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Tip for getting your cat to stop spraying

Submitted by Jayme Thueringer

I have a tip for getting your cat to stop spraying:

Find the area(s) your cat has been spraying and sprinkle the floor around it with cyan pepper. If they don't smell it they will get it on their paws and eventually lick them. Once they taste the yucky stuff they won't go in that area anymore!

Visitors comments

making matters worse. Comments By: Liselot on 2008-06-27
When a cat sprays, it is unwise to waste time with unproven household methods. A cat eliminates outside the box because it is A; sick B; has a behavioural problem. Both should be checked out as soon possible by a professional (eg vet or behaviourist) and they will not advise well meant but ineffective measures like this tip.
CAT SPRAYING Comments By: Emma on 2009-06-08
I agree with previous comments but my problem is other peoples cats spraying on my front door and I was looking for friendly way of stopping them.
Cat Spraying around your house. Comments By: The Vet Dr. on 2009-07-24
If you have trouble with the area cats spraying your house, the best way to stop them is mace.
It works well.


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