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Acne and zit tips Honey remedy for Skin Blemishes......

Submitted by Don

Cover the blemish with a dab of honey and place a band-aid over it. Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing. Works overnight.

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wow Comments By: Thomas on 2004-09-06
i think i might try this out tonight because school starts in 4 days and i cant just wash it off, which would take more time. I shall try this. thanks.
i think i'll try this too.... Comments By: g-unit on 2005-04-23
it sounds better than putting urine on ur face. And what kind of honey should i use?
didn't work for me Comments By: none on 2005-07-31
i tried this, but it only left my skin sticky, and it looked worse in the morning... i don't understand what is in honey that would kill acne bacteria?
Gunna Try!!! Comments By: hopeful on 2006-01-28
I usually dont get zits but I do have 1 big one on my chin. I tried to pop it and it only made it worse hopefully this tip will work! But it sounds too simple to work
i think ill try Comments By: anon on 2008-11-13
hey im scared to try cuz wut if it doesnt works, and makes it worse for school. Embarassing. but i think i try it. maybe on the weekend to see if it works . i hope it does so ill give it a try. im trying to find some solution to zit problem so thanz if this works.
somthing with that Comments By: David Rangel II on 2009-08-10
i heard too that when you use honey.You can use cinnamon too. And put it all over your face. just something i heard. But i will try this though. WHAT THE HECK LOL
awesome Comments By: blowfly on 2011-04-10
I've been using it for a week now - no new breakouts, great healing for zits that I picked, great reduction in the dark spots from areas that I scarred. If it keeps up this way, I'm completely done with benzoyl peroxide, salcylic acid, sulfur, and every chemical product that irritates and dries out my skin without stopping any new zits. Try it - different things work for different people, but you have nothing to leave. Honey definitely has anti-bacterial properties and has been used for wound healing for centuries.
Killing the acne bacteria Comments By: Amy Adinda on 2011-07-22
Killing the acne bacteria using antibiotics is a fruitless and destructive approach. Taking antibiotic is destructive because it upsets the natural balance of the P.acne in our body, eradicates the good probiotic bacteria and enables the intrusion of harmful bacteria to skin. Taking antibiotics is fruitless because constant intake of antibiotics will eventually cause the p.acne to become resistant to antibiotics. It is a fruitless approach also because it doesnt stop the environment that caused the P.acne to multiply.

The only way to stop acne permanently is to neutralize the acne environment (when the bacteria multiplies and feeds on blood toxins and excessive production of oil). To stop acne, you must balance oil secretion and discharge your body from accumulated toxins and control the nutritional, hormonal, psychological and environmental triggers.


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