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How To Win and have a happy life.

Submitted by Tony Samson

This is a 4 line short poem which I wrote about 15 years ago. The thoughts and advice it gives has been responsible for my success and happiness and that of many others who I have shared it with. It's a 'credo' for a wonderful life, I hope it helps to make yours what it can be.

Yetserday's gone by to history, tomorrow will never arrive. It's what we do right here right now, that will make our dreams come alive. By doing the things that others will not, so we can have what others cannot.

Tony Samson 1988-2003

Visitors comments

Happiness Comments By: Marion Samson on 2004-10-06
Happiness comes from within and by being selfless and content with one's SELF. Some people have a 'wonderful' life but have hurt others to get it. Where is the 4 line poem you wrote 15 years ago?
Others Comments By: Robert Kennett on 2005-03-18
Why will the others not do these things. Perhaps lazyness but perhaps it might be that ethics that gets in the way, or a greater selflessness which means that everything DOESN'T come your way.

There is nothing in this poem that doesn't add up to "To win in a competitive, money-driven society you goota stiff someone somewhere down the line"!


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