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Wire Coat hanger tools

Submitted by Mark Pettigrew, Reno, Nevada

A wire oat hanger can be cut to length with diagonal wire cutters and be shaped into a number of useful tools using ordinary pliers and long nose pliers, such as -

A simple hook can be formed by bending a J bend on one end and a closed loop on the other end for a handle. Among other uses, this type of hook works well to remove the hidden wire clips that secure the interior door handles and window cranks on car doors.

A straight piece of hanger with a loop handle is useful for puncturing the foil seal in a tube of caulk, or construction adhesive and for clearing the tip on a partially used tube of caulk.

A longer straight piece along with some electrical or duct tape works well to pull TV or computer cable through a hole drilled in a wall or floor.

It can be shaped to fit over the top of a door to hang a wreath or other objects and is handy for suspending small parts for painting.

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