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Coffee filter. Paper towels make great coffee filters

Strong paper towel can be used as an emergency filter if you run out of coffee filters.

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Leaching of paper chemicals Comments By: Michael Moyer on 2005-01-31
Although it may seem convenient to use a paper towel as a coffee filter the material is not designed for this purpose and will leach chemicals into your coffee that may cause unforseen health problems. Coffee filters are specifically made to not leach while paper towels WILL leach. Thats why chemists do not use paper towels as filters when they run out of lab materials. Its not a good idea.
Its only for an emergency Comments By: fellow coffee drinker on 2006-12-09
Come on, leaching will only harm you if you use paper towels for an extended period of time. If it's only used once a year or longer I'm sure their is no health risk.
spendy Comments By: GLJ on 2010-06-13
Of course nobody is going to use paper towels instead of filters forever by choice. It would be much more expensive to buy 300 paper towels than filters! It is just for cases like today for me,..when i'm out of filters and don't want to pack up my 10 week old daughter to go to the store! It works just fine, too :)
What About Non-Bleached? Comments By: JamesNDawson on 2011-03-13
What about the non-bleached paper towels that they often sell at natural foods stores. The rap arounds my old percolator needs do seem pretty much more expensive than paper towels.

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