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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

Visitors comments

DUDE that sounds really painfull and i have done a reaserch project on the tounge and it is only swollen cus u have had to much salt or u bit it. DO NOT cut it off you will loose thousands of taste buds cus the little bumps are papilie again DO NOT your are hurting your self
Nail clippers are for little girls Comments By: Waddlebottom on 2009-02-03
I'm old school - I use my WWII bayonet to scape off the invader, then feed it to the cat.
Unbelieveable controversy - small problem Comments By: DEXTER on 2009-02-03
Just goes ta show ya - there's always two sides to the coin. I just leave mine alone and they go away. Small problem, no worries.
One Now Comments By: NAY on 2009-02-05
Poked & clipped it! Comments By: Bunsai Bunny on 2009-02-07
I sterilized a pin and poked the swelling, took it down a bit and then I clipped it off! It bleed the smallest amount and then stopped. The pain that I was having went away, it is slightly sensative, but not like it was. It feels so much better now! If you do try this be careful too only clip the tip, or you could clip more then expected, giving you the feeling of biting your tongue! Good luck & I hope ya feel better! :-)
cut it off!! Comments By: Marie on 2009-02-08
I have been clipping my swollen taste buds off for years.....never had an infection or problem, and the pain relief is always instantaneous!! You can rinse with Listerine afterwards if it makes you feel better, but it won't get infected, unless you are lopping off half your tongue instead of just a taste bud!!
Been doing this for years Comments By: Dehumanized Dead Girl on 2009-02-12
In my family we call these "lie bumps" we were told if you lie you get them. I have them all the time! Mainly from meds I take. They are so painfull! and all day long I am picking at it with my teeth. So, one day I took a needle and poked it until it bled! Bad idea right? Well, the damn little thing went away overnight, after being there for three weeks! Now, I take clean tweezers to 'em and pop em like zits and AHHH! instant relief! I talked to my doctor about this and she said, thought most doctors would say " DO NOT DO THAT! " she said since there is no medical thing she can due to ease the discomfort, to go ahead and do what makes it feel better. Just gargle everyday afterward with an antibacterial mouthwash to ward off infection. So..Clip, pop, squeeze, bite away!
ouch Comments By: Jessica on 2009-02-14
i had mine for like several months, it never hurt it was just REALLY annoying so i just clipped it off.. it's gone but now my tongue hurts. =[
Never had a problem with it. Comments By: Sarah on 2009-02-16
I've had a burned tongue for more than a week with a tastebud ready to come off but it hasn't been, and the pain has been unbearable. I find that tweezers work better than clippers because I always tend to nip myself in places I don't mean to, and tweezers are more adjustable.

I just place the head of the tweezer over the bud, make sure it's on right, and then I don't think about it for a moment so my tongue relaxes and I just suddenly jerk my arm away, and the bud comes clean off with no problem and half a second of pain. It bled for about a minute and then stopped. I've done this before, too. :)

Clip it off! Comments By: Shania on 2009-02-18
I have always just cliiped the damn things off! If I leave them, they like, take 2 weeks to go away, if I just use steralized nailclippers, Buh-bye! The pain leaves instantly. I had never thought of infections, I never got them in my mouth before. But honestly, Just Open up, stick your toungue out, place the clippers, squeeze, relief!
I can't believe I read every post Comments By: Brian on 2009-02-20
clip it.
W*F??? Comments By: Frankly Terrified on 2009-02-23
W*F?? Who in the world thought this was a good idea? It's obvious to me that a lot of people are absolutely insane. Seriously, cut a taste bud off? W*F do you do when you get corns? Nip the toe off? How about a headache? Any relief ideas from you sheering-folk?
works, i just did it!! DO IT! Comments By: kathleen on 2009-03-01
I was contemplating on whether or not to clip it. Clipping it sounded intense (this is coming from someone who has their tongue pierced), so I opted for an alternative. Since I have long nails, I used them like they were tweezers and pulled on the bud until it popped off. The pain was gone immediately. It feels sooo much better than to have that irritating thing hanging off my tongue. :P
USE TWEEZERS! Comments By: Brendan on 2009-03-03
It's much easier to use tweezers than nail clippers. If you're just removing one bud, better to get a thin pair of tweezers than a nail clipper. I do this regularly, and it works, but I couldn't find my tweezers and had to use a nail clipper this time - I ripped off about 30 more buds than I should've, as the clamp is so long on clippers, and I'm still not even sure if I got the darn things.

This tactic is good yes, saves a lot of pain and annoyance, but if you're going to do it, use tweezers not clippers!

My own opinion from experiance: Comments By: Charlie on 2009-03-03

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