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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

Visitors comments

I wish I had known about this years ago...
after reading the above posts, I tried it. Comments By: kimdracula on 2010-12-23
Seriously. I'm terrified of pain, and my tongue feels great now. I use a small pair of clippers and rinsed with sea salt water for 10 min after.
Thanks guys!

I clip mine also Comments By: Morgan on 2010-12-20
I also keep them all the time and they hurt so bad! I was up all night with mine aggravating me so i just took a little pair of nail clippers and clipped it and its gone (: No pain anymore and my tongue is just fine.. Im glad to know im not the only one that does this lol
just do it Comments By: jeremy on 2010-12-25
i used needle nose tweezers and just pinched mine at the base of the swelling. held it there for all of 4 seconds, couldn't even feel it, i let go to see if i was going to bleed and realized the bud was already off from pinching it with the tweezers. no blood, and i seriously cant feel it at all. like new.
Pain is gone and I can eat again!!!!! Comments By: Lys on 2010-12-25
I just tried it for the first time. I had one on the tip of my tongue so it was really uncomfortable to eat or even just to have my tongue in my mouth. It's been about a week and I was fed up so I read the stuff here and decided to try it out. I just grabbed an ice cube, a paper towel, and sterilized the little scissors on my pocket knife. I was expecting it to hurt, but it didn't at all AND I didn't have any bleeding. There was no clean up and the pain that has been keeping me from wanting to eat and even from sleeping disappeared as soon as I clipped it off. Now I can rub my tongue on my teeth if I want and I can't even tell that it was ever there. YAY! ^_^
awesome Comments By: Ranger on 2010-12-22
i just did it about 5 seconds ago for the first time then i looked it up to see if anything would happen i just used my nails now the pains completely gone
Very Happy Tongue... Comments By: Happy in Wisconsin on 2010-12-29
I read up about this cause this has never happened to me before.. The front side of my tongue had a swollen taste bud and it hurt soooo bad.. It has been like this for a week.. I saw all your reviews and said what the heck i'll try it and sure enough it worked awesome. Bled a little but my tongue hurts waaaay less then what it did. ^.^ So happy now...
I do this all the time Comments By: kevlar on 2010-12-29
I can't even believe I found this. I love the interwebs. This has worked for me every time and I even use nail clippers too. I don't rinse or clean prior and always successful. Pain is instatly gone and I feel better. So much better than the dang annoying swollen bud. Better off gone
i think its easisest to bite them Comments By: mike on 2011-01-11
usually i jus manage to trap them inbetween my fron teethe and bite them off, just do it quick may hurt for a whiel but soreness goes away after a hour or so :)
me 2! Comments By: dru on 2011-01-08
its sooooo annoying to deal with it. so after i had mine a few times i just got pissed saw it and ripped it right off. it hurt for maybe an hour but its better than hurting for a few days.
first few comments Comments By: bio major on 2011-01-09
just so you know, wounds such as cuts and things, in your mouth heal quicker than most other places in the body. calm down.
This is worth it! Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-14
I tried clipping off a swollen tastebud after reading the comments, since it had been bothering me for a few days. I numbed it first with OralB, then rinsed with Listerine, and cleaned the clippers with alcohol (as many suggest in their posts). I clipped it just enough to make it flush with my tongue. I didn't gouge it out or anything, so it didn't even bleed. The pain went away IMMEDIATELY! I was nervous to do it, but it was SO worth it. Now I can eat, talk, etc. with no pain.
chill peeps Comments By: Vi on 2011-01-16
clipping it will give you relief, as long as you sterilze and only clip the ONE bud you'll be fine. taste buds grow back everytime they need too, think about if you burn your tounge. guess what, just killed all those taste buds. but it heals riiight? yea cause new ones grew back. like skin. and you wont get an infection from this because if the bacteria is already in your mouth, its in your body. ive done this and it works especially when youre allergic to oragel like me
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Melly on 2011-01-16
i done all the steps someone posted without reading em lol it was just common sense to dry your tongue and stuff. but it was bothering me ALL day and within a minute it was all gone.. no blood or nothing!
Are you serious? Comments By: Dr.Anna Stewart on 2011-01-18

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