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Changes to make a new you. Better yourself

Feeling a little blue? Has the rain or the winter months been getting to your mood? A little make over is just what you need to get your mood up and out of that low spot. Not all of us have the time or the money for a total professional makeover at a beauty salon, but that does not mean that you cannot change your looks, up lift your beauty and your spirits at the same time. 

In this article, I am going to give you are few tips and ideas on how to give yourself an inexpensive home makeover that you are just going to love!

Change when you take a bath or shower. If you are currently taking a shower every morning, take it at night. You will feel relaxed and still refreshed in the morning. You will notice that your mood will change because it does not take you as long to get ready in the morning and you have a few extra minutes to sip on your coffee or tea!

Take everything out of your closet that you have not worn in six months or a year. If you have many seasons in your area, this could be one reason why you have not worn something, but possibly, you have forgotten that you have certain items! 

Pick a few things out of what you have not worn in quite a long time and get rid of everything else. A clean closet is a great feeling that will help you in your makeover. You might even find a new favorite shirt to create an outfit!

After you have gone through your entire closet, it is time to get out to your local thrift store. At the thrift store, you can find many items that will match with the items in your closet that do not have mates, or that will compliment what you have. 

At the thrift store you can find jeans for two or three dollars, and tops for two or three dollars, way less than in the regular store so you don�t even have to feel guilty about buying yourself a few things!

Write down what tops you have and what skirts or pants you have. Armed with your list of colors, you can go to the store and find complimentary clothing that will make you feel great and look great at the same time. 

Now you have a bit of a new wardrobe there are a few other things that you can do for yourself that won�t cost a lot, but that can make you feel like a million bucks!

One thing that some people, both men and women, will do is get a hair cut. If you don�t have the money for a hair cut, find a friend who can trim or cut your hair free. Just a little trim on the bangs, or a little cut around the ears make you feel more confident about yourself. 

Both men and women also enjoy coloring and or highlighting their hair. You can find semi permanent type dyes in the retail stores or in your local pharmacy for around five dollars. Lightening or darkening your hair does make you feel better, different and can improve your looks at the same time. 

If you are low on money and want to make your body feel better, you can get out and walk a bit. While you may not realize it, a brisk walk, even on a cold morning is going to make your skin glow and it is going to tone your muscles at the same time. Taking a brisk walk, even just once a week can make you feel like a new person as you learn to relax and spend time on yourself for a change. 

Want to know a secret that makes a lot of people feel really exciting and fresh? Wear two necklaces, two bracelets or more than one ring at the same time. It really is a different feeling that makes you feel shiny or brighter, for whatever reason, but it is a nice feeling after not feeling so great about yourself for some other reason. 

Try new things in life that don�t cost a lot of money and you will feel different, out of the ordinary and fresh about your life once again!

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