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Grilled London Broil. Recipe for Grilled London Broil

Submitted by Cheryl

If you are feeding a large family you can serve up a piece of london broil done on the grill without much effort. 

What to do: 

Take your piece of meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place directly on the heated grill. 

Take your knife and make large, long cuts through the meat. 

Flip after ten to fifteen minutes. 

Make deep long slices through your meat once again on the other side of the meat, adding salt and pepper (or your favorites again!). 

Cook until desired redness or doneness. Flip as needed. 

Generally to cook the entire way through, you will have to cook the meat on the grill about half an hour total at 350 degree.

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London Broil? Comments By: Anne on 2004-11-25
For U.K. members, London Broil is what we call sirloin steak.


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