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Keeping a Diary. Tips for keeping a diary

People of all ages have thoughts, feelings, ideas, wants and needs that are often difficult to express to other people in their lives. There are methods of expressing your thoughts and ideas without having to get in trouble, start a fight, or explain why you are feeling that way � all of which is just by keeping a dairy, keeping a journal, and writing down what your feelings are. 

Why keep a diary?
There are many reasons to keep a diary or journal, no matter what age you are! A journal is going to be a method of expressing your feelings, talking through problems that you need to address and to make yourself feel better about situations that are happening in your life. A journal is also going to give you a method of reaching back in time, learning more about yourself, and others around you, and even help you what you have done in the past weeks or months when you read back through your journal. It can be a lot of fun learning about yourself over the years and thinking about yourself when you read it again. 

How to keep a diary 
It is actually very easy to keep and write in a journal or diary. You can keep your journal online or offline on paper, you can keep it in secret or you can make your journal very open for others to read such as in a form of a blog. A blog is a form of various writing by one person, or even a group of people. There are also many places online where you can keep a diary online, or a journal of many types, free and you can easily access it from where ever you are.

Privacy and protecting your diary 
In writing a diary you are often going to write about other people, places that you go and what you see, and you will write about things that you do. In keeping a diary you often will want your diary to be private. You can password protect your information online by using passwords. You can protect your information with lock and key if you like, or you can simply hide it away in your room. Another form of privacy is changing names or times, or even places when you write your journal. 

What to write about 
Keeping a journal or a diary you can write about anything. You can write about someone who got on your nerves today or you can write about someone that you really found attractive or great today. You can write about anything you want in your journal, about your job, your career or your goals and wants in life. What you write in your journal is going to make you feel better about what you are thinking about in life and what you are doing in life. There are no limits to what you can write about with your only limits your own imagination. 

Why it journals make you feel great 
Journals and diaries are a method of releasing stress in your life talking about what is bothering you in life. Journals and diaries are also a way to express your happiness or sadness about things that are happening around you. Journals and diaries are also a way for you to work through problems, as often times it is a matter of slowing down, writing about a problem and then rereading it. Rereading your thoughts and situations on paper often will show you how small or mundane a problem might be compared to what you really thought it was to begin with. 

What age do you have to be to keep a journal or diary?
People of all ages, and even genders keep journals and diaries. These are tools that are used by men and women, girls and boys to secure their thoughts, express their thoughts and discover their selves without having to raise more problems in their personal life. People of all ages are finding that diaries are becoming a great way to keep track of what happens in their life for generations to come, and to share with others as they get older.

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