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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

Visitors comments

?????? Comments By: anon on 2010-02-02
I'm thinking about doing this but I have a question first,I keep hearing eveybody say that thier bud hurts when inflamed, mine does not, just enlarged, don't like the way it looks. I have eaten alot of salty thing lately, maybe I should wait a few days and see if it goes down. Anybody else with the same bud???
Def Works Comments By: purplehaze on 2010-02-02
Just did it...Didnt even hurt. Sweet!
Sweet Relief!!!!! Comments By: Hometownhero740 on 2010-02-05
I got on here desperate for a solution. Needless to say, the positive reviews were enough so I'm typing this with a Washcloth in my mouth to stop the bleeding. Uugh. I think both of mine were on arteries!!!!! But I used litocane to deaden the area and snipped them away painlessly. Instant relief. By the way, these things have kept me up the past 2 nights... These things are miserable, and this is coming from a man who wrecked a motorcycle last year and shattered a FEMUR!!! Lol. Do it NOW. You won't regret it. Although u do need to use some good mouthwash after it stops bleeding to prevent infection.
OMG It works!! Comments By: Rhonda on 2010-02-05
Just tried it and it worked!!! I was suffering for days! I used a big nail clipper that had alcohol on it. Pain is all gone! :0)
Alcohol doesn't sterilize. Comments By: Daki on 2010-02-12
Hate to burst everyone's alcohol sterlizes stuff buzz, but it doesn't. Alcohol will disinfect (Kill most) but will not sterilize (Kill all). Most people are comfortable with those chances, but some aren't. So I hope those nail clippers you're using are brand spanking new or else.
It's always worked for me Comments By: Sussan on 2010-02-15
I never thought about using nail clippers though. I've jst always bitten the swollen bud off with my teeth. But once you bite it off the pain is gone and you forget about it.
Feels Much better!! Comments By: Kelly on 2010-02-16
I was so scared to cut off my taste bud, but I did it!! It's a little pinch and it feels much better than before. It's still a little tender much much better!!
Shockingly enough...its works!!! Comments By: Not Pain-free...yet on 2010-02-18
I'm at work right now and I have maybe 3 irritated taste buds in the same general area. I've dealt with these reoccuring suckers for as long as I can remember so I desperately searched this morniing and came across these postings. I read nearly all of them and finally got up the courage to go to the bathroom and rip them off with my long fingernails (I washed my hands throughly). I was able to pull one off, pain subsided but still there because of the other 2 that were left behind. During lunch I'm going to go get some tweezers and oragel so I can be rid of these nasty buggers once and for all. I believe it works because of how the pain decreased with one less irritated taste bud.
Also, after I ripped the one out, I put some of my prescribed oral paste [Triamcinolone Acetonide...prescribed for oral lesions (canker sores)] to help along with the healing process.

IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: pain free on 2010-03-04
I am glad to know I am not the only one who does this! I have done this for years. I does work!!!
Yup, it works. Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-14
i just pulled mine out a couple of seconds ago. i was skeptical at first, i just grabbed it with my nails and pulled it out. hurts the same as when you touch the bump with your teeth. bleeds a little and it feels a LOT better.
just do it.

its not that big of a deal haha
if youre scared, just wait it out.

but yea, it works.

Sterilize after Comments By: SunflowerSally on 2010-03-14
I clip the little buggers. I eat sunflower seeds and I think the salt causes the swelling. Whatever the cause, I clip then saturate the area with alcohol...preferably gin.
They trouble me no more after that! :)

YOU ARE CRAZY PEOPLE Comments By: not a crazy person on 2010-03-15
what are you thinking that is crazy C.R.A.Z.Y that is nasty how do you get swollen Taste Bud??? do not clip off your swollen Taste Bud ok!!!
I just did it! Comments By: Carrie on 2010-03-18
INSTANT RELIEF: I used oragel & numbed it, used Listerine. Sterilized the clippers (new ones). Tried the tweezer method, hurt. Did the clippers. 10 sec of blood, no pain, instant relief from the pain I had had all day. Woo Hoo. Rinsed again. All better Not even sore.
and the moral of the story is... Comments By: shocked on 2010-04-02
The internet can be a dangerous tool for those who are stupid.

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