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Marriages and Money

It is a funny thing, that money does make the world �go around� and that love �makes a marriage� but the one thing that makes the world go around often interferes with the love in a marriage. In order to put more calmness and love into your life for a long time, learning to tame the beast called money and how money is handled by the two of you is going to make the relationship that much easier the deal with for the future. 

First let�s look at how money can be handled between two people. 

There are those couples who have one person who is charge of all the bills and such while the other lives by the budget. 

There are situations where both spend money from the same check book, not knowing what the other has been spending, and often find they run out of money before payday. 

Some couples will ask each other before money is being spent. Some couples spend money without telling their spouse, leaving little money for emergencies. 

There are couples that keep separate monies for the house and then live off and spend what other monies they want how they want. 

Additionally other couples will pool together their money for the most important bills, while keeping their other monies separate and they are responsible for paying certain bills. 

Budgets are a major sticking point in all types of relationships. If you have six different couples sitting there in front of you, what you will realize fast is that all these couples handle their money in different ways. 

Some people, save, save, save. If you are a saver you put xxx dollars in the savings before you pay bills or take money from the budget for other types of things. This is one of the best types of budgets that will prepare you for emergencies in life. 

Some people are spenders, spenders, spenders. These are the couples that continually spend money without preparing or savings for any type of emergency, they live from paycheck to paycheck. 

Methods of finding a compromise
In order to make the money �thing� work in a marriage, you have to come to a compromise. Every person feels differently about a budget, how to create a budget, how to spend money and how to save money. In order to come to a compromise you are going to have to sit, talk about your money, how you like to spend money, and what you expect for the future. 

Take a notebook and while you are sitting at the table or watching television, talk about what your options are, where you want to spend your combined money and what your compromise is going to be for the future to put your money into some type of emergency account. There are no right or wrong answers as long as the two of you agree on how to spend your money and what amounts of money you are going to save and what amount of money each is going to spend every week on personal items. 

What is most important to realize is that two people are going to fight about how much money is being spent if one is a spender and one is a saver without a budget or some type of compromise being set up. 

When two people together do not sit down and figure out where the money is going to come from, who is responsible for paying the bills, and how much money is going to be saved for the future, these two same people will find their selves fighting over where the money went, why bills are past due and what to do when a real emergency happens. Put your family first, compromise and learn to live on a budget that fits your income and expenses for both of you!

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