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HVP-1, Cold Sore, Fever Blister KILL THE GERM!

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

I've got one word "LEMON". Lemon kills bacteria. It is the best germ killer ever. Natural and safe as God indented. If the blister is not open, pop it with something sterilized with rubbing alcohol and remove the fluid. Cut two small pieces of lemon. Take the first piece and clean the whole area. Take the second piece and tape it to the open sore and sleep with it on. The next day use Carmex Lip Balm.

You can even clean your entire mouth with "Glycerin" on a cotton ball so that the germs in your mouth don't feed the already on going infection. HVP-1 is a sign that your immune system is weak due to heavy toxins in the body. Research "Lemon Master Cleanse". Seek the power of lemon. LIVE HEALTHY!!

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Bacteria vs Virus Comments By: Stephen on 2007-12-04
HVP-1 (Cold Sore) is a *virus* not bacteria. There is a big difference.
not bacteria Comments By: jure on 2008-02-29
yeh, the lemon idea is stupid.. anything counteracting bacteria will do nothing. you can speed the process along by dehydrating the blisters. If you wish to burst them, keep in mind that the liquid is filled with the virus, so you don't want it touching any other skin. Try it with a tissue so that the tissue soaks it up as soon as it bursts, then throw the tissue away.
Lemon works! Comments By: Zapata on 2009-06-21
Whatever the method of action is, I have used lemon to stop the outbreak in its tracks several times now. I found the info on another website, and have been using it for years. Before that I would get breakouts that last for weeks, and have scabs and discoloration for a month or more. After lemons, the sores don't even break anymore, just hard lumps under the skin. No breakage, no scabs, no scars. Lemon for the win!
Lemon Lemon Lemon Comments By: Wayner Day Saints on 2009-07-18
Lemon is true. It dries this soars right out. But it depends certain people get different kinds of Cold Sores. Like little bubbles or one big one it depends. I just got one and i put Lemon on it then Savex. I wipe the Savex off then apply lemon and Savex again. I rinse and repeat this through the day. Then when i pop the little bubbles there pretty much just fall right off. Then its just little open sores. I apply more Lemon then bacterial ointment to stop any infection for a nasty ass scab.
hmmmm........... Comments By: GaZzA on 2009-08-23
firstly, i have always suffered with them from the age of 2, i am now 13 and get them at least once every 3 weeks, it is so embarrassing going to school with them cus people look at you and think you are wierd, i have tried all the creams and all i want is for them to go away the next day, secondly, lemons....... nah, tried it before doesnt work, any suggestions that actually work cus i get so depressed over them.
Tip for Gazza Comments By: anon on 2009-09-15
You've probably tried this already, but taking Lysine supplements has really helped me. I used to get cold sores that would last a week or so, and look really ugly, but since I've started they've mostly been very small - pretty much unnoticable to others - and tend to disappear within a day or so, without ever bursting. Every now and then i do get full blown 5-day icky ones, but that's very rare.
At the moment I take 2 1000mg tablets a day, and then bunch during an outbreak, although i'm not sure how safe that is :\ hope this helps.

My home remedy!! Comments By: Da Misterious on 2009-12-06
when i feel the tingling, i know its happening again, usually starts at midnight...here are some do's and don'ts:
Do: wash hands and infected area with soap, tap dry (never rub) with paper towel, gently apply witch hazel with 1 side of a q tip and allow to dry, with other side of q tip apply gently a small amount of Noxema untill afected area is fully covered...thats it!! Go back to bed and wake up without swelling! Repeat atleast twice a day next day but i garantee it wont swell or spread or even get crusty and yellow. in 24 hours you would even forget you had an outbreak. Noxema cools the area, if you live in the tropics like me, having a fan in your face will help the cooling sensation..keep the area dry at all times, to help keep area dry and non visible to nosey people who notices open a capsule of any antibiotic, i use amoxil, dip and apply with q tip, remember always softly and gently.

Don'ts: Please don't rub, pop or touch infected area it would only make it swell, spread and crust, trust me...avoid hot showers for a long period of time, the humidity makes it get soft causing the scab to fall off leaving a red bloody ugly hole which will cause not to heal sooner. when showering leave infected area for last, avoid wetting till you're ready to wash area, slowly and slightly rub soap for 1 minute and keep body away when you rinse the area so other parts of your body won't get infected, especially your private parts...when dryin never use a towel, that would make it spread troughout your body and even hurt the area making it worst, use paper towel and discard after use. keep the infected area DRY after Removing Noxema. Avoid sun exposure, dispose all used q tips, paper towel etc. after being used, never use your towel to dry infected area, dont kiss anyone or share cups, spoons forks ect, to avoid infecting anyone else...and please do avoid oral sex which will result in genital herpes.
Hope i helped enough...oh and lemon can be used every night on lips to avoid new breakouts, Yes it does, just squeeze two drops of pure lemon juice and apply to any area that breaksout....

its crap Comments By: saraxoxo on 2010-04-04
i have a nasty one right now and i think you should leave it DRY put nothing on it ..it will be gone in 5 or 6 days ewwwwww they r soooo nasty
best home remedy Comments By: Dale on 2010-04-15
My best home remedy is ABREVA. no swelling or soreness. If you get it on there right away it wont bust & get ugly yellow crusties & most of all, it wont be sore!! Abreva dries clear too.
The only other option is goto the doctor!
Carmex, many many many steps below ABREVA. If you have no money at all, go with Carmex $2.00 vs ABREVA $20.00 (but its worth it!)

How can I rell Comments By: Brandon on 2010-12-09
How can I telll if it's just a cold sore or if I actually have like Herpes--Herpes?
Herbes is a virus - Cold sores or Fever blister. Comments By: Rosita on 2011-01-25
Cold sores are not nice for anyone.
Go to your pharmacy and keep it on hand.
I buy "Acitop" it's a cream I've been using fo years. There are others you can get depending what your pharmacy has. once you feel the tingling sensation on your lips rub it on immediately, keep putting it on every couple of hours, it kills the virus. Unless if your cold sore has already come out nothing really helps, wait until it blister then using a tissue pop the blister carefully with a needle that has been sterilized or by burning the end of it, then clean it off Unfortunately one must wait a week for the blister to go through it's course. There is nothing one can do, except put on some "Spirits of Camphor" to dry the blister within that time. You can also get that at your pharmacy.

Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Heather on 2011-03-03
I've been getting cold sores forever. I only get them when my lips get really chapped. I've tried lysine, pineapple, lemon, abreva, herpacin-L, everything you can think of. I read online somewhere to use rubbing alcohol and a pimple cream. So as soon as I feel one coming on I wet a piece of cotton, toilet paper, or papertowel with rubbing alcohol and put it on there. Then I put ice on after that to bring any swelling down. The next day if it's still there I take a sterile needle and pop any small bump there might be, using another paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe it clean. Then I wash it with Dial unscented antibacterial soap and pat dry. Apply more rubbing alcohol and let the soaked tissue sit on it. After about 15 minutes I put on a pimple drying cream. It helps keep it dried out. If you are going in public then skip the pimple cream. The rubbing alcohol solution works great. It does dry out the rest of your lip if you get it anywhere but the cold sore. I just keep applying the I haven't gotten a full blown coldsore in 2 years since i've started doing this.

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