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Tip for Heartburn or Acid indigestion spoon full of sugar

Submitted by Den

Tip for Heartburn or Acid indigestion take a spoon full of sugar, its hard to swallow but gives relief almost straight away!

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Another use for Sugar. Comments By: A. Walker on 2009-03-14
A teaspoonful of plain white sugar can also help to cure Hiccoughs.
huh Comments By: Lyle Canterbury on 2010-12-25
Sugar seems to CAUSE heartburn in me. Anything sweet, especially eaten before bedtime is a sure-fire way to give me heartburn.
I can drink juice or eat some foods with no problems before laying down, but I learned from experience long ago that pie, cake, or candy cause heartburn

yup your right on that Comments By: Larry on 2011-04-04
If I have any sweets before bed time I have bad bad acid indigestion. So I think you should remove that because your gonna cause a lot of people bad situations. If I eat something as small as gum at night I have acid reflux so bad I feel it coming up at the back of my throat.

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