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Mosquito coils will remove odors and smells

Submitted by Dave Wright

Here�s a great tip that I stumbled on by accident. I was a rookie Police Officer and booked in a �transient� to sleep it off.

Upon removing his boots, no socks inside, just rags/dregs of left over footwear, the smell issuing out from his feet was room clearing to say the least. I opened a small window with grillwork on the outside to allow fresh air to enter.

Upon checking him later, the room was a wash with mosquitoes. Obvious solution, light several mosquito coils and place them around the room (20x20). Two hours or so later, no mosquitoes and voila no smell either.

I have fine tuned this solution to use it in more confined areas like vehicle interiors, closets, basements and freezers/fridges that have been left unattended or suffered after power outages and the contents have rotted or spoiled.

I have yet had a situation that has not ultimately responded to this simple solution. In some cases, repeated exposures have been necessary.

A chemist friend of mine explained the reasoning. The active ingredients in the coils are very similar to those found in incense sticks and towers

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Were do you find Mosquito Coils? Comments By: Mike on 2009-09-03
Were do you find Mosquito Coils?

TipKing says: Just enter 'Mosquito Coils' into google there are loads of places online and that may give you ideas as to where you may find them locally.


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