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Home Remedy Tip for Restless Leg Syndrome

Submitted by an Ombre Rose

Several friends who got tested for chemical balances due to RLS all came back deficient in Magnesium, and reported that taking Magnesium (bottle directions) cleared up the problem. Deficiency lists show that some symptoms of Magnesium deficiency results in cramps, spasms, digestive problems, heart problems.

One thing Magnesium has been shown to do is force calcium out of soft tissue back into the bone, and thus may aid both heart problems and arthritis, while strengthening bones. Taking too much may also result in diarrhea. But one local friend said his father was having a heart attack, and was in the emergency room in severe distress, when he insisted the doctor check into giving a Magnesium injection, as well as the Potassium and other things the hospital was already doing. The doctor insisted on a blood test, first, but found the man severely deficient in Magnesium and thus complied with the son's demands. He reported the man came quickly out of the heart attack, and suffered few after-effects of the attack.

Obviously, for something THAT severe, the doctor must be the final arbitor since he is in the position of running lab tests to insure proper levels are achieved - remember - overuse of many things causes very similar symptoms to deficiencies. My point is that deficiencies of Magnesium does cause cramps and spasms - which is what RLS is. So, often, it may be the cure. About 74% of Americans are estimated to be very deficient in Magnesium, more than any other mineral.

This is provided that a deficiency is the true cause, rather than an allergy reaction to something else, etc. If the cause is allergy reactions, the cure may be Benedryl. If Benedryl works, some allergy testing may be in order.

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