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Buy large yogurt and split into small containers

Submitted by Roger Knights

I've always been tempted by large (32-oz.) yogurt tubs, because they cost about 1/3 less than the equivalent number of small (6-oz.) containers. What stopped me from buying them is that they're less convenient to eat out of, and they have to be returned to the fridge afterwards. And also that I was sometimes tempted to eat too much from them.

The solution, I've just realized, is to spoon out the contents of the the big tub into five empty (and well-washed) small containers. 
(There'll be a spoonful or two left over, which can be consumed on the spot.) I've found that vanilla yogurt slides smoothly off the spoon when it is held vertical.

This tip could easily save the once-a-day yogurt-gobbler $1.50 per week (or over $75 per year). It takes only five minutes per week, so the gobbler is getting $18 per hour (60 / 5 * 1.5) for easy work.

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