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Boric Acid for ear ache

Submitted by Spaniard65

I had a throbbing ear ache years ago, from teaching scuba diving, an old timer scuba instructor told me to put a few drops of boric acid a few times a day. It worked like a charm in a day and half the infection was gone. I used it for years when I felt the infection coming or after getting one and it always worked well.

Now I can not find the liquid solution anywhere!!! It used to be over the counter. It won' work with the powder, even if you make a solution. I hope this helps.

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.....seriously? Boric Acid dude?..... Comments By: Gina on 2011-03-02
Isn't that roach poison? I would NOT put that anywhere NEAR my head!!

Boric Acid for ear pain Comments By: james on 2011-03-05
read:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boric_acid

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