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Iron Cleaning Tip

Submitted by Erica Jones

I stumbled upon a quick and easy tip for cleaning your iron. I guess being around a lot of older people taught me a thing or two, but I found out that vinegar is good for removing scorches and starch build-up from irons.

While the iron is cool; simply pour a small amount of vinegar onto a soft cloth until damp and rub until scorches or build-up is gone. If this doesn't work, heat the iron for a approx. 1 minute or until warm, not hot, and repeat the treatment.

Visitors comments

Removing starch from iron... Comments By: Debra on 2007-01-30
my mother would tear a paper bag and lay it flat pour regular salt on the bag, and run the iron over and over again till all the starch is gone.
cleaning iron Comments By: eileen on 2010-07-04
vinegar didn't work and salt clogged up my iron.

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