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Lava Soap - Soothe a mosquito bite with Lava Soap

Submitted by Yaira

Take away the itch from mosquito bites: This was something a friend's mom found out by accident. To get rid of the itch from mosquito bites, specially for those of us who are sensitive or allergic, keep a bottle of liquid Lava Soap in the pump dispenser. This detergent has pumice scrub and maybe something in it's formula that neutralizes the itch. Just pump out a drop or two, rub it over the bite for about a minute and wipe dry with a tissue, without washing. It's amazing how it works and the product is made for your skin anyway. The itch goes away, and by the following day the swelling goes down and the bites nearly disappear. 

Here's the product: http://www.lavasoap.com/products/lava-liquid/

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Mozzie Bites Comments By: bobby on 2011-03-19
Whilst Lava soap may be good for this any soap will do the trick. It works because the soap dries the skin and the poison is effectively sucked out. Been doing it for years with bars of soap and a bit of water. Make a lather and let it dry. Apparently used by the SAS so can't be a bad bet!

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