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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

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Ouch Comments By: smitty on 2008-03-04
This sounds like a load of rubbish to me because it is swollen not bad...the swelling will go away in time if you cut it off then you are let with an open sore which always seem to take longer to heal
agree Comments By: rachel on 2008-03-11
i have to agree with the above poster - bad idea!!
that is what I do Comments By: anon on 2008-03-29
I always clip off my swollen taste buds when they happen. It hurts more to have the little thing bumping against my teeth. The little spot left is about the size of a point of a pencil.
I do this to Comments By: Dionne on 2008-04-18
It really does hurt more to leave it alone. Once you clip it off it doesn't hurt anymore and the resulting wound isn't even noticeable.
Guilty also Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-28
I've got a really high pain threshold and these little devils hurt like crazy. I've experimented with letting them stay or just using a tweezers to pull out or a pin to open and relieve the pressure. The sharp pain goes away instantly and the tongue heals really fast.
Great idea . . . if you want an infection to boot! Comments By: Krista on 2008-04-28
NEVER "clip" ANYTHING out or off of your tongue! Your mouth is loaded with bacteria and to intentionally cause an open wound is setting up the perfect environment in which to contract an infection. Just use some oral pain relievers and wait it out. It should go away in several days - if it lasts longer than 7-10 days, I recommend seeing an oral pathologist.
I've done this for years! Comments By: Renee on 2008-05-01
I do this and feel relief almost immediately. It hurts less right after the taste bud is removed than it did while swollen. Of course the process of taking it off hurts, but after it's gone I find I never think of it again, because it's no longer a distraction! No longer in pain! :-)
Totally Just Did It! Comments By: brittany on 2008-05-06
I did it for my first time just after reading this article because i had a giant taste bud and it has been anoying me for years. it worked great for me, i used nail clippers, do it fast, its a LOT easier. after the nail clippers i washed my mouth down with listerine and you cant even tell it was ever there!!
clipping it off works Comments By: Laura on 2008-05-08
I get swollen taste buds too. I've tried gargling with listerine, using numbing cream, salt solutions etc. nothing works. Sometimes these things last for days and days and they are horrible! Cutting it off hurts like so mildly compared to the pain you feel by not cutting it off. i recommend sterilizing nail clippers then gargling with listerine afterwards. it feels better almost instantly
Be Rite Back Comments By: Christi on 2008-05-25
IM about to try it!
I WAS skeptical.... Comments By: Andrea RN on 2008-06-25
... but now a believer. I had an annoying one in the middle of my tongue that didn't go away after a week, and decided to clip it. I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash, sterilized the clippers, dried the area with a washcloth, then clipped. It hurt for a split second, then I held pressure with the washcloth for a few minutes to stop the small amount of bleeding. It instantly felt better. And it didn't get infected or anything, just went away! Problem solved!
Yeah it works Comments By: BadBud on 2008-07-05
LOL actually I've done this a number of times myself and just thought maybe I'd google it for once before clipping another. Tiny bit of bleeding, but the relief is instant.
swollen taste bud Comments By: anon on 2008-07-27
I took a pair of tweezers pulled it out pain was gone instantly.
It's you or the Dr. Comments By: Dr. J on 2008-08-01
My mother feels the same as the others (who have never done it) and wanted the Dr. to look at it. He cuts it off right there in the office. I had one and wanted to save the trip and the shot, so I bit mine off with my front teeth. I liked this approach becuase you naturally bite when you feel pain so you just keep on biting until it's off. THE PAIN WAS GONE INSTANTLY! No problems after that and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch. To all those who think the lose of one taste bud is damaging, you must not know you lose hundreds of taste buds over the later years of life.
Weird but great idea! Gonna try it next time! Comments By: Jen on 2008-08-07
I cause these bumps in the back of my mouth by biting down while I'm asleep. (What's THAT about?) You'd never suspect this would help, but if the doc was going to charge me a bunch to do the same thing, it's going to be me!
As many taste buds as we have, I betcha we'd be okay, but it's curious - I wonder if they can grow back???

I did it last night before even finding this article Comments By: anon on 2008-08-16
I had a big swollen taste bud on the tip of my tongue that has been there for 2 to 3 months. I couldn't take it any more and last night I clipped it off with sterilized clippers. I researched it this morning, and that's how I found this article. Thought I was kind of crazy for cutting it off.Glad to know others did it to with no bac results.
I've been doing it for 18 years Comments By: Roy on 2008-08-21
I first did it out of severe annoyance after the third time getting one and yes, the pain stops within an hour. I've been doing it for 18 years now.

I am a professional piercer and I know for a FACT, you will not get an infection so long as you sterilize the clipper and only cut the bud off. The hole left is only .4mm big. And since it bleeds instantly, nothing gets in. Also the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body and your taste buds grow back, so don't worry about losing taste. The people who are screaming abou tinfection are the same kind of overreactive idiots who think cars explode in every accident.

mine hurt bad.......really bad Comments By: mommiez on 2008-08-22
ok so i just got my tounge pierced and omg my taste buds are really swollen big time and its alot of them hopefully it goes down though because the pain is killing me my brother had the same problem maybe once my tounge swelling goes down these will be less painful....oh and i have too much swollen ones to just sit there and pick em off lol theres alot!!!
Who knows Comments By: Tony B on 2008-08-29
I just tried it. Clipping them off hurt like heck, but it doesnt feel irritated anymore, just sore, which is nice. So i THINK it worked.
Cut it or suffer Comments By: Arabianbarbie on 2008-09-06
I check the stats ..Now Im convience.
Don't be scared Comments By: Jessie Steele on 2008-09-09
I get them too often either from biting my tounge or eating to many sunflower seeds, eat to many and you'll see.
Take the bud out and it bleeds to keep germs out, its not like a pore that collects bacteria. It does work.
stop biting and eating sunflower seeds.

totally works ! Comments By: SAMii on 2008-09-09
i have been doing this for yearscuz the swollen taste bud is sucha pain in the ass to deal with ! especially on the side of the tongue where i tend to get them ! as a matter of a fact i just did it today & its fine ! so as someone who has their tongue pierced (my second time having it) i can deal with a lil quick tongue pain thats gone in a matter of seconds. & there is absolutely no way to get it infected (unless ur dirty) since the mouth heals itself so for all the assholes callin the believers retarts i hope u get one on the side of ur mouth & lets see what u do ! cuz the doctor is just gonna cut it off themselves anyway ! save an expensive trip there & do it urself & heck if it makes u feel better boil the instrament u use !
sweet relief Comments By: Whitney on 2008-09-13
The only thing I would add, is that I numb the area before I clip it, and I use cuticle clippers, which pinch and seal the tissue at the base of the bud. It produces immediate relief.
I'd like to se what her tongue looks like Comments By: Erik on 2008-10-02
It might work the first couple of times, but f the problem is re-ocurring, I guess just clip and clip until you have little a "nub" left for a tongue. LOL
ok... Comments By: Kit on 2008-10-02
yeah, this does work. however, for anyone who doesn't want the ain of it, use numbing stuff like oragel, or just rinse your mouth out with warm salt water.
Another Way Comments By: Timmer on 2008-10-06
I've never tried the clipping or pinching method. I just put some listerine in my mouth and hold that area of the tongue in the listerine for a minute or so. It relieves the pain but not completely. But after two or three more applications within a day it is usually completely healed or restored to normal.
Do Not Do This. Comments By: Loveless on 2008-11-02
You should not cut off your taste buds, it is easier to get an in fection. I suggest you wait a day or two for them to heal, if they don't heal within a week go to your doctor.
Clip Them Off Comments By: Shar on 2008-11-07
I have clipped off both bad taste buds big as a pea and also saliva glands inside my lower lip. Good results the dang things are gone! My Doctor wouldn't touch the one on my tongue said it was flat and going nowhere. But one day it got burned and infected. I could not wait. Out come the slant nail clippers. Hooray for me. Better immediately. Healed in less than a week. The tongue really bleed so get it done right quick as you can.
Clip Them Off Comments By: Shar on 2008-11-07
I have clipped off both bad taste buds big as a pea and also saliva glands inside my lower lip. Good results the dangs things are gone! My Doctor wouldn't touch the one on my tongue said it was flat and going nowhere. But on day it got burned and infected. I could not wait. Out come the slant nail clippers. Hooray for me.
Clip it! Clip it good! Comments By: Blair RN on 2008-11-16
I agree with the piercer! Clipping off a taste bud is nowhere near the trauma of a tongue piercing and I dont think I have ever heard of an infected tongue ring. Look at it this way, if you have a huge white head on your face do you leave it because in a few days it will heal itself and popping it might make it infected? Probably not! You pop that sucker! This is the same concept. Yes your mouth is filled with bacteria, but they are bacteria your body is used to, its YOUR MOUTH!!! So unless you have a habit of eating poop or decaying animals you will not become septic and die, or even get ANY infection for that matter!
ouch ahhhhh Comments By: amy on 2008-11-18
i just tried this and i bled like crazy
but it does feel better, just hope I dont get an infection

Never thought to use clippers... Comments By: Brittany on 2008-11-25
I get swollen taste buds from time to time and they drive me insane. Depending on the mood (like if I'm having a masochistic streak lol), I leave it alone. But most of the time they get so horribly distracting. Instead of paying attention in class, I'm sitting there biting my tongue. I've tried everything from gurgling salt water (which did nothing) to leaving it be. Truly, nothing helps but getting rid of it. I've only ever pulled a few off before because it takes more pressure with tweezers. I'll have to try my baby brother's clippers now and see if that works any better.
I tried this myself... Comments By: sarah on 2008-11-26
The last time I had one of these, it lasted 2 weeks and i did not want to go throught that again.
I used the advice on this site, and used naile clippers to cut it off. the problem was, I cut off the wrong one, thn the tongue was bleeding so I couldn't see the one that needed to be cut off.
After 3 tires, I feel better. My advie is to use twezers to hold the bud out before cutting to make sure oyu get the right one. or try small scissors.

On my way!! Comments By: ~ L on 2008-12-05
I am going to cut mine off right now!! I can hardly wait it is driving me insane!
i just did it! Comments By: yatzy on 2008-12-07
I just did it! It really didn't hurt at all. It feels so much better! I couldn't sleep it hurt so bad.
THIS WORKS!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-09
Do this and you will have instant relief! I have been doing it for over 20 years and have NEVER, EVER had any sort of infection or problem. I don't even numb the area. I just quickly clip it and return to normal. I get these every single time I eat potato chips. Weird!
had one today Comments By: simplyseductive on 2008-12-09
i woke up and it hurt like crazy, a kept moving it to get it comfortable. by the end of the school day i just had to borrow a mirror and get it. since mine was on the tip of my tongue i just pulled it off. never thught of clippers. maybe next time.
Thought I was the only one Comments By: J on 2008-12-09
I have been biting off, tweezing off and eventually became smart and began clipping off these swollen taste buds. I get them right on the tip of my tongue and they irritate the crap out of me. I cant concentrate! Once they are gone, it's heaven! I have never gotten an infection, I just rinse with peroxide or listerine and its ok. Try it, really! You wont be sorry!
just tried it Comments By: Alexandra on 2008-12-18
omg the pain goes away right after you clip it off! i feel so relieved lol, this thing's been annoying me for days. just make sure to kinda bring it up and then snip it off quickly and effectively so you don't snip ya tongue! so happy 0:)
Oregano Oil Comments By: Looking4Cures on 2008-12-22
Put a drop of organo oil on it. You might need to do it two or three times over the course of a couple of days but it will be gone in a couple days.
clippy clip Comments By: Jesse Crawford on 2008-12-24
Numb and clip with fingernail/cuticle clippers and by the time the numbing med is worn off you dont even notice much, if any, pain. Clean your clippers first since who knows what bacteria is growing underneath fingernails. I use alcohol and swab clippers with q-tips on all parts of the blades.
retarded Comments By: Rebekah on 2008-12-29
so maybe people should look at the anatomy of a tongue. the swollen "taste buds" are in fact actually papillae of the tongue. It is a type of skin layer not the actual taste bud! so if you want to clip off your papillae on your tongue then thats fine but its not the taste bud!
This Totally Works Comments By: Dave on 2008-12-29
I just did it today 12/29/08 and it didn't hurt to do and the pain was gone almost instantly.
OMG! Comments By: Crystal on 2008-12-31
Totally just tried it and now it hurts more than it did before! And the pain is not subsiding! This is a load!
YOUR TASTE BUDS GROW BACK Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-27
Clipping a swollen taste bud really improves the overall health and feeling in your mouth. And if your afraid that you won't be able to taste again, then your just a retard. I actually was stupid enough to stick my tongue to a pole a rip part of it off. it healed in about 3 days and my taste buds are currently growing back. It's a slow process, but i lost a whole lotta taste buds. So if your worried about one little taste bud, really you don't need to fret.
i just did it! Comments By: liz on 2009-01-20
it worked and the pain of cutting it off wasnt that bad. woohoo!
YES, clip! Comments By: Tabitha on 2009-01-19
I was a sceptic also, but the pain was bothersome enough to try it. I recommend using Vicks Chloriseptic spray (for sore throats) and spraying it right on the taste bud first. It numbed my tongue right up and I didn't feel a thing when I clipped it.
this is stupid Comments By: B on 2009-01-22
I tried this a few years ago and I made it worse. I couldn't put my tongue back in my mouth cause I constantly had to keep air on it...that's how bad it hurt. There's no point in doing this when it'll go down within a week or so. Just buy some numbing stuff and put it on there.
I do this Comments By: Jill on 2009-01-30
My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I've been doing this for years!! I just pinch the offending taste bud between two fingernails. The pain stops immediately. I've never had an infection. It bleeds a little.. then it's over!!!
Tried It, Didn't Even Feel it, Comments By: Tayler on 2009-01-02
I was really amazed, because I have a very low pain tolerance. The thing was so painful, and I decided I had to get rid of it. I was literally shaking when I went to take it off, and when I closed the clippers I wondered if there was a gap in them because I didn't feel anything. Pulled them out and there went the nasty little bugger. I feel so much better!
YEAH SO IT SWELLS Comments By: Jeff Riecken on 2009-01-07
WORKS!!! Comments By: Kim on 2009-01-10
This does work. Want no pain apply orajel or kanka to it wait 5 min. Cut off with steralized small sewing scissors or baby or small nail clippers. Rinse with listerine and or salt water. It will bleed for short time. Instant relief. And when people say anything about how you shouldnt use steralized clippers ect. I tell them people put worse things in their mouth!
havent tried it yet Comments By: cisco505 on 2009-01-12
does it really work?
Wake up... it works fine. Comments By: Joe on 2009-01-14
Been doing this stuff forever. Cutting them off with sanitized clippers works GREAT. The pain goes from a ten down to a three.It is WAY WAY less painful to cut them off then to leave them. You people who are talking about infection and pain have clearly never had this problem or have never tried this solution. VERDICT: It Works.
R U CRAZY MAN Comments By: anon on 2009-01-14
DUDE that sounds really painfull and i have done a reaserch project on the tounge and it is only swollen cus u have had to much salt or u bit it. DO NOT cut it off you will loose thousands of taste buds cus the little bumps are papilie again DO NOT your are hurting your self
Nail clippers are for little girls Comments By: Waddlebottom on 2009-02-03
I'm old school - I use my WWII bayonet to scape off the invader, then feed it to the cat.
Unbelieveable controversy - small problem Comments By: DEXTER on 2009-02-03
Just goes ta show ya - there's always two sides to the coin. I just leave mine alone and they go away. Small problem, no worries.
One Now Comments By: NAY on 2009-02-05
Poked & clipped it! Comments By: Bunsai Bunny on 2009-02-07
I sterilized a pin and poked the swelling, took it down a bit and then I clipped it off! It bleed the smallest amount and then stopped. The pain that I was having went away, it is slightly sensative, but not like it was. It feels so much better now! If you do try this be careful too only clip the tip, or you could clip more then expected, giving you the feeling of biting your tongue! Good luck & I hope ya feel better! :-)
cut it off!! Comments By: Marie on 2009-02-08
I have been clipping my swollen taste buds off for years.....never had an infection or problem, and the pain relief is always instantaneous!! You can rinse with Listerine afterwards if it makes you feel better, but it won't get infected, unless you are lopping off half your tongue instead of just a taste bud!!
Been doing this for years Comments By: Dehumanized Dead Girl on 2009-02-12
In my family we call these "lie bumps" we were told if you lie you get them. I have them all the time! Mainly from meds I take. They are so painfull! and all day long I am picking at it with my teeth. So, one day I took a needle and poked it until it bled! Bad idea right? Well, the damn little thing went away overnight, after being there for three weeks! Now, I take clean tweezers to 'em and pop em like zits and AHHH! instant relief! I talked to my doctor about this and she said, thought most doctors would say " DO NOT DO THAT! " she said since there is no medical thing she can due to ease the discomfort, to go ahead and do what makes it feel better. Just gargle everyday afterward with an antibacterial mouthwash to ward off infection. So..Clip, pop, squeeze, bite away!
ouch Comments By: Jessica on 2009-02-14
i had mine for like several months, it never hurt it was just REALLY annoying so i just clipped it off.. it's gone but now my tongue hurts. =[
Never had a problem with it. Comments By: Sarah on 2009-02-16
I've had a burned tongue for more than a week with a tastebud ready to come off but it hasn't been, and the pain has been unbearable. I find that tweezers work better than clippers because I always tend to nip myself in places I don't mean to, and tweezers are more adjustable.

I just place the head of the tweezer over the bud, make sure it's on right, and then I don't think about it for a moment so my tongue relaxes and I just suddenly jerk my arm away, and the bud comes clean off with no problem and half a second of pain. It bled for about a minute and then stopped. I've done this before, too. :)

Clip it off! Comments By: Shania on 2009-02-18
I have always just cliiped the damn things off! If I leave them, they like, take 2 weeks to go away, if I just use steralized nailclippers, Buh-bye! The pain leaves instantly. I had never thought of infections, I never got them in my mouth before. But honestly, Just Open up, stick your toungue out, place the clippers, squeeze, relief!
I can't believe I read every post Comments By: Brian on 2009-02-20
clip it.
W*F??? Comments By: Frankly Terrified on 2009-02-23
W*F?? Who in the world thought this was a good idea? It's obvious to me that a lot of people are absolutely insane. Seriously, cut a taste bud off? W*F do you do when you get corns? Nip the toe off? How about a headache? Any relief ideas from you sheering-folk?
works, i just did it!! DO IT! Comments By: kathleen on 2009-03-01
I was contemplating on whether or not to clip it. Clipping it sounded intense (this is coming from someone who has their tongue pierced), so I opted for an alternative. Since I have long nails, I used them like they were tweezers and pulled on the bud until it popped off. The pain was gone immediately. It feels sooo much better than to have that irritating thing hanging off my tongue. :P
USE TWEEZERS! Comments By: Brendan on 2009-03-03
It's much easier to use tweezers than nail clippers. If you're just removing one bud, better to get a thin pair of tweezers than a nail clipper. I do this regularly, and it works, but I couldn't find my tweezers and had to use a nail clipper this time - I ripped off about 30 more buds than I should've, as the clamp is so long on clippers, and I'm still not even sure if I got the darn things.

This tactic is good yes, saves a lot of pain and annoyance, but if you're going to do it, use tweezers not clippers!

My own opinion from experiance: Comments By: Charlie on 2009-03-03
In the winter my toung seems to get many swollen tastebuds. They would stay there for weeks on end, and all they did was get in the way. Cutting off my swolen tastebuds solved the prblem in no time. Needless to say, i agree with this poast.
Best Resolution Ever Comments By: Katrina on 2009-03-04
I've been clipping for three years now. I get about one of these a ear. Sterilize the clipper with either scaldingly hot water or alcohol-- I've been using hand sanitizer-- and get rid of the nasty bugger. I've never had an infection after this homestyle surgery..
A little painful, but it works!! Comments By: Heather on 2009-03-09
I hate swollen taste buds! They hurt really bad, and I always get them in the same spot, right at the tip of my tongue. It hits my teeth all day, and for a while I couldn't get any relief from them until they went away on their own. I tried this and it hurt because I had two right next to each other, but man did it work. My tongue bled for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, but I willing to taste blood for a minute for the relief from the pain! Works great. However I do suggest that you wait a few days, that way you can give it a chance to go away on your own, before you cut your tongue.
A little painful, but it works!! Comments By: Heather on 2009-03-09
I hate swollen taste buds! They hurt really bad, and I always get them in the same spot, right at the tip of my tongue. It hits my teeth all day, and for a while I couldn't get any relief from them until they went away on their own. I tried this and it hurt because I had two right next to each other, but man did it work. My tongue bled for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, but I willing to taste blood for a minute for the relief from the pain! Works great. However I do suggest that you wait a few days, that way you can give it a chance to go away on your own, before you cut your tongue.
I'm doing it! Comments By: simplytps on 2009-03-16
I have this same reoccuring & Irritating problem. Normally the ones on the tip on my tongue are instantly neutralized by using Peroxyl (peroxide mouthwash by Colgate) and they go away but for the month I have had one on the side of my tongue near the back that is larger than normal. It hurts to eat so i'm clipping it tonight! Pray for me....
Thanks! Comments By: Megan on 2009-03-19
I have a horrible little bugger on the tip of my tongue right now and it is driving me insane....and no matter how much it hurts, you can't stop messing with it. I can't wait to get home from work so I can cut the pesky thing off!
It worked! Comments By: Big Baby on 2009-03-20
I am the biggest baby and I have had a huge taste bud for the past couple of days... I did a Google search on how to get rid of it and came up with this. I was desperate not to spend the weekend in pain, so I did it.... I have to admit it does still hurt, but not anything like it did before. Thanks!
thought i was the only one Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-22
though i just bite mine off...
simple really...never had an infection. ever.
and it doesn't hurt at all-trust me i have a very low tolerance for pain...but biting it way better than leaving it...and besides that stupid bump is so freaking annoying...but anyway...
those saying that clipping it off hurts more than leaving it...i feel bad for you...you'll suffer so much longer than those of us who bite/clip/tweeze...=/ poor you.

Morons. Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-31
I can't believe I read every post.

Definitely works, I had like 10 swollen buds on the side of my tounge and I just kept irritating them more and more. Clipping them definitely solves your problems, having a little bit of pain from clipping them off for like, 5 seconds is alot better than alot of pain for a week because you're too skeptical to not do it. They do the same exact thing at the doctor's office, you're just wasting your time and money and a shitload of pain.

You're losing taste buds either way, deal with it. We lose them when we get older anywho. You're going to end up mixing your foods someday no matter what you do.

Yes, it works! Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-02
These things are such a pain! I've been getting them for a years now, usually 1 or 2 at a time only. Without doing any research, one day I tried cutting them off with nail clippers. It was such a relief!

Tonight, I got another one and figured I'd actually do some research to see if I was causing any long-term harm. I found this page and read through every comment.

From my own experience, if you let them be, they can last for several days or weeks. Well let me assure you, cutting them off makes them feel so much better! For a few minutes, it will bleed a bit more than a regular cut on your skin would. However, the pain is much more bearable!

Before you cut it off, it's not just a pain, but it's that kind of annoying pain like a really bad papercut. In my opinion, it's even worse than a bad papercut. If you have one of these things on your tongue, you probably know what I mean.

Well, after you cut it off, the pain is much more bearable! About 2 seconds after you cut it off, that "papercut" pain goes away and it feels more like a small cut you got 2-3 days ago that's already mostly healed.

To give you a more specific idea of how much of a difference it makes, before you cut it off the pain is around a 7 or 8 out of 10. After you cut it off, it's like a 2 out of 10; just a minor annoyance that you won't even notice unless you think about it.

If you're worried about infections, I can't give any assurances that it won't happen, but I can tell you I've cut off around 50-100 of these things, mostly without any sterilization of any sort. I just take the nail clippers, cut it off, and I'm done. I haven't been boiling the clippers or even washing the nail clippers and I haven't used any Listerine or any other disinfecting stuff (although I probably will from now on). Never had any infections or even any significant pain after waking up the next day.

I've never tried using tweezers, just nail clippers, so you could pick whichever one you want I guess. Also, like 95% of the time I cut the correct one on the first try. Just make sure you get close to a mirror and take your time (aim before you shoot) and you shouldn't be clipping any non-infected ones.

Overall, from my own experience and after reading all these comments, if you haven't tried cutting/plucking them before, I highly recommend you do it. It doesn't get rid of the pain entirely, but it's so much better after cutting it off!

It's more precise than the "natural cure" Comments By: Andrew on 2009-04-02
Same with me, been cliping them since I thought of it in childhood.

YOUR NATURAL REACTION IS TO BITE IT OFF or try to rub it against your teeth and pop it/grate it off.

The problem with that is its one of the causes(squishing an adjacent one with your teeth will make it swell too)

Clipping is a much more precise method of the exact same thing.

Bad Idea Comments By: Greg on 2009-04-05
I did this a week ago. My tounge became infected. The doctors removed 1/4 of my tounge and I have to stay on antibiotics for 2 months. But the pain did go away before it got infected.
It works!!!! Comments By: Ella on 2009-04-15
Just did it for the first time (cliping it off did not hurt) and the pain is gone!!!! :)
So pleased! Comments By: Emma on 2009-04-19
I just did it too after reading this article. I couldn't take the pain any longer and now it's completely gone. Thank you so much!
YEAH SO IT SWELLS Comments By: Jeff Riecken on 2009-04-30
Works Comments By: Eddy on 2009-05-21
I've been doing this for years. Nice to see that I am not the only one. Usually my sore buds are on the tip of my tongue so I use my front teeth to bite them off. It is rather easy and painless. I think they grow back? Someone might look in to that for confirmation.
The ONLY answer.... DONE IT FOR YEARS!! Comments By: Rachel on 2009-05-24
Yes, after suffering from these non-stop for years I decided to just pull it off. I first started using tweezers and pulling it off and THIS was better than leaving them on... Then I got nail clippers and it's the FIRST thing i do when i feel one now...
It's WELL worth it!

a) dry the spot on your tongue where it is as good as possible (wiping it and air drying it)
b) clean the nail clippers first
c) you can try to gently bite on your tongue and push the part you need out between your teeth to make it poke out more and to isolate it
d) make sure you have JUST the swollen one before pushing down the clippers and do it fast and it's all over!! (you might get a little tiny bit of blood that stops very very quickly.

Definitely recommended if you are suffering from a swollen taste bud! (especially if you have one that's hitting your teeth so it wont go down or youre one of those crazies that feel the need to rub it more because it hurts when it's rubbed!

what we all have in common: the pain Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-25
Thanks for the tips. I'm a little too nervous to clip them off so im making a Doctors appointment, and my luck my tongue will get an infection if i do. But for the PAIN until then...SUGGESTIONS please. I read in earlier posts that ice and mouthwash can help.
I tried it... Comments By: anon on 2009-05-25
SO I get these things all the time and I just couldn't take it anymore so I googled it and found this website. I cut it off but I feel it still hurts the same...oh well It was worth shot I guess. I might try it again in the future though cuz at least the stupid bump is gone.
The Truth Comments By: Chad Kuhn on 2009-05-27
This works. I've done it for more years than I care to remember, and I do it with my finger nails rather than clippers. To all the skeptics, let me clarify a few points.

1. Taste Buds regenerate within a week.
2. The Tongue is one of the fastest healing parts of your body.
3.Your risk of infection is minimal.
4. If you get only the affected taste bud, you'll hardly notice even a drop of blood and relief is immediate.

There. I just want it known, this WORKS, and there is no lasting damage. Please just make sure you get only the affected taste bud and not you tongue, as that's the only was I see someone bleeding at all.

and that IS the truth! Comments By: Puntz on 2009-06-02
CHAD, the previous poster has it spot on. The covering of the tongue is much like the skin. The layer that has taste buds regenerates quicker than skin. The tongue and mouth are hardy - never made your gums bleed when flossing?

What I want to know is why these little so-and-so's swell up in the first place.


OMG THIS WORKS SO WELL! Comments By: Lauren on 2009-06-05
I've had it for a week and after reading these comments I clipped it off. It WORKS. I literally felt pain for two seconds, then it faded away and within five minutes my tongue is back to normal, almost NO bleeding. Just rinse with mouthwash after and make sure to sterilize the clippers :D
I did it! Comments By: Jill on 2009-06-05
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that. The thing has been bothering me for 2 days so I just went and took the nail clipper and did it real fast. Bleeding a little bit, but so glad to have that over with. Already feels a million times better.
i used my fingers Comments By: michael on 2009-06-13
all last night i woke up intermittently. i had to move my tongue to various parts of my mouth so that the stupid bud did not hit my teeth. i just (2 min ago) went into the bathroom, held my tongue in my fingers, and "clipped" the bud with my fingernails. it is incredible. i have 0 pain now.
You're crazy! Comments By: Hayley(: on 2009-06-16
First of all, i didn't know what the heck that stuff we were supposed to clean the nail clippers with was, so i used alchohol instead. When i attempted to clip the swollen taste buds, they began to bleep profusely! It was horrible pain and I ended up getting an infection. People, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ADVICE.
works like a charm.... Comments By: zd on 2009-06-17
pain was probably a 8 as far as tongue pain goes, did a search, granted they arent swollen taste buds, but i went ahead and tried cutting them (like 4) off anyways....k, 2 words...miracle cure....works like a f'n charm. Thanks guys...figured out what caused it, those chips named "munchies" with the variety of chips..ate like 2 of the vendor machine bags, had to be the culprit!
I use TWEEZERS, but want to know--is the bud gone forever? Comments By: Barbie on 2009-06-17
I have had these, and initially it seemed NO one I knew had a clue what I was talking about, then my friend got them and sympathized. I just would use tweezers and pull it off, even though it was so slippery...but I was always worried it wouldn't grow back..I mean you'd think it's no big deal you have thousands of them....but if you get several of these a year, you already lose your sense of smell and taste a bit as you get older, and I LOVE food...I don't know if I want to risk it...I wish I knew if it'd be gone forever...maybe I could try the pin idea and pierce it....because it DOES relieve it! As SOON as I'd pull it off, you'd THINK it'd hurt WORSE, but it was RELIEF! ALSO, to the worried posters, I am a germ conscious person myself, I don't like the word germaphobe, I think the rest of us SHOULD be as aware...anyway the mouth is the fastest healing area of the body.
i HOPE it works... Comments By: EJ Capiendo on 2009-07-05
omg i just did it. i clipped off 2 and the 1st 1 bled a little... then when i clipped off the other 1, the 1st 1 just stopped bleeding and kinda healed! im still waiting 2 the 2nd 1 to stop bleeding... right now i have a wet tissue over my tongue to help it stop lol... but its kinda working i guess... it was bleeding like CRAZY and it kinda hurt but and tickled a little too! idk y... lol so i think you should try clipping them off since everyone else is saying that it works...
OMG.... Comments By: Simone.. on 2009-07-09
Omg, When i saw this i thought no way thats crazy who would cut there own tounge! but mine was hurting soo so bad and i had had it for days i thought gosg ill maybe give it a go.... n i done it!! :) it hurts a wee bit cutting it n it bleeds for a min but after that no joke it is no longer a problem it feels so good , such relief honestly try it!!! dont b scared :)!
works Comments By: nick on 2009-07-14
ive been doing this on my own since i was very young, always works! Doesnt take the pain away completely, but makes it muuuuuch more comfortable!!!!!
WORKED! Comments By: Penny on 2009-07-20
I sat here with so much pain reading these comments and wondering if people were crazy. It finally hurt bad enough I decided to try it and I didn't even feel it! Now I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

1. Spray end of tongue (or wherever the little offender is) with Chloraseptic to numb.

2. Wipe instrument with alcohol to sterilize (I used cuticle trimmer scissors, worked like a CHARM!).

3. Smile because you now feel GREAT.

I DID IT!!! Comments By: Michele on 2009-07-26
Unbelievable...it DOES work. I was reading each and every post...while sticking that stupid big a*s bud out of my upper lip. It was so annoying. So I got some rubbing alcohol, put it on nail clippers, dabbed on camphophenique on bud to numb, and CLIP! I took the head off the bud. Probably could have clipped a little more but I was scared. But...my pain level, now about a 2...was like a 15!! Bled about 90 secs. Gargled with mouthwash, and bit on paper towel to stop bleeding...and posted this result. Go try it...it's definitely worth it!!!
I JUST DID IT!!! I'M SQUEMISH TOO!! Comments By: Brenda on 2009-07-30
Okay I put some OraGel on it. And just sliced it off. The relief. AHHHHHHH....... Feels so much better.
I had a swollen taste bud Comments By: Jennifer on 2009-08-08
I had a swollen taste bud toward the tip of my tounge for 4 months now. The doctor said he didnt know why it was swollen and he gave me anti swelling cream that never worked! He said he could send me to a tounge specialist to cut it off..but what the hell I dont want to pay out the ass to get it clipped! Sooooo I googled it today and I found all your comments..and I CLIPPED IT MYSELF JUST NOW! IT DOESNT HURT! It bled just a little but now that big bump isent hitting the top of my mouth and being irritated!
Bite Comments By: Kay on 2009-08-13
I just bite it off with my teeth, hurts for 2 seconds then its like it was never there. The doctor will charge you a bajillion dollars to the the exact same thing (well not bite but "clip")
I USE MY TEETH Comments By: Janel on 2009-08-13
i don't use a clipper, i just put the one taste bud between two teeth and bit down popping it off kinda, it feels like a lot of pressure but it feels good when you do it, and better afterward :) forget the clippers
It sounds crazy but it works... open sores heal quickly on tongue Comments By: Mel on 2009-08-15
This really worked for me. I have tried it twice now. I clipped a swollen taste bud before I went to bed. It bled for just a minute and when I woke up... the pain and open sore were gone. Completely healed.
i just... Comments By: heather on 2009-09-06
pull them out every time i get one like right now i have one Ive been doing this since i was 11 an im 24 now so ya it always works for me !!!
Had tastebud lasered Comments By: anon on 2009-09-11
I went to the dentist yesterday and had my tastebud lasered off. I couldn't snip it off myself. I'm glad the dentist took care of it properly but it cost me $239!!!! That hurt alot! Next time I'll try doing it myself!
it always works.. ive been doing it for about 5 years now! Comments By: Steve on 2009-09-11
i bite mine off.. ice helps the pain for a little and mouthwash does the same. but if you bite them off it is immediate relief.. i thought i was the only one. apparently not even close lol
It works Comments By: Keri on 2009-09-12
I clip my off too. And it does hurt for 1 second and then its gone. I dip the clippers in alcohol and I have never had a problem.
i'm DYIN' of laughter!! Comments By: jada on 2009-09-15
I can't help but laugh as I read this thread!! It's HILARIOUS to know I'm not the only idiot removing swollen taste buds. I just bite mine off tho! hahahah.. if u have one just do it, remove that lil sucker.. u WON'T get an infection. Trust. ;)
It feels so much better Comments By: Val on 2009-09-21
OMG Thank you very much. I just did it, it feels so much better.
I'm a PUSS! Comments By: Minnie on 2009-09-24
I can't do it!!!! I keep trying and trying to bite it but i freak out. I'm just standing in front of my mirror, drooling into the sink, trying to clip it off, but the taste of the metal is sicking me out. I even used to have my tongue pierced, never bothered me...but this little bugger. YUCK! what if it REALLY hurts? I'M such a PUSS!!!!!!
Relief! Comments By: amy on 2009-09-24
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this website. I had the same pain on my tongue and the tastebud was a tiny black dot. It was so painful. After I read your posts, I decided that I would clip my tastebud off too. I just held it with my nails and it came off! It hurt a little, just as much as the usual pain except with a tiny drop of blood. I rinsed with Listerine then water and now I am pain free.
Worked for me!! So Far? Comments By: Mike on 2009-09-28
Thank God this stop that annoying pain! I just hope I don't get an infection.
sounded bonkers Comments By: Sara on 2009-09-30
But I had towards the center of my tounge. Was driving me effing nuts. I was hesitant at first but about 80 people on this site said it worked awesome so I went for it. I steriized some cuticile siccors and just snipped it off. Garrgled with Listerine. It bleed maybe 2 mins if that and it felt fine afterwords. As someone who's had a couple of piercings I can say that really it is NOT painful and the infection risk is minimal if your not a dummie.
mouth is not a sterile area Comments By: Les on 2009-10-03
You can clip and clip, make sure that the instrument is clean, it does not need to be a super sterile procedure because the mouth is NOT a sterile cavity such as the bowel or the gallbladder. It is dirty so just clean the clipper or scissors and snip. rinse with antiseptic wash to avoid infection.
CRAZY people... great idea!! Comments By: Lilly on 2009-10-08
I literally read every single comment before doing it and let me tell you... I didnt feel a thing. Honestly, it bled for like a a second and hardly at all. I would never have thought you could clip it off but you crazy people did it soo I did it and am very thanksful :) NO MORE PAIN :)
What it feels like when you clip it off Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-10-11
It's a bit painful. But I can say that putting a piece of rock salt on your tongue is more painful than clipping it off. The faster you clip it, the lesser it hurts. just make sure you are clipping the swollen one. Once done, there a bit of bleeding but it will stop in a while. There's a feeling of mild burning like you want to scratch it but just rub it inside and it's gone. Good luck!
Alternative tool Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-10-11
If you are afraid of using a clipper you may try to use a small and clean scissors. But be careful of what you're hitting. I've used it rather than a clipper because it has a curve. When I'as sure it was my target bud, I did it fast. You could the target swollen bud easily because scissors is open in front unlike the clipper. But of course, it's in your preference.. which you think is best for you to use.
Have done this for years Comments By: Diane on 2009-10-17
I occasionally get painful white or red enlarged taste buds that affect speech and hurt like crazy when the tongue moves at all against teeth and lips. I also sterilize clippers and remove them, have for years... small sting = no more pain. Then rinsing with warm salted water heals itup nice and quick.
Actually Works Comments By: Miss Wieder on 2009-10-20
I have had several swollen taste buds over the past two months. The other day I got a really large one that hurt to eat or talk. I googled swollen taste buds and found this sight that said to cut it off with clippers. I had never heard of such craziness. I was very skeptical but it hurt so bad. I got a pair of clippers and sterilized them in alcohol. Then clipped the taste bud off. No pain at all and the relief from having it gone was instant. Never even knew it was there. Definately worth a try.
Works like charm Comments By: M.G. on 2009-11-02
Works 100%. Just gargle with mouthwash after. Almost immediate relief!
*+*+*+*Use dental floss!!!!!!!!!!*+*+*+*+* Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-03
I Had a swollen taste bud in the middle of my tongue once..extremely ANNOYING. i waited a week, used Listerine, saltwater..peroxide even. finally I just took dental floss, wrapped it around the taste bud (it was hard to maneuver) and pulled the string so tight, the taste bud came off. It didn't hurt as bad as nail clippers, finger nails, or even teeth. One quick pull, and no more annoying taste bud.
Perfect solultion! Comments By: mindbattle on 2009-11-07
I just did it! It was hurting so bad and instant relief! I will do this again!
but what's the cause??? Comments By: wannaknowwhy on 2009-11-07
I do the same thing and have been for years....there's pressure from the little bumps and removing them with a nail clipper relieves it and it heals in a day or 2, but what are they from? Is it a vitamin deficiency or a food allergy? BTW it's relief that tons of people do this too!!!!
Clip it... Comments By: Ambyr Marie on 2009-11-13
I get these a LOT. Anytime I get too much vitamin C especially. (yes, even in tablet form) and for the last two weeks, I have had far more than usual, and I have no idea why. Next time I go to the doctor, I will bring it up, but I am NOT going just for that. So, just as I have done for the last couple of years, I will continue to clip them. It works well, and feels much better than having them there!
WOT? Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-22
Who the hell in their right mind would listen to this tip? ONLY IF YOU AN IDIOT, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!! It can cause serious damage to your taste buds and even cause heart problems, you DO NOT want to do this.
seriously don't Comments By: buttskin on 2009-11-23
I tried this before when I thought of it on my own and figured it might help to get rid of the pain quicker, as well as the annoyance. All I can tell you is that it's a bad idea. The taste bud will bleed. It hurts like a bitch. And, the worst part, it took way longer than usual for the thing to heal. like almost 2 weeks instead of a few days. Bad idea. I'm not lying.
do it! Comments By: aaron on 2009-11-23
so i woke up with one, googled it, and have also had many before that last for days if not a week. so i took a leap and just cut it after reading, bleed for a bit and worked like a charm. so glad i decided to do it, just saved myself days of pain.
finally gone Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-25
Ive tried this once before and couldn't remember if i concluded it was a bad idea or not. I just did it now and the bumps are gone and dont bother me but the would on my tounge is sore. I can definately say not as bothersome as the bumps were. It doesnt hurt to rub my teeth against my tounge right now but it is more sore when i try to curl or roll my tounge. Actually the pain has dimmed down as I've been typing and Im so relieved. These things have been bothering me for a week now, and i cant stand them. i get them a few times a year and I hate them more than anything. I am so glad i found this post today.
What a relief! Comments By: Nessa on 2009-11-29
I have been clipping off my swollen tazste buds since i was 8 or 9 years old after eating batches of sour patch kids or lots of salted popcorn.
I have always thought of them as "worn out" taste buds when they start hurting and then turn white or red and raised.
Clipping them off with cuticle scissors or nail clippers is best becasue they are sharp and more precise. The initial clip is no more painful than popping a zit, but as soon as you have clipped it off, AHHH the relief! Just remember to clip it as far down to the base as possible, and not just the raised part or you will have to cut it again.

Just did it after reading Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-02
Decided to clip after reading comments posted here, was pretty easy.. not too painful. it is less irritating however its not a DRAMATIC difference.
COMPLETELY TRUE Comments By: HEATHER on 2010-08-05
Can't hurt to try it. Comments By: Cee on 2009-12-18
I was going to try this, but, after examining it in a magnified make up mirror, found that the bump was already loose from the surface of the tongue. I also found that after poking and proding at it that the pain wasn't there anymore. So mess with it before you eat and the pain dissipates.
Also, people are saying you can get an infection, but the saliva in your own mouth acts as a natural antiseptic. That is why if you ever get a cut and don't have access to a antiseptic, you are supposed to use your own saliva. It also has healing properties.

It works, but be careful! Comments By: WendyW on 2009-12-22
It works, but please be careful not to snip off adjacent parts of your tongue. That's probably what happened to the person who now has it hurting more. Also, snip the whole bud or "papilla" off, not just part of it. Brush your teeth and tongue first. Do use mouthwash afterward.
Do it with Tweezers! Comments By: Zima on 2009-12-24
Ah I just read a bunch of these and I was truly skeptical like some of the posters said. I really didn't want it to hurt since that was my main concern and I didn't really want to bleed so much. I just couldn't take it anymore since I could barely eat since the bud would always hit my teeth and cause immense pain. Even when swallowing!!

I usually get these when I burn my tongue or eat too much salty snacks.

Here's how I did it, no pain at all!:

1) take a q-tip and dab orajel or whatever kanker mouthwash you have and hold it on the bud.
2) Take some Ambesol and put it on the other side of the q-tip and hold it on the bud, this should numb it enough so that you don't feel any pain when taking that bugger off.
3) Wash off your tweezers, soap and warm water is sufficient if you don't have rubbing alcohol ready. It gets really slippery to try to either dab it dry or hold it in place with your fingers and relax your tongue.
4) Make sure you have the right taste bud! You can tell easily incase you can't feel it if it's hanging out among the rest. Take your tweezer and clamp it on the top part of the bud so you won't pull off excess which may cause bleeding. Pull off quickly. You might see the small little bud on your tweezers.
5) Wash it off and you're done. You may want to hold a tissue to your tongue in case you do bleed a bit but it souldn't be too much!

Honesty..this works Comments By: redgirl4ya on 2009-12-28
I have been doing this for years..no infection ever.. and I am a rather sickly person..I use my fingernails and the gargle with Listerine...just keep mouth clean..instant relief no reason not to do this...
I'm a clipper, not a biter Comments By: Nano on 2009-12-28
I have only started getting swollen taste buds in the past few years. The first few came and went, but it took several weeks on annoying pain. Finally one day in frustration I decided to take it OFF, and what a relief. I'll never suffer for weeks again.

Interesting about the biting option. As long as I have access to nail clippers, I think I'll just stay with what works for me. =D

This is so old hat but it works! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-30
Been doing this for years and it works well! I use a bran new pair of cuticle clippers, they have a small flat flush cutting action as where the nail clippers are rounded for your nail.
OMG too funny! Comments By: Samantha on 2009-12-31
I totally do this and it's true... the pain goes away instantly and the next day there is no remnants that it was even there!
I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ON! Comments By: JUJU on 2010-01-05
Huh, I always bit mine off! Comments By: x5 on 2010-01-06
I have one right now (1/6/2010) and I was wondering what caused it so I decided to google it... then I found this website... haha, I totally thought I was the only one in a world of billions doing something about those damn inflamed taste buds. It hurts to bite, but at the same time I like the pain cuz I don't stop doing it, haha. I never thought to clip it, tho. OH! I just got it with my teeth! Nice!
Hurray! Comments By: MadAnge on 2010-01-08
After reading the comments I decided to try pulling mine off with tweezers. The thought of using nail clippers squicked me out, lol. I tried a couple of times, because I wasn't grabbing it hard since it hurt, and it kept popping out of the tweezers. Then I grabbed it and it sort of popped off without me even realizing it. No pain, nothing, just the taste bud on my tweezers and a little spot on my tongue! It started to bleed a little and I rinsed my mouth out with listerine and water and looked again and I couldn't even tell where it was because there was no spot anymore, lol! My tongue feels like it was never even there! So cool! Can't make any comments about infections, though, because I've only just removed it, hehe!
cutting it is best Comments By: Tina Payne on 2010-01-12
The swollen taste buds are already infected, so removing them will not cause an infection that is not already present. Just simply rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash after removing the infected taste bud to cleanse the area. Also, it relieves the pain immediately in most cases.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Comments By: Christine on 2010-01-12
I have two very painful swollen taste buds right now, both on the very tip of my tongue. One is actually purple and the other is white. I ate a lot of pineapple a week ago and have been suffering ever since. I thought I just had to live with this until it went away but because of all your postings, I am going to get some relief. Slice slice!
OMG Comments By: annon on 2010-01-13
Ive had this stupid swollen taste bud for like a few weeks now.At first it was like 3 right next to each other.And now its just 1 big massive sucker. Im a work right now but i can wait to go home a cut it off. I keep playing with my tounge and people are looking at me strange.It has to go. Maybe ill try my teeth. It's just in a really funny spot. Thanks
clip it! Comments By: Amazed on 2010-01-14
It actually works...it bleed a little, but I had instant relief! It was driving me crazy for 4 days!! It feels so much better now! I say clip it!
It works... Comments By: Christina on 2010-01-15
...if you do it right. I've done this forever (and thought I was weird). You have to make sure you clip just the one bud. It should only bleed a drop or two if you do it right. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF!
Psh. Comments By: Madeleine on 2010-01-29
I have a habit of daily biting my taste buds off. Then the next morning I wake up with white spots.

I hate the habit, and it hurts, but like I said, it's a habit.

I've never really toyed with the thought of putting nail clippers in my mouth and chopping off a part of my tongue.

JUST DID IT INSTANT RELIEF!!!!!!! YAY! Comments By: sbrown259 on 2010-01-30
after getting my tongue pierced i got a "lie bump" probably because i was trying to hide it from my mom all week..=]and it was so bad that my swelling from the piering was gone but i still had this bump then i just needed relief .....thanks alot who ever posted this [fact] you have done a world of good.
?????? Comments By: anon on 2010-02-02
I'm thinking about doing this but I have a question first,I keep hearing eveybody say that thier bud hurts when inflamed, mine does not, just enlarged, don't like the way it looks. I have eaten alot of salty thing lately, maybe I should wait a few days and see if it goes down. Anybody else with the same bud???
Def Works Comments By: purplehaze on 2010-02-02
Just did it...Didnt even hurt. Sweet!
Sweet Relief!!!!! Comments By: Hometownhero740 on 2010-02-05
I got on here desperate for a solution. Needless to say, the positive reviews were enough so I'm typing this with a Washcloth in my mouth to stop the bleeding. Uugh. I think both of mine were on arteries!!!!! But I used litocane to deaden the area and snipped them away painlessly. Instant relief. By the way, these things have kept me up the past 2 nights... These things are miserable, and this is coming from a man who wrecked a motorcycle last year and shattered a FEMUR!!! Lol. Do it NOW. You won't regret it. Although u do need to use some good mouthwash after it stops bleeding to prevent infection.
OMG It works!! Comments By: Rhonda on 2010-02-05
Just tried it and it worked!!! I was suffering for days! I used a big nail clipper that had alcohol on it. Pain is all gone! :0)
Alcohol doesn't sterilize. Comments By: Daki on 2010-02-12
Hate to burst everyone's alcohol sterlizes stuff buzz, but it doesn't. Alcohol will disinfect (Kill most) but will not sterilize (Kill all). Most people are comfortable with those chances, but some aren't. So I hope those nail clippers you're using are brand spanking new or else.
It's always worked for me Comments By: Sussan on 2010-02-15
I never thought about using nail clippers though. I've jst always bitten the swollen bud off with my teeth. But once you bite it off the pain is gone and you forget about it.
Feels Much better!! Comments By: Kelly on 2010-02-16
I was so scared to cut off my taste bud, but I did it!! It's a little pinch and it feels much better than before. It's still a little tender much much better!!
Shockingly enough...its works!!! Comments By: Not Pain-free...yet on 2010-02-18
I'm at work right now and I have maybe 3 irritated taste buds in the same general area. I've dealt with these reoccuring suckers for as long as I can remember so I desperately searched this morniing and came across these postings. I read nearly all of them and finally got up the courage to go to the bathroom and rip them off with my long fingernails (I washed my hands throughly). I was able to pull one off, pain subsided but still there because of the other 2 that were left behind. During lunch I'm going to go get some tweezers and oragel so I can be rid of these nasty buggers once and for all. I believe it works because of how the pain decreased with one less irritated taste bud.
Also, after I ripped the one out, I put some of my prescribed oral paste [Triamcinolone Acetonide...prescribed for oral lesions (canker sores)] to help along with the healing process.

IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: pain free on 2010-03-04
I am glad to know I am not the only one who does this! I have done this for years. I does work!!!
Yup, it works. Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-14
i just pulled mine out a couple of seconds ago. i was skeptical at first, i just grabbed it with my nails and pulled it out. hurts the same as when you touch the bump with your teeth. bleeds a little and it feels a LOT better.
just do it.

its not that big of a deal haha
if youre scared, just wait it out.

but yea, it works.

Sterilize after Comments By: SunflowerSally on 2010-03-14
I clip the little buggers. I eat sunflower seeds and I think the salt causes the swelling. Whatever the cause, I clip then saturate the area with alcohol...preferably gin.
They trouble me no more after that! :)

YOU ARE CRAZY PEOPLE Comments By: not a crazy person on 2010-03-15
what are you thinking that is crazy C.R.A.Z.Y that is nasty how do you get swollen Taste Bud??? do not clip off your swollen Taste Bud ok!!!
I just did it! Comments By: Carrie on 2010-03-18
INSTANT RELIEF: I used oragel & numbed it, used Listerine. Sterilized the clippers (new ones). Tried the tweezer method, hurt. Did the clippers. 10 sec of blood, no pain, instant relief from the pain I had had all day. Woo Hoo. Rinsed again. All better Not even sore.
and the moral of the story is... Comments By: shocked on 2010-04-02
The internet can be a dangerous tool for those who are stupid.
this happens to me constantly! normal...? Comments By: anon on 2010-04-02
for a few months now i'll have sharp pains in certain spots of my tongue i call loose taste buds. within time, they go away on their own. but once one is gone it's like another appears right away. is this normal? or something more serious? i "clipped" one out once and it was immediate relief and was great. but another just came shortly after and i think right now i have about four! what's wrong?
answer Comments By: sammie on 2010-04-05
does anybody know why this happens i have been cutting them off for years now i want to go to the doctor but i don't have time or a ride im only 15 i really would like to know the answer to this and i would like a cure or something to stop them from doing this im tired of it
no pain! Comments By: roxy on 2010-04-10
So I had one of those at the very tip of my tongue for about a couple months. I thought it would be bad to cut it off, which is a stupid thought, and as a nursing student I should have known, no harm will occur! I didn't clip it off like most people, I simply slowly bit it off! Sounds weird but just grind it in between your top and bottom teeth, and it will slowly tear! Its already dead, there's no feeling to it. The only pain occurs the closer you get to your tongue! Just rinse your mouth with listerine and your good! Feels so much better to not have that damn thing at the tip of my tongue!
Mine was small and white and now its GONE! Comments By: Vaness on 2010-04-11
I just did it. It was a small and white one on the very tip of my tongue. I have had it for a little over a week. I soon as I pulled it with some small tweezers, it just came off- NO BLEEDING!
Does Seem to work!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-20
I tried clipping the bud. My tongue feels better as stated by everyone else. I do have a feeling like I ate something hot and it feels a little tingly but no pain.
Too scared! Comments By: Bianca on 2010-04-21
For someone who's had their tongue pierced twice, I still can't bring myself to do it! I can't even poke it with my nail its so sore :(
Thank You! Comments By: Ryan on 2010-04-25
Used natures clippers/tweezers: fingernails. Washed hand before, squeeze and pull (do it firmly and quick!) placed a clean wet cloth on the spot after, then rinsed out mouth with cognac. Pain went from a 8/10 to a 2/10 in 1 minute!
Learn something new every day!! Comments By: Taste Bud Student 101 on 2010-04-24
Okay, so I am 39 years old and have never heard or even thought of clipping off a taste bud, but that thing was driving me crazy. It wasn't even that big, it's amazing how much a little thing can hurt. So I thought, what the heck, I tried it. I clipped it off with a nail clippers and wa la.... instant relief. It did bleed just a little bit, but not much. Oh, and I did use ambosol to numb it first. :)
I didn't use clippers Comments By: Michelle on 2010-04-28
I actually just pinched it with my finger nails and it popped right off, the pain is gone. I can rub my tongue against my teeth/gums and the darn thing doesn't hurt. it is a little tender where it was, but not nearly the annoying pain I was feeling.
Some more info Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-29
The inflamed tissue folks are describing here are not actually taste buds. They are actually called papillae. Taste buds (also a type of papillae) are all but invisible to naked eye and occur on some of, and between the visible papillae of the tongue. An inflamed papilla is likely an infection due to an injury to the tissue. The habitual grinding or rubbing the tip of the tongue against the top or lower incisors is a common cause of an inflamed papilla. People often do this in their sleep. Another cause may relate to deficiencies of the vitamin B complex. Alcoholism is known to cause vitamin B deficiencies, particularly B12 and folate. Spicy or acidic foods may also contribute to the inflammation/infection. As for snipping them off, I would advise against it, though I have done it once or twice. It worked, but the risk of infection and unintended injury to more than just the inflamed papillae probably outweigh the quick relief. If you ARE going to do it, make sure the clippers have been well scrubbed, then thoroughly sanitized with rubbing alcohol, or a 1/4 teaspoon or bleach to one cup water solution. Rinse your mouth with a chlorhexadine-containing mouthwash. A better remedy may be to simply use a chlorhexadine-containing mouthwash by itself. Depending on where you live, these are usually available OTC. I have used them, as well, without "snipping" and they've worked well for me, albeit slower. "Home surgery" is a pretty bad idea in my opinion.
Correction to "More info" Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-29
Sorry. I meant "...or a 1/4 teaspoon OF bleach to one cup water solution."

One other point: Hepatitis C is thought to be spread by shared personal hygiene tools like razors, toothbrushes, and NAIL CLIPPERS. The Hep C virus is pretty hardy outside the body, and is spread mainly by blood-to-blood contact, of which any of the items may draw. That blood- from someone else- may remain on the tool you then use while drawing blood from snipping." Be careful!

It works!!! Comments By: Momma Duck on 2010-04-29
I've been clipping these little buggers off for years and it has always worked almost instantly. Just sterilize and it should be fine. If it's a really big one, I'd probably go to a doctor though, just to be safe.
He's right. Comments By: Zach on 2010-05-04
It works. It sounds dumb but from my experience with these swollen taste buds; you leave it alone and it's going to be annoying you for at least three days; you clip it off and it's done and over with. I've never really bled even..
Greaat Advice(; But it Hurts, hgaha :)) Comments By: Vanessa,<3 on 2010-05-04
Haha, i Have one on My Tongue Because i Bit it a Few Days Ago D; it Hurts to a Small Amount but the Thing is That its Super Annoyingg -___- Haha, But im Too Freaked Out to Clip it Off, andd i Was Trying to Pull it Off And it Hurt So So Badd ;/ So im Going to Let it Be, For a Whilee(; Haha, But i Think this is Great informationn :DD
WOW! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Comments By: Diana on 2010-05-13
I numbed mine up with a large cube of ice for about 3 minutes before I clipped it off. I am shocked! It really worked, didn't hurt at all and I feel sooooo much better :)
pretty simple Comments By: Christina on 2010-05-14
a) the people who followed this advice and posted right after clipping probably ended up with an infection or something later

b) the people who do this and don't suffer infections, etc. probably got lucky or they're not really removing an actual piece of the tongue

c) only idiots will take a cutting tool meant for their nails to their tongue. the smart people will read this advice and say to themselves 'crazy imbeciles, no way in hell I'm doing that'

Nail Clippers Rule!!! Comments By: Carol on 2010-05-16
I am an RN and hesitated doing this, but was so uncomfortable. My swollen, super sore bud was in the center of my tongue. I used alcohol on the baby clipper, and clipped quickly. Bleed quite a bit, but held a wet washcloth and it stopped quickly. INSTANT pain relief and it is a dot size. NO problem!!!!!! Awesome relief!!! Thanks you!!!!!
I waited it out... Comments By: Mobile Belle on 2010-05-20
I had one for several days - yep, sunflower seeds. It's gone down and no longer hurts but it's brown now. Is it just dead tissue? Will it just fall off?
Ok you guys Comments By: Kaitlyn on 2010-05-23
Ok you guys, for those of you who think you are going to get an infection from cutting off a small little bump on your tongue, your like 99.9% wrong. You can get one, but it's very, very, very (etcr) unlikely so long as your nail clippers are properly sterilized. Yes, your mouth is filled with bacteria, but no it's not all bad. There are good bacteria that keep you from getting infections in there. Not only that your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body. So chill out.
And to people going on about how you won't be able to taste anything. Every 3-10 days your mouth has entirely new taste buds. That's right, new taste buds. It's like your skin. You shed it off and it gets replaced with new skin/taste buds. So you don't have to worry about that.
If you don't believe me look up how often your taste buds get replaced. The bacteria stuff I found out when I was looking into getting my tongue pierced.

Yep...Worked like a charm!!! Comments By: Amy on 2010-05-24
I just read the posts and decided more people than less did it and it worked...so off I went into the bathroom to get rid of this bad bud. I had a little clove oil which I used to numb the bud, sterilized my clippers, found the little guy, and snip!!! Didn't even hurt and now my tongue feels a million percent better!!!
hi Comments By: ange on 2010-05-27
The taste buds regenerate every 2 weeks or so,your old ones fall off to be replaced by new ones,iv had the same problem sevral times and its only sore for a fue days so id not recomend pulling or cutting them off as they fall off anyway.
Hurt So Good Comments By: JPBaby on 2010-05-27
I like the pain of messing with my swollen taste bud. I guess i'm weird but its a good type of pain. If you're going to do it use a tweezer though, it feels so good to yank that thing out. Ohh yeah I went on a date tonight.
Feels so much better! Comments By: Tina Bo Bina on 2010-05-28
I was very apprehensive to try this but I had this for 3 days and it was causing me so much pain. It worked! I couldnt even tell that I snipped it...I had to look at the clipper to see that I did. Thanks! I will have a much better weekend
I didn't believe it, but it works! Comments By: Robin on 2010-05-31
Actually, I didn't believe thes post so I got dome ice to relieve the pain, the swollen taste bud stuck to the ice right away XD, and it doesn't hurt anymore ^^
this shit works Comments By: breyona on 2010-06-03
i had one bothering me for days and i was having a hard time eating, well i got fed up and turned to the net. i just put a little orajel on my tongue and got the toe nail clippers ran it under hot water for a s=few seconds then pour alcohol on it then ran hot water over it again ran my finger across my tongue to make sure i was in the right spot and clipped it off didnt feel a thing and now i feel one hundred percent better! not even sore. thank you so much.
Relief outweighs risk by far! Comments By: No sore tounge on 2010-06-04
If you had them and removed them by any method you would not doubt this method does work. Those who dissagree with 'infection' fear are far from stoping a person with a 2 week curse to a 2 minute curse. Walk in my swollen bud shoes for 2 weeks and then comment! The relief far outweighs the risk.
Use clove oil, chloraseptic or anbesol for pain Comments By: Mina on 2010-06-06
I just tried this and it worked. But Im a wimp for pain (obviously) so I used a dab of clove oil on the swollen bud first to numb the area. If you dont have clove oil have some chloraseptic mouth spray (its for sore throats and also numbs mouth pain) or anbesol for oral pain. Mine didnt even bleed and it feels much better. :)
No prob Comments By: Foody on 2010-06-07
YES! clip, tweeze or mini sizzer it off, then just a drop of Tea tree oil applied with a Q-tip to clean and start the healing...then it's all better!
swollen buds Comments By: dora on 2010-06-09
i thought i was the only one with this problem! i read a previous comment! it said the come when the body has to much salt! how true is that?
Just take a leap and do it, I did! Comments By: mikey on 2010-06-10
I found this site while googling 'white swollen taste bud'. it never occurred to me to clip it off. after reading the comments and the lure of instant pain relief, i decided to try it. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER. everything everyone says is completely true. mine didn't even bleed. i didn't feel a thing and the pain was instantly gone. i can still feel and see where it was swollen but it doesn't hurt. here's what i did: bought a brand new baby straight (not curved or domed) edge pair of clippers, dunked them in rubbing alcohol, swished chloraseptic around in my mouth to numb my tongue, swished mouthwash around to clean it, snipped the offending taste bud off (didn't bleed), swished more mouthwash around, and then CELEBRATED MY COMPLETE RELIEF.
Only thing that works for me Comments By: Miz Geezer on 2010-06-12
I get a sore taste bud a couple of times a year, only one at a time, and hie me to the bathroom as fast as my arthritic knees can carry me. If the bud is small I yank it off with fine-tipped tweezers but use clippers if it's a big one (funny the size has nothing to do with how bad the bud hurts). No one uses my tweezers and clippers but me, so I'm not worried about transferring loathsome diseases, and just give them a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol for appearances' sake. Have never bothered with anything to deaden pain, it's so quick, and often doesn't hurt at all. The cure certainly doesn't hurt as bad as the bud. Very seldom have I had one that bled more than a drop, and pressure stopped that in a moment, and in all my years I've never had an infection or any other complication. The relief is IMMEDIATE! As someone else said, it's hard to believe anything that small can hurt that bad, but it does, and it's the sort of thing you can't leave alone, like a hangnail: I'll press it against the point of a canine tooth and the pain is exquisite!
I can understand why the naysayers are shocked at the very idea of cutting off taste buds with nail clippers; it sounds completely insane! But against all reason, it really does work.

Hmm.. I agree Comments By: Christinaa on 2010-06-17
I'm only 16 and I have been suffering from a highly acidic tongue since I was 10. I get swollen taste buds ALL the time. Each time it just gets even worse. I admit to biting and cliping them off and it's true.. it hurts alot less then trying to avoid them. But I end up getting to concentrated in releaving the pain, that I end up cliping a TON of my taste buds off. Anyone know a safer alternative? I would really not like to have lost my taste before I'm even 21.
it does work! Comments By: rob c on 2010-06-18
I didn't believe it...I had to read every post. Then I put a flame to some sharp tweezers. i squeezed the bump until it disappeared. It was a great pain. Then it was gone...popped. I can't believe it. didn't bleed.
didn't really... Comments By: rob c. on 2010-06-18
they came back after 10 min. pinched 'em again...They came back again. Just let 'em heal. Don't mess with 'em.
I have been doing this for a long time Comments By: Done this lots on 2010-06-23
I have been doing this for a long time as I always get these little pesky buggers. This does work if you can put up with a tiny bit of pain that goes away in the matter of one day (for me) as the mouth is one of the fastest healing areas in the human body.
Comments By: quote on 2010-06-23
[didn't really... Comments By: rob c.
they came back after 10 min. pinched 'em again...They came back again. Just let 'em heal. Don't mess with 'em.]
The only reason that happens is because after cutting a taste bud off the area around oftenly becomes swollen for a short amount of time but eventually goes away.

Get 'er done! Comments By: Istuckmytongueonafrozenposttoo on 2010-06-28
I have a tongue piercing..and the piercing was heavenly compared to getting one of these buggers. Seriously..they are annoying!

I either bite or clip the bugger. Whatever you choose to call it, tastebud or pap(whatever). I call it 'that' annoying bump on my tongue and I get the job done when I get one.

For the record;

I've also not lost the ability to taste.
I've never acquired an infection in my mouth.

Worse things can happen in life so just get rid of the annoyance. Go get 'er done!

btw I LMAO @ the car exploding comment ;)

that is amazing Comments By: steff on 2010-07-01
It has been bothering me for days...... I should have look this up when it popped up...... just did it a min ago and already relief........ yay :-)
I used a razor blade Comments By: tastebudbabe on 2010-07-04
I had a really big swollen "bud" on the top of my tongue. I had dealt with it for over a week without it going down and finally had had enough and decided late one night to take a razor blade to it. I have to say that when I did this all it did was manage to hurt more! I split mine open but did not cut it off. Not sure that I would be up for cutting it completely off. I'm afraid I would do something dumb like cut off the wrong one!
yup I've done it..every time.. Comments By: tee on 2010-07-07
I get a swollen taste bud occasionally and I just take a pair of tweezers and pluck it off, problem solved. hmmm never thought of using clippers. If you don't like the idea then don't do it... it's that simple.
Just Did It! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-08
This is the first time I've clipped it off and it's wonderful. It doesn't feel like anything was there!!!
AND I Thought I was the ONLY ONE!!!! Comments By: tungbumper on 2010-07-12
I have been doing this for years...and it does work...Honest! I thought I was the only person who did this and thought I should never tell anyone because I know it's weird. LOL! before you clip be sure to have steady hand/tongue coordination and BE CAREFUL!not kidding I clipped the wrong spot once and it was not pretty/hurt for days! CLEAN YOUR CLIPPER perhaps with peroxide AND after GARGLE/Rinse with salt water or mouthwash.Try not to make a habit of this.
It Works Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-21
I've done this for years and it always works. It doesn't hurt.
I'm Not Alone! Comments By: Kitty on 2010-07-23
Never thought others did this. but now that i've read through i'll the comments i don't feel as odd about it. I mainly us Clippers or scissors, but i'm thinking of maybe trying the tweezers, hopefully that way will work the best out of all of them.
Yes, Clip. Comments By: Mariah on 2010-07-24
i clip... dont you?
Used my teeth Comments By: wow on 2010-07-26
I read all the responses and was a bit hesitant to use clippers or any other instruments so i simply chose to go "all naturalle" and used my front teeth. If you kind of use the teeth in a sawing motion(side to side) and if the bothersome bud is at the tip of the tongue it will come off piece by piece. Just take your time. Breath. Doesnt hurt afterwhile.
I used tweezers!!!! Comments By: swollentoungeguy on 2010-07-26
I just pulled off the end and POOF ....Better!!! Thanks to those who aren't wimps and tried this first!! Ive had these a couple times and now i know so thanks!!
Don't Listen to the Pussies Comments By: Monique on 2010-07-27
Works. Every time.

My mom kept telling me it would get infected but I did it anyway. 10years later and still haven't gotten one. FYI have a tissue ready bc it'll bleed. You won't regret it.

OMG Comments By: Angelica on 2010-07-27
i tried cutting one off and it hurt so bad i couldnt finish... im so upset it hurts so bad.
not smart! Comments By: owwwww on 2010-07-30
these things hurt more than anything in the world, so I decided I should cut it off. I couldn't find the one that was swollen so i just cut a little area, NOT SMART. my tongue won't stop bleeding and now it feels like there is 23 bumps instead of one, plus the whole tip is numb!
Ohhh, just do it! Comments By: Mary Sue on 2010-07-31
Psssh. A bunch of people on here keep saying "OH NOOO YOU'LL GET INFECTED!". Seriously- do you panic the same way every time you bite your tongue by accident or floss a little too hard? It's not like you're making a hole all the way through- it's like a paper cut on your tongue. I've done this a million times- I've even taken off a skin tag with nail clippers, no sanitation ever. No infection- because I have an immune system.

But the guy who used a razor was crazy. Clippers, scissors, tweezers= okay, using a razor on something so small is dumb.

AGREE 100% Comments By: HEATHER on 2010-08-05
Good advice!! Comments By: Jess on 2010-08-05
It really didn't hurt at all and it works!
always done it, always will! Comments By: Joelle Michelle on 2010-08-16
This last patch of swollen taste buds has been the worst ever. I don't care if I have to take 20 tastebuds off. It feels as if a nerve in my tongue is exposed in this area and is continually agitated, turning some surrounding taste buds whitish. I don't have a numbing agent. I am using ice, then drying the area with a paper towel. Drying it before clipping is the key... less pain, but hard to tell exactly which taste bud is irritated. Definitely FOR this action. Never had a problem with infection either.
I tried it Comments By: sunil on 2010-08-12
So I was in pain for like three days ugghhh how irking the thing became. I just pulled it off... ughhhh medical sterile freaks just buy fresh clippers the tongue carries the most germs..... infection won't occur its no piercing and if there is a whole its the size of one taste bud before inflammation... mouth wash is used to remove common bacteria ... pain is gone
For those obsessed with infection Comments By: imahypochondriaphobic on 2010-08-19
If you honestly believe that you are going to get a life-threatening infection from making an almost microscopic hole in your tongue then you must be a hypochondriac. Just clip away the pain and get it over with. Why pay all your hard earned cash to go and see a doctor who will do exactly the same thing. Just suck up the pain for three seconds, clip it, (you can even dab on some orajel if you are an extremely cautious person) then continue your life pain free. I've been doing this for 17 years, trust me, it's the best option.
Laughing at the over-reacters~ Comments By: Amber on 2010-08-21
Yeah I've done this for years. I've also had my tongue pierced 3 times. Basically if you're that darn worried about infection, then don't consume dairy products for a couple of days and brush your teeth after you eat or drink anything but water. Your tongue DEFINITELY IS the part of your body that is the quickest to heal. Took my tongue ring out for a tonsillectomy, came out and my piercing was healed up. Gave up on it after that last time. But yeah, clipping is the way to go. *thumbs up*
I BITE THEM OFF... Comments By: COFFYBEANS on 2010-08-22
Educate yourself,don't just read forums Comments By: Jax on 2010-08-26
There are many medical factors you need to consider here. The swollen buds can be a symptom of something else your doctor might not think to check for. If it is from eating salty or hot foods, eat yogurt. It will get rid of the inflammation.
read more here:

Try It!!! Stop wasting time in PAIN!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-31
I had been in pain for the last week! I tried everything I could think of to forget about the pain, but it hurt just to look at it. Sterilize some nail clippers, clip that painful little bugger off and rinse with Listerine! Worked like a charm and the itsy bitsy amount of pain is nothing compared to the pain I was in for a week. Just sorry I didn't do this sooner!
painless Comments By: a Zerg Roach on 2010-08-29
I just found this thread and was sceptical from clipping the thing off my tongue, but i soaked my tongue a bit in mouthwash and the alcohol made it go a little numb. Then i clipped that sucker off. It was almost completely painless and now the pain has gone away. ahhh, the internet wins again.
I've done it for years!! Comments By: Oklasooner on 2010-09-06
Yes it works! I just thought I was the only weirdo in this world that actually did it.
Easy, painless Comments By: Serein on 2010-09-07
Just tried this after 3 days in pain. Used tweezers, got hold of the bloody thing and before I could be nervous a slight movement pulled it out and I hardly noticed.

Would definately recommend trying this.

pain wussy released from taste bud of DOOM Comments By: Eleanor on 2010-09-10
So, I'm kind of a wussy when it comes to pain, so that's why this is so bizzare. My taste bud was really hurting and bugging me - to the point that I didn't really wanna eat.

I kept wanting to bite it off, but thought "jeez, what a dumb idea that would be." Frustrated by that little guy rubbing every time I swallowed, ate, thought about eating, etc., I finally looked it up.

Then, I kept asking my boyfriend..."is this a joke?" "Are they screwing with me because i would totally be crazy enough to try it." When i saw how many people responded with positive affirmations, I was like "heck, i'll try it!"

And then I did. I was frustrated because i didn't feel anything and thought I missed.

But I didn't.

The little bastard was finally gone. I noticed a little blood and went to find a paper towel, but before I could find one the bleeding stopped.

Not saying it would work for everyone, but I'm that person who takes forever to heal after piercings, the wuss who has a low pain tolerance, and it was like finally being released from prison or something. I feel like there should be a holiday just for the public education of taste bud clipping.

works Comments By: anon on 2010-09-12
pain not gone, but less.
I was desperate, and this worked!!!!! Comments By: BNIC on 2010-09-14
I agonized over an enlarged taste bud for months. I tried to bite, scrape, pluck and pinch it off. All that just made it angry. I came across this and was horrified..... but let me tell you, the split second of pain was WORTH IT!!!!!! And it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I will definitely do this again if I have to!
OMG!!! Thank you... this totally works instantly... Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-15
Depends on how deep you clip it.. mine didn't bleed it was hanging there like it wanted to fall off but it hurt so bad.. lol then i clipped it and felt nothing.. not even the clip hurt compared to this... I Love the internet.. i was so afraid to call the DR. on something so little lol..
It works. I've done it several times. Comments By: Blett on 2010-09-17
I love salt, so obviously I get these stupid things all the time. I just cut or bite them off. I've never had an infection. The people that are saying it bleeds a lot, or that it hurt really badly to cut into it have cut far too deep. If you only cut the swollen one you shouldn't have a problem.
Thought I was nutz Comments By: anon on 2010-09-17
I got 5 infected taste buds the other day. I was so upset as these things last forever and are so annoying. I couldn't take it any longer so I decided to sterilize clippers and cut them off. I was amazed on how much better I felt after taking the biggest one off. So I removed all of them.

I wondered if I was crazy for doing this. So I googled it and found this site. Not sure if it is a good idea to do this method to get rid of the infected taste buds, but it definitely works and is almost instant relief.

Yes, I have done this for 20 years. 2 or 3 times a year I will eat something too hot and I get one or two 3 days later. Clip the, they are gone and NO PAIN afterwards. THE IDIOTS WHO SAY GO TO YOUR DOCTOR SHOULD BE BANNED FROM HEALTH CARE AND HEALTH CARE INSURANCE. You are the SAME idiots who cost us billions of dollars a year for simple non-medical attention needing issues.
Free Entertainment! Comments By: MotherOfOne on 2010-09-19
I read every post & laughed all the way through. My husband almost didn't believe me when I told him I was laughing at a thread of people talking about swollen taste buds. This is great entertainment during these hard economic times ;)
i thought only i did this Comments By: wordpicky on 2010-09-20
and with baby clippers, too!

by the by, cud does not mean the walls of your cheek, it's the mass of food on the second chewing in ruminants. (cowa, sheep, deer, etc)

A lightbulb moment... Comments By: Susan on 2010-09-25
I just read other folks on this thread mentioning having painful tastebuds after either eating sunflower seeds and potato chips.
Well, guess what! I just got a painful taste bud after eating some potato chips made with sunflower oil...
And now that I think about it, I do get painful tastebuds after I eat potato chips.
Wonder if the "sunflower" effect really has anything to do with it?
Inquiring minds REALLY want to know.
As much as I'd love to be able to clip my painful taste bud right now, it's too far back on my tongue...GRRRRR.

It really works! Comments By: Rylee on 2010-09-26
Ok. So I've had a swollen taste bud on the tip of my tongue for 7 months. It was driving me crazy! It always hurt and it was just embarrassing. My mom told me to just leave it alone but that's easier said than done. So I went to google for a solution. At first I was like, this is crazy! But then I decided it was worth the risk. Now you have to understand that I have an extremely low tolerance for pain so I stood there for about 10 minutes before I actually did it. It didn't hurt at all. It bled for about 15 minutes then it was done. I rinsed with listerine and then held a cotton ball on it until it stopped bleeding. I am sooooo glad I did it!!!!
Worked for me too. Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-27
I just tried it. I had a swollen taste bud on the tip of my tongue that's been bothering me. It's totally gone now and it didn't even bleed.
ALUM!!!! Comments By: Ali on 2010-10-02
Dab Alum on it. Works like a charm. Alum can be found in the grocery store in the spices and pickling section. Only costs a buck or so .....do it and avoid the self mutilation surgery. I swear it works...learned about it from a dentist.
ok so it really does work Comments By: m on 2010-10-07
I didnt clip it, it hurt wayyy to bad, so I kinda bit it off gently. It felt like a scab or something so gross. It came off and instantly, I was pain free. Miracle!
Didn't hurt, the damn taste bud is gone thank god Comments By: anon on 2010-10-08
I've had a single, enlarged taste bud in the middle of my tongue that has annoyed me for MONTHS. I finally just cut the damn thing off after sterilizing some nail clippers. Hurt less than squeezing a pimple. Hardly any blood, I'm pleased!
DO IT Comments By: Jojo on 2010-10-10
I wish I would have found this a long time ago. I always get these and just tried this. It bled for 30 seconds and then felt better. I cut mine with a scissors. The clippers kinda creeped me out.
Wow... Comments By: Brokenbutterfly on 2010-10-17
It's GONE!! After enduring that little bugger on the tip of my tongue for months, having it getting caught between my teeth or accidentally biting it when eating causing constant pain, I finally did it! Hardly bleed, and a tiny bit tender, but nothing compared to living with that annoying THING
Ice Comments By: Ahmad on 2010-10-18
Ice usually numbs it try it out
I guess not the only person Clipping it off Comments By: Karen on 2010-10-20
yes I must admit I do clip it off also. Like lot of other people commented once you clip it off, the pain is gone instantly. And yes our mouths are full of bacteria and that's why it's important to have good oral hygiene.
This worx!!! Comments By: Lizzy81 on 2010-10-22
I snip them off each time. Usually with a sterile pair of the scissors that come in a manicure set. Just make sure u snip off right where it begins to swell! no pain. Honest,
this is so funny! Comments By: Smitha Srinivas on 2010-10-22
I've read all of these. I have a swollen taste bud and it hurts and is annoying, but I'm too much of a chicken to cut it off. I will wait it out and see how long it takes to heal on its own, as an experiment.
It works.. Comments By: Matthew T. Knight on 2010-10-25
Oh yes it works.. Just adding my vote to the masses who have tried this and felt the sweet, sweet relief! Get over it you wimps! Clip the darned thing off!
5 stars for clipping...yep yep!!!! Comments By: MainGirl78 on 2010-10-29
I, like the above poster, just wanted to give my 5 star rating for clipping the damn things off. Someone here called it "self mutilation" Bwahahaha it's like biting of the dead skin around your fingernail!!! If anything, those that continue with the pain are suffering needlessly. This was THE least painful "procedure", THE quickest, most simple way of ending THE most annoying pain ever!! I'm glad I found this place. And uh hey morons, pull your heads out of your @ss long enough and you'll quit suffering too!
Seasoned Pro Comments By: Kathryn on 2010-11-01
I've been nipping these little fu*kers off for 10+ years with great results. I honestly thought I was the only person that did it... glad to know I'm not the only one! It literally takes *seconds* to "nip it in the bud" and ease your irritation. Hygiene is, of course, important. Make sure you wash your hands and whatever tool you decide to use. To those that threaten with the possible infection of the tongue or claim a loss of taste will occur- seriously?! The whole process is nothing more than you'd experience by accidentally biting your tongue!
Clip it or rip it Comments By: Ratava on 2010-11-06
I do this all the time. Well, not with finger nail clippers, but with sterilized tweezers. I identify the offending bud and pull it off. The pain is gone instantly and then I rinse my mouth with Gly-Oxide Liquid Antiseptic Oral Cleanser. Never had a problem.
DO NOT cut it off push it back in... Comments By: DarlaDarlaD on 2010-11-09
Push it back in do not clip it off... Works great too.
I use very small scissors. Comments By: Jerbear on 2010-11-17
This way you get a perfect cut. It truly is less painful than the raised taste bud itself. If it's your first time trying this, your biggest challenge is doing it. Once you do it and realize how great the results are, you will never think twice about it again.

helping hint for bleeding- put a tea bag on your tongue for 4 minutes and the bleeding will have stopped completely.

used scissors... Comments By: anon on 2010-11-13
I have had a very large one on the SIDE of my tongue, about in the middle. It got very large and swelled for about a few weeks then went down but was still kinda big. The other day it decided to swell back up again. I dealt with it all day today, debating whether I should remove it or not. Well finally I decided I couldn't stand it anymore because it rubbed against my teeth and was so huge, so I used mouth wash first, sterilized a pair of cuticle scissors, and numbed it a little with some ice. I removed it in about two snips. It bled a little bit, but I just held it firmly with a paper towel and it stopped. It already feels better, just a little sore/swollen from where I cut it. So yeah it seems crazy but hopefully it will provide some relief!!
not just one but tons ! Comments By: anon on 2010-11-23
clipping 2 or 3 seems okay but what if like the whole tip of your tongue is dead ?
"TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING" Comments By: Jeannie67 on 2010-12-04
I have an enlarged taste bud on the upper right side of my tongue. I have had this happen before but usually gone in two or three days. This time though it has been two weeks. I have tried aspirin, oragel, canker sore patches,and even pickle juice. I have been told it is a lie bump but fail to make any connection with this large of a tale that I could have told. I have considered clipping it but have to admit I'm somewhat hesitant. The discomfort is annoying and I think maybe temporary pain may be the only option left. I just may give it a try. I'll let you know what happens.
Giant Swollen Dying Taste Bud Comments By: Karen on 2010-12-09
These dying taste buds happen to me every time I've tried to take Iron Supplements. They swell up, turn red, swell more, turn white and die. Well, I just had a huge one that was excrutiating and it was too far back on the side of my tongue to try to clip. The Ambesol and such helped me to be able to eat and the thing finally died. These turn white and die so I don't see the harm in clipping them off when you can. The pain was off the charts and it was huge (like the size of 5-6 taste buds or more).
That's what I do Comments By: skippy on 2010-12-16
I don't use a nail clipper, but that little fold out scissors from a swiss army knife. It's really precise. I sterilize it before hand, reach in there and clip the little booger. 90% of the time there's no pain or problems afterward. Although a few times it has made it worse. Still, I do it almost every time a taste bud blows up.
It works...without a doubt Comments By: Jason on 2010-12-24
I wish I had known about this years ago...
after reading the above posts, I tried it. Comments By: kimdracula on 2010-12-23
Seriously. I'm terrified of pain, and my tongue feels great now. I use a small pair of clippers and rinsed with sea salt water for 10 min after.
Thanks guys!

I clip mine also Comments By: Morgan on 2010-12-20
I also keep them all the time and they hurt so bad! I was up all night with mine aggravating me so i just took a little pair of nail clippers and clipped it and its gone (: No pain anymore and my tongue is just fine.. Im glad to know im not the only one that does this lol
just do it Comments By: jeremy on 2010-12-25
i used needle nose tweezers and just pinched mine at the base of the swelling. held it there for all of 4 seconds, couldn't even feel it, i let go to see if i was going to bleed and realized the bud was already off from pinching it with the tweezers. no blood, and i seriously cant feel it at all. like new.
Pain is gone and I can eat again!!!!! Comments By: Lys on 2010-12-25
I just tried it for the first time. I had one on the tip of my tongue so it was really uncomfortable to eat or even just to have my tongue in my mouth. It's been about a week and I was fed up so I read the stuff here and decided to try it out. I just grabbed an ice cube, a paper towel, and sterilized the little scissors on my pocket knife. I was expecting it to hurt, but it didn't at all AND I didn't have any bleeding. There was no clean up and the pain that has been keeping me from wanting to eat and even from sleeping disappeared as soon as I clipped it off. Now I can rub my tongue on my teeth if I want and I can't even tell that it was ever there. YAY! ^_^
awesome Comments By: Ranger on 2010-12-22
i just did it about 5 seconds ago for the first time then i looked it up to see if anything would happen i just used my nails now the pains completely gone
Very Happy Tongue... Comments By: Happy in Wisconsin on 2010-12-29
I read up about this cause this has never happened to me before.. The front side of my tongue had a swollen taste bud and it hurt soooo bad.. It has been like this for a week.. I saw all your reviews and said what the heck i'll try it and sure enough it worked awesome. Bled a little but my tongue hurts waaaay less then what it did. ^.^ So happy now...
I do this all the time Comments By: kevlar on 2010-12-29
I can't even believe I found this. I love the interwebs. This has worked for me every time and I even use nail clippers too. I don't rinse or clean prior and always successful. Pain is instatly gone and I feel better. So much better than the dang annoying swollen bud. Better off gone
i think its easisest to bite them Comments By: mike on 2011-01-11
usually i jus manage to trap them inbetween my fron teethe and bite them off, just do it quick may hurt for a whiel but soreness goes away after a hour or so :)
me 2! Comments By: dru on 2011-01-08
its sooooo annoying to deal with it. so after i had mine a few times i just got pissed saw it and ripped it right off. it hurt for maybe an hour but its better than hurting for a few days.
first few comments Comments By: bio major on 2011-01-09
just so you know, wounds such as cuts and things, in your mouth heal quicker than most other places in the body. calm down.
This is worth it! Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-14
I tried clipping off a swollen tastebud after reading the comments, since it had been bothering me for a few days. I numbed it first with OralB, then rinsed with Listerine, and cleaned the clippers with alcohol (as many suggest in their posts). I clipped it just enough to make it flush with my tongue. I didn't gouge it out or anything, so it didn't even bleed. The pain went away IMMEDIATELY! I was nervous to do it, but it was SO worth it. Now I can eat, talk, etc. with no pain.
chill peeps Comments By: Vi on 2011-01-16
clipping it will give you relief, as long as you sterilze and only clip the ONE bud you'll be fine. taste buds grow back everytime they need too, think about if you burn your tounge. guess what, just killed all those taste buds. but it heals riiight? yea cause new ones grew back. like skin. and you wont get an infection from this because if the bacteria is already in your mouth, its in your body. ive done this and it works especially when youre allergic to oragel like me
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Melly on 2011-01-16
i done all the steps someone posted without reading em lol it was just common sense to dry your tongue and stuff. but it was bothering me ALL day and within a minute it was all gone.. no blood or nothing!
Are you serious? Comments By: Dr.Anna Stewart on 2011-01-18
I cannot believe that anybody would be stupid enough to suggest this practice en masse via the internet. The tongue is very sensitive, easily infected and can bleed profusely after even a small cut.

Your body is like a finely tuned engine. If something 'minor' goes wrong, such as a spot or a swollen 'taste bud', there is a reason. Food is fuel for the body - put cheap contaminated petrol or diesel into your car engine and you'll have problems. Same with your body - fill it with processed foods, artificial sweetners, excess alcohol, etc. and you'll have problems.

These are a sign that your body is not being fed the right food - several people have mentioned salty seeds/nuts as a possible cause and they could be right - too much salt is bad for your body - it causes high blood pressure, kidney problems etc.

The cure is simple - eat as much unprocessed food as possible, get at least 5 portions of fresh veg and fruit every day. Avoid junk food such as crisps, salted nuts, salted seeds, chocolate, alcohol in excess. Small treats every now and again are ok but not every day, I like my chocolate too but keep it as a treat for Sunday afternoons! Small portions of unsalted, unprocessed nuts and seeds are good for you but 7/8 nuts is a more than adequate portion. Oral hygiene is also very important, brush your teeth twice a day and floss every night at bedtime, no matter how tired you are. There is ever growing evidence that heart disease is strongly linked to oral hygiene and that heart disease begins in early teens, by the time any symptoms appear the damage has been done.

If you can honestly say you eat a healthy balanced diet, excellent oral hygiene, and an overall healthy lifestyle, but are still having problems, then please go and see your doctor or dentist asap to get checked out. Don't 'cut it off' DIY style at home, you could end up with even bigger problems such as infection, unstemmed bleeding, and even miss the early symptoms of mouth cancer.

As a GP I would rather see patients when problems start rather than 5 years later only to discover they have been cancerous and it's too late to do anything about it. Remember that is what your GP is for - 5 minutes in their surgery could save years of heartache later in life and any good doctor will not see people with symptoms such as these as 'time wasters'.

Please, please DO NOT cut these off your self at home!

Clippity clip!! Comments By: Owwweiiee on 2011-01-22
I just tried it and feel much better!!!!!!
been doing it for years Comments By: lol doctors on 2011-01-23
This always has worked for me. I like how the good doctor came in to tell everyone to stop relying on home remedies and instead to tell us that we have scary cancer, so everyone quick, run to your doctor because he or she needs to buy another sports car.
Yeah, I'm guilty Comments By: Urban Sidhe on 2011-01-31
And have never gotten an infection from it so there. I've been doing this for a long time. Never any issue and the pain goes away with only a bit of soreness left behind that will go away in an hour or so. Despite what some people on here say, yes your tastebud will grow back. In fact you have hundreds dying and being replaced right now.
This is what I've done for years! Comments By: mm on 2011-02-05
I had always wondered what caused them and after all this years went to Google and here I am. This is exactly what I do. I can not describe how litterally 5 secs of pain can make days of discomfort worsening worth it.

It works people. It really does. I bite my tounge just before the swollen bud and then snip it off. Bleeds for 3 secs done.

It works! Comments By: Skeza on 2011-02-07
Tiny bit of bleeding but did my with surgical scissors. Little soreness after but its hell better then having that swollen taste bud annoying me. Just feels like getting my tongue pierced all over again.

Plus who ever said its stupid to cut em off, PFFT your mouth has bacteria YES but good bacteria that helps heal your mouth. If you didnt know your mouth is the fastest healing parts of your body.

..... Comments By: JokerChoker on 2011-02-07
Lets be logical here guys, cutting, picking, or popping will not hurt your tongue. Your body is made to withstand the worst of sickness, cutting your bud off will not kill you. its perfectly fine because your body heals. Its kind of like scraping your knee, will you freak out? probably, but come on think real hard, I know that dusty brain isn't that slow. but heres the knee slapper, you do what you want to do. You can keep thinkin what your thinking while others do what they do. it wont much matter on any of your says because when it comes to pain, people dont think twice on getting rid of it.
Finally Relief Comments By: No More Pain on 2011-02-07
I have always has this problem with my taste buds after eating spicy or real hot foods. When I was younger my mother called them lie bumps, that you would get after telling a lie lol. Needless to say just an old wise tail. After googling this and coming across this thread I stepped out on faith and tried the removing the taste bud with the clippers. OMG IT WORKED GREAT, A SEC OF PAIN THEN THE ISSUE WENT AWAY! I am very skeptical when it comes to things like this, but I am so glad I did it. I can't believe I never knew this before. Those other remedies MIGHT work, but they take days to see results. The results from this was instant. I sterilzed my clippers rinsed my mouth out with peroxide, added so anbesol and clipped, no problems. I had three and the other two I did without any anbesol and it was stilla breeze. I would suggest this remedy to anyone. Trust me it worked great>>
Works a treat Comments By: chriz m on 2011-02-13
Used to by em off, but forgot about nail clippers! I had one that reocurred for years and had enough so bit the sucker off, pain free!
This is Genius Comments By: MattyMatt on 2011-02-13
I have to say as many other comments I was extremely skeptical when I read these comments. But I knew my girlfriend was coming home soon and would probaly stop me, so I sterilized my mouth, the nail clippers by using a match on them and using alcohol. I then pulled the taste bud up and snipped it. I seriously didn't feel it at all. I would recommend ambesol if your concerned. But just make sure you get the taste bud only. It is literally 5 minutes later and it feels sooo much better. Go ahead do it.
I use my fingers - but yeah - get rid of it Comments By: CNZN on 2011-02-15
I'd never use a pair of fingernail clippers but hey to each his own. I just use my fingernails (after carefully washing my hands of course) and pop it. Hurts MUCH less afterwards. Barely noticeable.

A word to all of those "you'll get an infection and die" people on here...Seriously? Of course you have a lot of bacteria in your mouth but you can't honestly think that every time you have a sore/bite your cheek/etc. that you're going to get an infection. A normal person with a normal immune system and proper oral hygiene will have very little chance of infection. My god don't you remember when you were a kid and losing your baby teeth??? You had open gaping bleeding holes where teeth fell out to make way for the permanent ones and that didn't kill you! And kids are far less picky about what else goes into their mouths when this happens!

WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER? Comments By: Relieved on 2011-02-23
My swollen taste bud was toward the back of my tongue on the top. Very much protruding and I could feel it on the roof of my mouth. It would make me actually gag at times and has been there for several days. After reading these comments, I figured I would give it a shot. Immediately I cleaned tweezers with alcohol and pulled it off. It did not bleed hardly at all and the pain was very mild. WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?! It really does work!
Hate those things. Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-02
It works perfectly. I had one in a spot where it rubbed against the roof of my mouth on all of my aveolar consonants 'n such and was driving me crazy.

You can also sterilize the clippers/tweezer with fire; just make sure to let it cool first.
Once you clip it off do not squeeze on it and write on your wall with the blood. Do as I say, not as I do. :D

I just tried it..... Comments By: Nelson on 2011-03-03
...and it worked!! I had two of them, side by side. I took care of one first, and after it stopped bleeding (3 minutes of a very light trickle), I went and took care of the other. Ten minutes later, Im back here telling you how it went. No pain at all. Like nothing happened. I sterilized an angled nail clipper by holding it over a flame and then holding it under hot water for about a minute. Now its like I never had any of those lil suckers.
NO. Comments By: Jordan on 2011-03-08
This did not work. Made my taste bud swell even bigger.
NO. Comments By: Jordan on 2011-03-08
This did not work. Made my taste bud swell even bigger.
I'm Trying This Tonight Comments By: Sasha on 2011-03-11
This whole time I thought I had like a cluster of little 'canker sores' on the tip of my tongue, but now I'm thinking it's these!! Everyone saying NOT to clip them and to use numbing agents OBVIOUSLY don't get them that badly. These hurt to the point where my day is ruined and the numbing stuff gets so addicting I have to use it every 30 seconds for it to work. I have had these my whole life. Time to find a fix.
best advice I can think of.... Comments By: jaybird on 2011-03-09
Too funny... everything from dietary and hygiene advice to the suggestion of heart problems due to removing/pinching/snipping an irritated taste bud. My favorite is "I'm old school - I use my WWII bayonet to scape off the invader, then feed it to the cat." I laughed at that one.

I used a good pair of tweezers and just carefully pinched the white part that was irritated. No blood, no pain, and now my tongue is fine.

Seriously, if you are going to DIY then be smart; clean whatever you use and do not cut into the flesh of your tongue. If you're looking in the mirror and thinking "I really shouldn't be doing this" then don't! Go see a doctor, simple as that.

WOW! I can sleep tonight! Comments By: Poofaloof on 2011-03-13
I started to get one on the tip of my tongue a few nights ago and was bummed because I've gotten this swollen tastebuds before and they hurt. I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night with FOUR HUGE SWOLLEN painful ones, instead of just the one I had! For TWO DAYS I suffered. I brushed them, bit them, gargled, used orajel. I could hardly eat and tonight I couldn't even sleep the pain was so bad. I read up on this and decided I had had enough. I grabbed some newer finger nail clippers, dipped them in alcohol, lit the tip on fire, blew it out and went to town. I clipped a few innocent bystanders in the process and I only got half of one of them off, but the pain was reduced from a 10 to a 2 now. SO MUCH RELIEF! If I had had the time, I would have gone to the doctor and done this properly but at 11PM at night when I have to be up at 5AM, I'm obviously not going to be making that trip. Now I can sleep and possibly eat again.
IT SO WORKS Comments By: ~kizzes~ on 2011-03-21
Yes this totally works i hv had a swollen taste bud 4 over 1 yr and a half -_- and boy oh boy tht sucked so much it kept hitting my teeth made me uncomfortable....i used to pick at it and hoped it go away then i researched this n saw people bite it off so one night i couldnt take it anymore and i jus watched tht sucked n bit it off i used a napkin to apply pressure 2 my tongue bleed a little then i brushed my teeth again and garggled salt water and i was pain free after so happy!!!!!
Just clip it Comments By: Harold on 2011-03-21
My bud was toward the tip of my tongue and it was agitating me for about a week I gargled some mouthwash cleaned my nail clipper with alcohol, got right underneath the bud and clipped it. I felted a quick sting but it left after 1 second, no biggie.
Clipping taste buds Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-21
I have done it for years myself and it works so well. It doesn't hurt at all after it's gone. I recommend it to everyone. Those little things are a pain in the rear. I will do it forever.
Dirty mouth? Clean it up! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
They're not always related to a dirty mouth, sometimes it's because you've been eating alot of salty or acidic things, anyway, rinse with hydrogen peroxide a couple times a day and they go away after a day or two. Peroxide is a primary ingredient in toothpaste, and is recommended as a mouthwash anyway.
Don't clip it off!!! Comments By: Teddydee on 2011-03-25
I had a problem with a node on the right side of my tongue. SO Painful!! I read all the comments about clipping it off. You don't have to clip if off. Just use Listerine. Swoosh it in your mouth for about a minute, or until you can't take the strength of it, and whalla, it just falls off!! Try this, and no more pain.
Dosent Work Comments By: anon on 2011-04-06
i get spots on my tongue all the time and i normally end up cutting or biting them off but when it heals they are still there so it just causes more pain, but i would suggest using a mouth cream like iglu or bonjela and taking paracetamol... works for me, but if you do try cutting it off have tissue on hand and act like its a shaving cut. also sticking you tounge out to dry it out helps if you have no paracetamol to hand!
swollen taste bud Comments By: anon on 2011-04-01
It is most likely from biting your tongue, eating something hot or an allergic reaction. In my case it was a few bites of pineapple which got worse by everything I ate later. I've had this paid for serveral days and even considered cutting them off as suggested here. However, that seems pretty extreme so I finally popped a couple allergy pills and I am already starting to feel better. (Took me a while to figure out what it was from.)
wait it out Comments By: anonymous on 2011-04-01
Don't clip pieces Off your tongue off. Whoever said that your body is used to the bacteria in your mouth, that might be so, but an open wound is WAY more susceptible to infection. You think those bumps are painful? Try having an infection in your tongue! People, don't try to play doctor at home, get some oragel, lay off the acidic food and please PLEASE keep sharp objects away from your tongue!
Awesome! Comments By: Courtney on 2011-04-04
Thank you to all the people who posted! I brushed my teeth first, then rinsed with Listerine a couple of times before clipping it off! (Of course I sterilized the clippers with alcohol for several minutes.) Then, after I clipped it off, I rinsed thoroughly with Listerine a few more times.
TOTALLY WORKED!! It was a breeze! :0)

Ahhhh, I'm not alone. Comments By: Mr. Evolution on 2011-04-04
I thought I was alone on this. I've been doing this forever. It feels sooooo much better when I clip off swollen taste buds. It hurts for a second then no more pain.
ehh Comments By: Lizzie on 2011-04-10
Uhhh... I've tried this and it hurt even worse and it took longer to heal. It'll only take 3 days to a week for it to heal. So just eat soft foods and try to avoid things that are hot. :) that's my advice.
Wow. The irony. Comments By: AdamZapple on 2011-04-25
What's funny is the people here who get their tongues pierced or stick them to a frozen pole and then call other people retarded because they advise against "clipping" away your anatomy. My advice is don't take advice from these sorts of people, and don't ever "clip" anything off of your body except hair and nails.
This DOES work! Comments By: Gettetguuurl1985 on 2011-05-16
This is a GREAT remedy to get rid of those painful "inflamed tastebuds" or whatever they are. I've done this for years and it works every time. Afterwards, there may be a little blood but a few seconds of blood and pain is fine if it gets rid of the ongoing pain of one of those things on my tongue! To the poster of the comment regarding their concern about this method leaving an open wound on the tongue -FYI- Inside the mouth heals remarkably fast, so it really only is an "open wound" for a few minutes.
Consult your doctor... Comments By: melissa on 2011-05-19
This may work sometimes, but it isn't really too bright to do something like this without talking to you doctor first. It may not seem like a big deal, but cutting off parts of your body could possibly lead to some serious problems. I'm not going to say that you should or should not do it because I actually acknowledge the fact that I don't have a medical degree, but I do think it would be smart to talk to someone who does before continuing to do something like this.
Consult your doctor... Comments By: melissa on 2011-05-19
This may work sometimes, but it isn't really too bright to do something like this without talking to you doctor first. It may not seem like a big deal, but cutting off parts of your body could possibly lead to some serious problems. I'm not going to say that you should or should not do it because I actually acknowledge the fact that I don't have a medical degree, but I do think it would be smart to talk to someone who does before continuing to do something like this.
IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: Holly on 2011-05-21
I had a really bad inflamed taste bud and was getting no releive after 5 days. I happen to come across this website and I took a shot and clipped off the tastebud with sterile clippers. INSTANT RELIEF!! The best thing I could have done. I brushed my teeth and rinsed with listerine and am doing good.
Gurgling vs. Googling Comments By: XpatPkf on 2011-05-30
I've had a sore white taste bud on the tip of my tongue for two days, and it's driving me mad! Gurgling saltwater and putting GlyOxide on it have done NOTHING, so I Googled and found this site.
I'm going upstairs right now, give myself a thorough toothbrushing and rinsing with mouthwash, and then I'm gonna clip this sucka off!
I'll report the results...

Gurgling vs. Googling (Part 2) Comments By: XpatPkf on 2011-05-30
Okay. I snipped the little bugger off.

There was a bit of bleeding, but nothing that a few rinses with water couldn't handle.

The tongue pimple is GONE, and I am one happy lady now!

I'm now a confirmed snipper for life! Thank you to everybody for their comments and tips! :)

THIS TOTALLY WORKS!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-06
I have had the same problem for about a week now and its been driving me nuts!! When that little thing hits my front teeth it hurt like crazy! i stumbled across this site and decided to try it. Didnt hurt much to clip it off, gargled some mouthwash...and voila! Its gone and its doesnt hurt anymore.
Dr. Recommended - Quick Fix Comments By: Dr. Bradley on 2011-06-09
Removing the swollen bud is the easiest and most effective remedy for the associated pain. Be smart,
clean and disinfect your nail clipper or tweezers, wash thoroughly with a good antibacterial mouth wash before and after debudding, and it is a good idea to apply a oral pain reliever such as oragel prior.

Dry your tongue with a clean washcloth and dab the swollen bud to make it easier to pull/clip and using your nail clipper clip the bud with a firm squeeze and simply lift the bid from your tongue. If this is your first time you will experience slight discomfort followed by immediate bleeding. The wonderful thing is by the time you realize the pain then comfort will settle in and you'll feel funny for worrying so much about the pain prior.

Repeat for all other swollen buds minding your cleanliness and within a dew minutes you be enjoying comfort.

Regarding infection worries. Your tongue is the fastest healing portion of your body and will not only heal itself with in a few hours but will replace the buds with in 1-3 days. Can you get an infection? Yes. If you practice good cleanliness before and after you greatly will lower your risk of infection. Incase of infection seek medical help immediately.

How confident am I that debudding works? I not only Denis myself, but would also debud you if you came into my practice.

Should you want more advice contact your personal physician.

Clip it off! Comments By: Mariana on 2011-06-18
I have one tastebud that is often swollen, it never occured to me to clip it off, I just did it, it did not hurt at all and didn't really bleed. Totally worth it as now I am pain free
CLIPPY CLIPPY Comments By: Clipdasucker on 2011-06-23
I have literally been chewing and tweezing and clipping them off for years for as long as i can remember... no infections no drawbacks, just sweet painfree oral bliss!
Almost worked Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-27
I tried this and sadly it didn't work for me... I clipped the buds they both bled but when I move my tounge around my mouth they feel like their still there... I'm not saying it doesn't work for anyone else just not ms

Going to the doctor is a waste of time and money: clip it off. Comments By: Amanda on 2011-06-30
Do it, but use some common sense; wash your mouth out with listerine, clean your clippers in alcohol, be sure you are only clipping at the base, and BOOM, do it. And then it's done and you can stop griping about it on the internet. Listen, if you can pinpoint when it arrived and therefor draw a intelligent hypothesis of what specifically caused it (pringles for me. gross), and your entire tongue isn't covered with them, or some other obvious sign that you should see a doctor - clip it off.
Modern society has made everyone into such pansies. Do you honestly think a hundred years ago that if your great-grandmother would have went to her mother with a tongue bump her mother would have proclaimed "OH HEAVENS! CALL THE DOCTOR! RIGHT AWAY!" No. She'd tell her to either wait it out or if she couldn't, cut it off, but either way, to stop complaining.
Use some common sense and stop your suffering, seriously people.

Hurts so good! Comments By: Angie on 2011-06-30
I have never clipped those pesky things but I usually pinch them with my fingernails. The feeling of pain is different. It hurts yet it feels good at the same time. Odd I know. I just went in a few minutes ago and used my tweezers and I just yanked that bud off! The initial squeeze and pull made my eyes water but after it began to bleed it felt Sooo much better. I then put a dab of toothpaste on the area and swished a bit of water around my mouth. Voila! 100% better!! I highly suggest doing this.
Clip it off! Comments By: Yancey on 2011-07-01
I stumbled on this trying to find relief from my painful little bump close to the end of my tongue. I never would have considered or believed it, but it REALLY hurt! It works!!! I will do it again if I get another one and not even hesitate. Thanks for the advise!
Just did it... Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-05
I just did it and it still hurts a little but its much better then the stupid bump!
Works, Can hurt if done wrong Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-07
It is based on your diet but cutting them off is not a big deal. It takes a few times to get the skill down and if you have a low pain thresh-hold you may want to wait it out or go to doctor (which will tell you to suck it up or numb you and cut it). The mouth is a very dirty place but its also prepared for it... Are you telling me that everytime you get a little sore in your mouth your at a high risk of infection? Absolutly not... if its bugging you enough just cut it. I dont think people realize that infection is a possibility but not to the extent of what theyre saying... otherwise we would get an awful infection everytime we cut or scrape ourselves.
Swollen Taste Bud Comments By: Snapdraggon on 2011-08-16
Cut it off? That is ridiculous. They are annoying but what I do is stick my tongue out and pat with a cotton square (or not), then take a q-tip and put peroxide on the q-tip, then put the q-tip on the taste bud. Leave your tongue out for half a minute or so. Repeat as necessary and it should feel much better the next day.
Been doing it for years Comments By: Kimmie on 2011-07-18
Okay so i just clipped my swollen taste bud as I have been doing for years per my Dr telling me it was just fine to as long as i brush and cleanse my mouth before and after and use sterile clippers. I decided to Google this and saw these posts and had to comment. This method works wonders and I have yet to hear of anyone's tongue rotting out of their mouths or anything after doing so lol.
works great! Comments By: bobby on 2011-08-19
I just clipped one off that was on the tip of my tongue,hurt for a split second but it feels 100% better now. I would recommend anyone to do it.

RELIEF!! :D Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-31
OMG!!! I feel so much better. I have had an inflamed taste bud for 5 days now and it was so annoying! I couldn't take the pain any longer. So I found this website after researching and read every single comment on here. I have been biting, picking, and trying to pull it off with my fingernails for the past few days and it was really loose, like it wanted to come off, so right now it is 7:35 AM as we speak and I pulled of a majority of the taste bud and I couldn't get this last little peice off so I took my mom's tweezers, sterilized it with my rubbing alcohol, and pulled the rest off. INSTANT RELIEF!! Then, afterwards, rinsed my mouth with Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash and felt so much better. It's a little sore, but it's way more better than the unbearable pain I was going through. It does work!!!!!! :D
It does not go away!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-03
I had mine for about 2 weeks and it became more and more painful. Mine was on the tip of my tongue so I tied it off with a piece of string that I soaked in alcohol leaving the string long enough to be able to pull the string and not hang out of your mouth (lol) on both ends and left it on for about 1 hr and then I pinched it off with thin tweezers that I also cleaned off with alcohol. I felt a slight pinch and the papillae came right off. Sounds weird but by doing it this way there was no bleeding! Not one single drop and like I said before just a slight pinch and huge relief afterwards:) By the way I work for a dentist and he laughed when I told him this and said that it was a great idea!
i did it Comments By: eve on 2011-08-21
befor i took your advise i for a hole night i put an ice cube on it, it helps but the pain comes back. so i took your advise, it hurts! and the pain is the same as befor. i am going to wait a day to see f the pain will go away, but for now it feels better.
Been doing this every few years for a loing time. Comments By: Greg on 2011-08-12
I've been getting one or two of these every once in a while for my entire adult life. Back when I was younger (pre-internet), I had a particularly painful one and came up with the "crazy" idea of using clean nail clippers to remove the offending papillae. It worked like a charm. I'm a little surprised to see how many people came up with the same solution independently.

I'd advise anyone desperate enough to take the leap to follow proper hygienic precautions. IANAD and this post does not constitute medical advise, of course.

Tie a loop of dental floss around it and... Comments By: Average Joe on 2011-08-25
I cleaned my mouth with Listerine, sanitized the clippers. Taking a length of dental floss and tying a loop, I laid the loop over the enlarged and protruding taste bud. I slowly tightened the loop until it became very tight, then I sprayed the tip of my tongue with sore throat spray to numb it. After tightening the loop a bit beyond my comfort level I started to pull on the floss for close to 15 seconds and much to my surprise the floss popped off with the tiny loop intact. I looked in the mirror and the taste bud (papilla) was sitting in a perfect position, so I grabbed the clippers and POOF it was gone! It hurt for just a moment and it bled for a while, but it was 100% worth it to be done with that aggravation.

In my case I had caught one taste bud between a tiny space behind my front teeth on the backside and instinctively jerked my tongue when I felt the sensation. It pulled the papilla up and over time it had formed a white looking bump on the tip of my tongue. I had been living with this protruding taste bud for well over a year and it was annoying as ####. When I found this thread I read every single bit of it and went and did it!

Teaspoon of Cement, Ladies! Comments By: Not a Sissy Girl on 2011-08-28
Settle down with all the infection, doctor and pansy talk, please! I get these sometimes and I chew them off, cut them off, clip them off, grab the painful little turds with my fingernails and pull them off, whatever... Never with sterilization or mouthwash or a bandaid or anything. Just murder the little bastard by any means necessary and go about my day, happy that I killed it.

Of the 50(ish) times I've done this in my life I've never got an infection or had a problem afterwards. Man up and stop being a little girl with a skinned knee. You don't need a doctor or an anti-bacterial or even clean utensils for this taste bud slaughter, and never will. Hell, I'd do it with rusty scissors if that's all I had and not have a worry in the world.

Off with their heads.... Comments By: Abbycat on 2011-09-02
Like basically everyone else on these posts, I also had the brilliant idea one day to snip off one of these horribly painful "buds" with embroidery scissors. The agonizing pain was instantly gone! I used a lighter to sterilize the scissors first. I have to say that the comment one gal made about declaring a public holiday for the education of sore tase bud clipping was pretty funny. As for the nay sayers, you don't know the relief you're missing. Also, think about this...tons of people on here say they bite these things off... it's like it's an instict to do so...like biting or cutting off a piece of dead skin. It's pretty much instinctual. And just like every other health remedy in life, you just have to be safe and hygienic, do the research and decide the odds for yourself. As for me, I say cut them off!
Baking Soda Comments By: Betty on 2011-10-20
I wouldn't clip it off and make more problems. Put baking soda on it to reduce the swelling and pain. Do it for a few days. It works. The article said it would eventually shrink it too but although mine feels much better it still hasn't left completely, although it fells sooo much better.
First-Timer, and... Comments By: Jessie on 2011-10-22
Well, folks... I just clipped off a swollen bud. It's been something like five minutes now, and my tongue is still bleeding like crazy. And unless the pain subsides in the next few minutes (which I will post if it does), this was NOT a good idea. Everybody is different, though, and I don't doubt the positive reviews on this. But think carefully before you do this. Do the risks outweigh the inconvenience of waiting?
nice idea .......... if ur crazy!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2011-10-23
i think ur crazy all ur doing is asking for infectoin i mean i might as well cut my cheek while im at it to see wat happens

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