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Quick dry your sneakers in the dryer without heat or tumbling

Submitted by Yaira

I've always washed my sneakers when they get too dirty, specially if they have a lot of white fabric on them, it's the only way to keep them looking nice, but I've always hated it takes them so long to air dry and I don't want them tumbling around in the dryer. I just figured out a way to dry my sneakers in the dryer without tumbling! I came up with the idea after seeing a mesh bag product you attach to the door. But you don't need to buy anything at all, it's pretty simple...

Pull out one end of the laces on each shoe, place them inside the dryer door so they hang toward the middle, shut the dryer door making sure you're holding on to the two laces sticking outside through the top, then tie them into a bow so they don't slip in. The sneakers will be suspended against the dryer door and completely still while the dryer tumbles away. Make sure you have your dryer set to delicate or no heat cycle, you don't want to damage the rubber on your sneakers and if you have a really expensive pair, you probably wouldn't want to do this, but for my $25 pair of workout shoes, it works like magic and they're dry in 20 minutes, ready for the gym tomorrow!

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Great tip Comments By: Kahty on 2010-03-09
WOW, thanks for sharing, I was just looking on line for those darn mesh bags....our son is in football and last year i held the hair dryer in his shoes for many nights after heavy rains... and the dryer didn't like it... God Bless
:-) Kathy


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