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Home Made Beauty Products

Pampering yourself while at home does not have to be expensive. You can make and enjoy at home beauty products with low and no cost methods that are going to leave you enjoying your pampering time, and that will make your skin, and your body feel great at the same time. Soaps, lotions and scents are all a part of making you feel good and these are the types of products we are going to talk about in this article. 

Oatmeal soap is just one type of soap that is going to leave you with a soft and glowing skin that feels as good as it looks. To make oatmeal soap you will need a few goodies, but feel free to make changes in the ingredients that you use in making your own oatmeal soap. In making my oatmeal soap I use about ten ounces of palm oil, four ounces of coconut oil, three ounces of olive oil, about a half cup of oatmeal, and a cup of water along with three ounces of lye. 

What you are going to do first take your oatmeal and run it through the food processor so iit is very fine, small small pieces that will mix nicely. You are going to mix your lye and water, and heating it together. Set this aside and let it cool to a temperature that you can work with. 

Next you are going to need to mix and melt your palm oil and coconut oil together in a pan. After this is melted and mixed together you are going to set this too aside and let it cool down. Mix your olive oil, and oatmeal. You are going to mix your lye mixture and your oils together and heat in a pan. Stir this mixture together until it is mixed well. This is when you will add your oat mixture and your scents if you are interested in making scented oatmeal soaps. Pour it into the molds and then let these molds cool for at least forty eight hours. Trim as needed to make your best shapes. 

Olive oil soap is another type of soap that is used by many people who love a little pampering. Olive oil soap is one that is much easier to make than most soaps as there is very few ingredients. Your ingredients are as follows, sixteen ounces olive oil, the purer, the better. Use two ounces of lye, and six ounces of water. Heat your olive oil to a minimum of a hundred and forty degrees. Add the lye and then the water, while stirring the entire time you are heating it. It is important to mix with a wood spoon. 

After mixing all of your goodies together, stirring well, and pouring into the molds, let your soaps cool for about two days and then you can pull them out of the molds and trim them for use in your own private personal time. 

Do you want to pamper yourself without of taking the time to make soap? You can make a lavender milk bath that you can enjoy one evening for a quiet moment. What you need is a bath tub of hot water, two cups of powdered milk, a few drops of your favorite scented oils, and about an hour to enjoy it. 

Mixing the powdered milk, and two or three drops of your favorite oil scents, your bath becomes a luxurious spa for your enjoyment. 

Using your oatmeal soaps is one of your many favorite pampering things to do. If you enjoy oatmeal and the effects of using oatmeal on your skin, you would most likely enjoy taking a long oatmeal milk bath. What you need is a half cup of oats, chopped finely, a cup of powdered milk and a few drops of your favorite scented oils. 

Using your tub of hot water, add the powdered milk, and a few drops of your favorite scents. When you are in the tub, you can add the oats, washing your skin with the oats as you add them, giving you the fullest effects of the bath, the oats and the scents at the same time.

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