torub a gold ring on it which I did. Didnt help at all!
thanks! Comments By: Scottye on 2009-07-21
Another home remedy success! Thanks everyone for their input. The bsby shampoo worked great.
ouch! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-29
Who ever said baby shampoo doesnt hurt the eyes, is definatly full of bulls***! But, the swelling has gone down, now Im just working on getting rid of the pain. Still sensitive to touch or blink, but atleast its not puffy, right?
Miracle Worker Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-20
I get sties all of the time and this is what I use to get rid of them. Works every time.

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