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Gifts. No Cost and Low Cost, Cheap Gift Giving

At times in your life you will find you are low on cash. We have all been through it at one time or another, and when the holiday seasons approach there is little money to go around, but you still want to give all types of gifts to other people. If you want to give gifts without the big price tag, if you are looking for a special gift that money just canít buy, or if you are wanting to do something out of the ordinary, I have a few tips and ideas for you on gift giving that doesnít cost an arm and a leg!

How can you tell if you need to scale back on gift giving and give the special gift?
If you are spending more than one months pay on a holiday, a birthday or if you just canít find that special present for that special person, it is time to scale back on what you spending and start thinking about gift that are special, for the heart, and meaningful instead of pricey!

In many families, the ideas of giving gifts have gotten way out of control. Our family did it best one year, by cutting the costs of gifts by giving something from our own house to another person in the family. Yes these are second hand items, but they are items that we find we donít use, donít want, and it saves us all a bundle. This is also a way that family memories and treasures are shared in large families and they always end up getting passed on the next year!

Another type of low cost and money free gifting is to make the gifts that you are going to give to another person. All you have to do is think about what special skills or abilities you have, and make a present for another person. Perhaps you sew, you can put trim up, you can fix a car, you can install a water heater or you can crochet a blanket. What ever your special skill might be, make that your gift. Sure you have to work at it a little bit, but it will cost you very little besides your own time, and the other person receiving the gift is going to realize it.

Sure it can take some thought and hard work, but the end result is something you are all going to enjoy. Here are a few more ideas about free gifts and gifts that you can make to give to others without having to spend a lot of money. Perhaps you have a collection of mp3ís, cdís or dvdís, you can make copies of these items for another person. You can make your collection their very own collection for very little cost!

If you are good at making postcards, cards, taking photos or putting photos together in an album, you can build and create your special presents and even wrap them up in a pretty box. The time that you spend on this type of present is going to be realized by the person who is receiving the gift. Your hard work is going to be something they will really appreciate. 

You can decorate a coffee mug and fill it with candy for a very low cost gift that will be appreciated and used by the person who opens this present. If you have a knack for decorating notebooks or photo albums try making one that will fit the other persons personality to a tee. 

Gloves, hats, caps, and scarves are all low cost items that come in handy for people of all ages. If you are really looking for something that is wonderful, warm and useful without spending a lot of money, look to winter wear for the perfect fitting gift!

A vase that has some type of lid that is filled with colored oil and water, decorated is a perfect gift for someone in the office or an acquaintance. Colored water that floats and the oil that breaks up the color is a mystifying gift that shows you took the time to make the present and you are trying to make their world a little brighter. 

To save costs during the holiday seasons, reuse boxes and wrapping paper. Use just a tad of tape to keep boxes from opening to fast. And cut holiday cards to make nametags for the presents that you are giving as gifts. The holiday season price tag can be cut in half if you just use your imagination a little bit!

If you are really stuck on what to get someone, create a little care package of stationary, stamps, envelopes, pens, pencils and such. These are items that will always come in handy plus you can create a little care package of a large assortment for under ten dollars if you are careful in watching prices and finding great deals.

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