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How to Start a Conversation

Many times in life you will find that a conversation is difficult to start or continue when you are not very acquainted with that certain other person. In this article I want to tell you more about how to start a conversation and how to keep it going by keeping a few key topics in mind. Remember, no matter who you are talking to, there are going to be things that everyone in life shares which are some of the topics you can get started for a success time!

If you are talking with someone you have just met, pay attention to their name and repeat it. Ask where they are from originally. Asking questions is the first key to getting someone else to talk to you. Asking questions about where they are from, what their job entails or if they have family in the area are key items that people will easily talk about without thinking twice about. 

When talking to someone new, that you don�t know that well at all, try to lean forward a little bit and listen closely even if you are not interested. The more interested a person feels that you are in them, the more they are going to talk, and the conversation will continue. 

Ask encouraging questions such as your suit is such a wonderful color where ever did you find it? Or something along the lines of I have been searching for a painting just like that, it is brilliant, who is the painter? Something that is personal but not too personal is going to make the other person excited about talking about their selves. 

When you want to start a conversation with someone that you want to get to know better without sounding as if you are flirting too much, don�t get too personal too fast. Ask about where they are from, if they are enjoying their selves, and if they like an xxx food that is being served. Say something about the host, the other guests, and ask who they know since you haven�t seen them in this gathering before. Getting the conversation started without flirting can be done and you can find out more about that person at the same time!

Don�t forget that when you are striking up a conversation with someone that you don�t know, they may know the tactics of asking you questions as well. This may very well mean they want to know more about you, or they are just a good conversationalist as you are. Once you get the conversation going by asking a few questions and making comments, don�t leave it be at that, move on to the next possible topic that you have in mind. 

To keep a conversation going it is going to be important to realize that your eye contact means that you are interested. If you ask a question and look the other way, the person is going to answer you very shortly leaving your conversation going nowhere at all. Be attentive and look at the person to pay attention and keep them feeling comfortable about talking with you. 

What are the topics that you will find others are going to easily talk about?
Most people are going to be open about talking about their families, their children, grandchildren and their accomplishments. Health and health topics are open to most people when it is something that is �going� on or that is in the news at the moment, such as a new vaccine or such. 

Clothes, shopping, prices of items and where items have been found are topics that most people are open to. Don�t forget, if you ask a question you might in turn be asked a question so you have to be on your guard about where you shop and where you find deals as well. 

Traveling, vacations, and hobbies are an item that many people will find exciting to talk about as these that are topics that everyone shares, and are surprised to find out that there are so many other people that are just as excited to be involved with. 

Often religion, politics and wages are not topics that you should approach as you are talking to someone who you are not all that familiar with, and whose views you might not like. If you want to get to know a person better, stay away from these topics until you are better acquainted with a person so you don�t start an argument with someone that you might have to deal with or face in another situation later in life, you never know when you are going to run into some people again in life!

Feel confident about yourself, and talking in a manner that is going to express that you have some thing to say without being too overbearing when you want to start a new conversation.

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