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Pears & Cheese salad. Recipe for Pears & Cheese salad

Submitted by Miss Rachet

Tasty and satisfying along with poultry, roast pork, or ham, and couldn't be easier.

Drain chilled canned pear halves and distribute on lettuce leaves, cavity side up. Scoop a teaspoon or so of mayonnaise into each cavity. Top with shredded or diced cheese -- cheddar, Swiss, American, Velveeta -- almost anything you have on hand.

Canned sliced pineapple can be used in place of pears.


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This sounds good, Comments By: Anne on 2004-11-26
It's really making my mouth water because I like cheese in any shape or form.

It will make a bland salad very tasty .. mmmm

I can see that this site is going to put MORE pounds on my hips


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