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Home remedy treatment for Ringworm

Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungi. An excellent way to treat ringworm using common ingredients found at home. Garlic is the principle remedy here. 

  1. Early morning, where you rise, take 1/2 tsp. of Sea-salt with a glass of warm water.

  2. After about 1/2 take a garlic pod and crush it in a bowl. Add 50 ml of plain yoghurt and half teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Churn it well and drink up. Please do not eat anything for at least an hour.

  3. Drink the same Yoghurt mixture in the evening at sunset.

  4. Every two days add one more garlic pod to the mixture.

  5. While Sea-salt, garlic, and tumeric kill the yeast, fungi, and other intestinal bacteria, Yoghurt helps to replenish friendly bacteria and aids in digestion.

  6. You can also apply lemon juice and apple cider vinegar topically on the ringworm. This can be diluted with a little warm water to reduce the stinging. 

    Tea tree oil, clove oil and oregano oil would also help. 

    Honey applied locally and taken internally would help also.

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    ringworm master Comments By: anon on 2009-05-07
    Okay people I've been through the mill with ringworm. Today I am cured. Here is what you do to kill it, so you can become ringworm free. Week one, drink a tall glass of hot or war water mixed with a teaspoon of sea salt in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for at least one hour. Limit your diet to fruits and vegetables and drink clean mineral enhanced water. This will clean out your system, which will kill most of the fungi/bacteria/parasites in your digestive system. Week two, start taking probiotics, and double doses of nature made organic vitamin C, E, A, Zinc, Garlic, after your dinner meal. This will strengthen your immune system to fight of the skin infection. Also, take either grapefruit seed extract or olive leaf extract internally as instructed. Bathe each evening in hot tub and add one-two cups epsom salt to tub water. In addition, rub infected area of skin with dry epsom salt in circular motion for five minutes or so and then submerge back in tub water. Repeat as needed. The salt and hot water will kill fungi on the skin also release toxins from skin pores. Immediately after bath rub in tea tree oil, oregano oil, peppermint oil, or clove oil to affected area of skin. Follow up with lamisil or some anti-fungal lotion. After morning hot shower oil and lotion should be applied, too. Oil of Olay soap with butter is a good soap for the skin, or soap containing coconut oil. Avoid junk food completely at least until ringworm is gone, because fungi feed on processed sugar and starch foods. Drink lots of vegetable juice in your diet and also I suggest wild natural cranberry juice with no sugar (it tastes bitter and nasty, but will clean you out better than a doctor's pill). Focus on those salty hot tubs, oils, probiotics, and healthy vegetables with double dose of natural vitamin C supplements and you will be on your road to recovery in a few heart beats. Trust me, and thank you for reading my tried and true tips to killing ringworm. Good luck.
    MUD MASK/CLAY MASK helps cleanse skin and fight infection Comments By: anon on 2009-05-27
    Mud and clay mask are classic beauty treats that have been around for centuries. Mud draws out toxins and cleanses the skin. Mud masks, mud packs, and mud baths on face on body have been in spas all over the world. Between anti-fungal lotions and/or oils try using mud or clay mask on the affected area of your skin to help draw out ringworm infection. It will be helpful to your infected skin and make it look more healthy and beautiful.
    Excellent Ringworm Cure That Works Comments By: James on 2010-11-27
    Topical treatment for body ringworm can be done using tea tree oil, iodine, three times a day. Once a day use Lotrimin Ultra after the morning shower, At night cover with a mud mask to help dry it out while you sleep wash off in the morning. Though, tea tree oil and iodine are very effective, other helpful options are to use red tiger balm and GSE mixed with warm water.

    The diet must be limited to exclude sugar as much as possible. Also, a colon cleanse or GSE detox would help speed up recovery. Fungus (ringworm) feeds off of sugar and starches. Plain yogurt and raw garlic will help clean out your system, too.


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