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Ultimate tips to cure even the worst hangovers

Submitted by Alex Turner

Okay, all of us who have boozed heavily enough to wake up thinking never again, I'm dying, or I need help", here comes the best most effective methods of turning a hangover around;

1. Upon a head crushing awakening, slowly but surely consume 1 pint or more of fresh cold water, followed a minute or two later by a glass of fresh juice like orange or grapefruit.

2. After rising, gain the physical, and more importantly, mental strength to jump into an ice cold shower. This always sounds daunting even when you get used to them but you are always glad after. Ice cold showers are said to have immense benefits on organs and cause a mass release of white blood cells.

3.This one's not for every-body but personally i know it to be the worlds best; After awakening sorely, or vomiting, consume 1 or 2 pints of clean cold water, then if you know of it, and can purchase it, drink a can of Pocari Sweat, a sport type drink for replacing salts in the body, also containing ions and electrolytes. However this is not common is every country and orange juice will suffice. Then if at hand, smoke the flowers of marijuana on there own to ease the nausea.   

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