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Pizza snack. Recipe for a Pizza snack

Submitted by Cheryl

Using homemade bread dough (or at least dough that you make in the bread maker) roll your fresh dough out on pizza sheet. Cover with your favorite type of cheese. No sauce, no meats are involved.

Velvetta works the best, melting smoothly over the pizza crust. Only cook until the dough is done, not brown. Take from the oven and cool. Cut and serve when cool. Taste great and the cheese is good for the kids!

Visitors comments

Sounds Good Comments By: Anne on 2004-11-26
Oh Cheryl, that sounds just soooooooo good.
I'm off to set the breadmaker on !!

Thanks for the recipe.

Velvetta Comments By: Becky on 2006-10-13
Can you please tell me where you can buy Velvetta cheese at in Britian? I am an American living in Scotland for the past 2 1/2 years and have been unable to find Velvetta anywhere.

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