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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

Visitors comments

NO. Comments By: Jordan on 2011-03-08
This did not work. Made my taste bud swell even bigger.
NO. Comments By: Jordan on 2011-03-08
This did not work. Made my taste bud swell even bigger.
I'm Trying This Tonight Comments By: Sasha on 2011-03-11
This whole time I thought I had like a cluster of little 'canker sores' on the tip of my tongue, but now I'm thinking it's these!! Everyone saying NOT to clip them and to use numbing agents OBVIOUSLY don't get them that badly. These hurt to the point where my day is ruined and the numbing stuff gets so addicting I have to use it every 30 seconds for it to work. I have had these my whole life. Time to find a fix.
best advice I can think of.... Comments By: jaybird on 2011-03-09
Too funny... everything from dietary and hygiene advice to the suggestion of heart problems due to removing/pinching/snipping an irritated taste bud. My favorite is "I'm old school - I use my WWII bayonet to scape off the invader, then feed it to the cat." I laughed at that one.

I used a good pair of tweezers and just carefully pinched the white part that was irritated. No blood, no pain, and now my tongue is fine.

Seriously, if you are going to DIY then be smart; clean whatever you use and do not cut into the flesh of your tongue. If you're looking in the mirror and thinking "I really shouldn't be doing this" then don't! Go see a doctor, simple as that.

WOW! I can sleep tonight! Comments By: Poofaloof on 2011-03-13
I started to get one on the tip of my tongue a few nights ago and was bummed because I've gotten this swollen tastebuds before and they hurt. I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night with FOUR HUGE SWOLLEN painful ones, instead of just the one I had! For TWO DAYS I suffered. I brushed them, bit them, gargled, used orajel. I could hardly eat and tonight I couldn't even sleep the pain was so bad. I read up on this and decided I had had enough. I grabbed some newer finger nail clippers, dipped them in alcohol, lit the tip on fire, blew it out and went to town. I clipped a few innocent bystanders in the process and I only got half of one of them off, but the pain was reduced from a 10 to a 2 now. SO MUCH RELIEF! If I had had the time, I would have gone to the doctor and done this properly but at 11PM at night when I have to be up at 5AM, I'm obviously not going to be making that trip. Now I can sleep and possibly eat again.
IT SO WORKS Comments By: ~kizzes~ on 2011-03-21
Yes this totally works i hv had a swollen taste bud 4 over 1 yr and a half -_- and boy oh boy tht sucked so much it kept hitting my teeth made me uncomfortable....i used to pick at it and hoped it go away then i researched this n saw people bite it off so one night i couldnt take it anymore and i jus watched tht sucked n bit it off i used a napkin to apply pressure 2 my tongue bleed a little then i brushed my teeth again and garggled salt water and i was pain free after so happy!!!!!
Just clip it Comments By: Harold on 2011-03-21
My bud was toward the tip of my tongue and it was agitating me for about a week I gargled some mouthwash cleaned my nail clipper with alcohol, got right underneath the bud and clipped it. I felted a quick sting but it left after 1 second, no biggie.
Clipping taste buds Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-21
I have done it for years myself and it works so well. It doesn't hurt at all after it's gone. I recommend it to everyone. Those little things are a pain in the rear. I will do it forever.
Dirty mouth? Clean it up! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
They're not always related to a dirty mouth, sometimes it's because you've been eating alot of salty or acidic things, anyway, rinse with hydrogen peroxide a couple times a day and they go away after a day or two. Peroxide is a primary ingredient in toothpaste, and is recommended as a mouthwash anyway.
Don't clip it off!!! Comments By: Teddydee on 2011-03-25
I had a problem with a node on the right side of my tongue. SO Painful!! I read all the comments about clipping it off. You don't have to clip if off. Just use Listerine. Swoosh it in your mouth for about a minute, or until you can't take the strength of it, and whalla, it just falls off!! Try this, and no more pain.
Dosent Work Comments By: anon on 2011-04-06
i get spots on my tongue all the time and i normally end up cutting or biting them off but when it heals they are still there so it just causes more pain, but i would suggest using a mouth cream like iglu or bonjela and taking paracetamol... works for me, but if you do try cutting it off have tissue on hand and act like its a shaving cut. also sticking you tounge out to dry it out helps if you have no paracetamol to hand!
swollen taste bud Comments By: anon on 2011-04-01
It is most likely from biting your tongue, eating something hot or an allergic reaction. In my case it was a few bites of pineapple which got worse by everything I ate later. I've had this paid for serveral days and even considered cutting them off as suggested here. However, that seems pretty extreme so I finally popped a couple allergy pills and I am already starting to feel better. (Took me a while to figure out what it was from.)
wait it out Comments By: anonymous on 2011-04-01
Don't clip pieces Off your tongue off. Whoever said that your body is used to the bacteria in your mouth, that might be so, but an open wound is WAY more susceptible to infection. You think those bumps are painful? Try having an infection in your tongue! People, don't try to play doctor at home, get some oragel, lay off the acidic food and please PLEASE keep sharp objects away from your tongue!
Awesome! Comments By: Courtney on 2011-04-04
Thank you to all the people who posted! I brushed my teeth first, then rinsed with Listerine a couple of times before clipping it off! (Of course I sterilized the clippers with alcohol for several minutes.) Then, after I clipped it off, I rinsed thoroughly with Listerine a few more times.
TOTALLY WORKED!! It was a breeze! :0)

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