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Poison Ivy rash. Use Vicks Vapor Rub.

Submitted by Gill

Based on advice from my doctor, I started to use Vick’s Vapor rub to treat my athlete’s foot/fungal issues. During the first few days I started to break out into a rash on my arm. Since my hands already had Vick’s on them, I wiped the stuff on my arm as well. The next morning I recognized the pattern as poison oak.

I had been working around it the week before. This time the reaction time was very slow to show itself, but it is winter right now and the oils might not have been strong. I was surprised that the rash was not very itchy and was not spreading as is usual for me. 

I have continued to use the Vapor rub on my arm as well as my feet for the last four days. The Poison Oak rash is doing surprisingly well. It has not spread, does not itch, and has not yet got to the ozzing blister stage. As I have very strong reactions to Poison Oak, I am very surprised and delighted.

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Gill's Follow Up Comment Comments By: Gill on 2008-01-13
It has been three days since I submitted the tip about Vick's Vapor Rub for poison oak. So far, there have been no blisters, little to no itching and the rash is amost gone. Amazing!

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