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Problem hair Tangel free hair

Submitted by Sandra

After you have washed your hair, rinse it in stale beer. Can be refigerated or room temperature. Gives the hair a silky soft feel, vibrant shine and leaves it tangel free

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spell it right. Comments By: anon on 2004-09-14
Tangle is spelled tangle, not tangel.
Sounds gross.

Good Tip! Comments By: anon on 2004-12-26
Believe it or not, beer has LONG been known as an Excellent home remedy for hair improvement! Anyone who was at least a teenager in the 1960's can probably remember that! And "gross"? No way. I could tell you what would "really" qualify as "gross," and it isn't beer! We used to rinse our hair with beer back in the '60s, and compete for shiniest hair -- for that, I know it really works. I don't remember it helping with other problems, like tangles -- but since I have that problem now, I am willing to give that a Try!

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